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Business math

Find thestandard deviationof the CEO salaries, in thousands of dollars, rounded to 2 decimal places. Do not use a dollar sign. Note: $177,760 should be recorded as 177.76.

The Sandman by E T A Hoffmann

The point of argument in this short story is that: can a child’s imagination be so strong that he may be able to carry his imagination throughout his life, especially if it has affected him in his childhood profoundly? This point is important to the design of the story because it relates to child psychology, […]

Social Psychology Paper

We are to define the terms, map the terms to excerpts from the examples, and then correlate the reasons we selected those excerpts to those definitions. Terms to define and understand Confirmation Bias Balez (2008) defines confirmation bias as something that occurs when people project their expectations on one another and the other reacts in […]


Materialism – An Objection to Analytical Behaviorism The theory of materialism s that any that has existence is material and that whatever is mental either has no existence or can be identified with material objects. This theory was first put forward by Thomas Hobbes who claimed that sense is what brings about materialism. Through sense, […]

Causes of Depression in Athletes

There are some techniques used to treat psychologically affected patients, for example, positive psychology exercises. If this can be implemented, the athletes may not have to go through any depressions, or better still, their conditions can be well managed. Other issues about depression that have been discussed are. the probability of suffering from depression in […]

Psychology of Witness Testimony and the Criminal Justice System

The prosecution in a court hearing should substantiate its case beyond reasonable doubt and the jurors have to be convinced and definite of the defendant’s culpability (Kapardis, 2014). In spite of the protections in the criminal justice system to defend suspects against unjust verdict based on erroneous identification, there are numerous incidents of these cases. […]

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory2nd

The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory-2nd edition is the most widely used personality assessment instrument in the United s. Since the licensing of its first version in 1943, the MMPI has been used by thousands of psychology practitioners and clinicians throughout the world as a practical and an empirically objective assessment inventory and research tool for […]

The Cider ahouse Rules

From the film The Cider House Rules discuss the following: key lifespan developmental issues, emotional points that had honest realistic behaviour/psychological statement. Cider House Rules is a 1999 film produced by Richard Gladstein amp. co. Adapted from a novel of the same name by John Irving, the film garnered both commercial as well as critical […]

What is the relationship between counselling and education In what ways might counselling be of value in schools Are there any dangers in teachers acting as counsellors

However, recognizing the gap in contemporary education system, applying the concept of counselling to education in order to help students become mentally strong and independent individuals will help, not only in making them mentally strong but also in adding value to the education they receive. In this regard, educational psychotherapy would require specialized skills modeled […]

You and The Field of Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavour: Organizational behavior is a science that tries to explain the behaviors of people and groups in an It emphasizes on characters, steps, qualities and the results as intereactions between or among people and the institutions. As a science,it combines other discipline explaining the behaviors of these people within the organization.(Ricky 35). It emphasizes […]


The Study of Human Development Introduction Penelope is my little sister. Her lifespan development has been unique from that of the rest of our family members. Being age 25 years, she has some behaviors that indicate a problem surfacing from her early stages of childhood development. Rationale for Penelope’s developmentAlthough Penelope is an adult, she […]

Movie Sicko

Movie Sicko of Affiliate The revelations by Michael Moore in the documentary Sicko brings into perspective the sickening and repulsive realities of an American health care system that is bent on maximizing profits at the expense of the health of millions of Americans. The capitalistic approach to health care adopted in the U.S. has rendered […]

Innocence and Experience

Innocence asks of a man to remain aloof of the different things that take place around him. However this innocence could be taken in an entirely negative way if the individual does not quite understand the norms and procedures around him. Experience teaches him to comprehend how innocence could be turned into a point where […]

Sports Psychology

ychology to these basics will dramatically improve the three key ingredients to a successful athletic program : fun, participation and development . (Sports Psychology Basics PP2) He calls sports psychology the glue that holds the three ingredients (mentioned above) together.The first step in the psychological preparation for a sports person is to decide his commitment […]

Women’s magazine

Every page of the magazine is filled with products and articles which make the female readers think that only beautiful, young and thin women are appreciated and accepted by the society. Constant exposure to thin and flawless models has driven ‘normal’ women to believe that they are not worthy enough. The aim of this paper […]

Psychological analysis of personality

Psychological analysis of personalityThe iPersonic Personality Test addresses several aspects of one’s personality. It consists of a 4-step process where one would only click on which of the two given sets of characteristics would mostly describe his or her character. The test addresses one’s interpersonal skills such as the ability to communicate with other people […]


vities of young children within the social setting in which they find themselves impress meanings upon them more profoundly than through their intellectual grasp of their surroundings (2003). Methods used by researchers have been chosen in order to probe the areas in which social conditioning occur, as well as to detect the social representations given […]

Environment does/does not make people who they are

Arguing against whether nurture or nature defines human psychology is something of a futile approach. The reason for this has to do with the fact that these arguments have been made and presented by hundreds of different scholars. each with their own points of view and own distinct methods of argumentation. As such, it is […]

Human behavior ch 10 reflection

Chapter 10 – Reflection on Human Behavior Total Number of Words: 513 After reading chapter 10 en d ‘symbolicinteraction’, I was able to note down several theories, concepts and ideas that can explain developments in human behavior. For instance, suggesting that the mind, human consciousness, and self are products of social interaction, Mead introduced an […]

Intuitive Eating

Reaction Paper on Intuitive Eating The book en d Intuitive Eating (Tribole and Resch, 1995) impressed me with its simple, clear message to throwaway calorie counting and strict dietary plans. This rather radical recommendation seems to run contrary to all the received wisdom about healthy nutrition and weight control and so my first thoughts on […]

Intervention Goal Setting

Intervention – Goal Setting Solution of Athlete Problems Athletes frequently experience stress during competitions or games and this affects their physical performance (Olivarez, 2010). In this case, an athlete from Bulldogs baseball team wants to bat .300 this season but he is not sure, how he is going to achieve it. The athlete also wants […]


In this article, two types of behaviors, classical conditioning, and instrumental conditioning will be analyzed with the use of an example to enhance the understanding.Classical conditioning which is also known as Pavlovian conditioning was named after the person who made it famous. It is a type of conditioning which relates a stimulus that initiates the […]

The Philosophy of the Enlightenment

It is safe to say that every aspect of life is dependent upon history. It is through history that one is able to make predictions, give valid evaluations, connect forms of life with another, creates programs and strategies as they relate to success and continuity. History helps to revolutionize the thinking processes. The different experiences […]

Unemployed workers receive too high unemployment benefits and/or do not reach hard enough for jobs Do you agree with this statement If so why or why not

The main reasons for this are the psychology of the individual and his or her responsible interaction with society, and secondly, the nature of the country’s economy, employment, unemployment, and the various factors that influence them. I would like to present my argument in 5 parts: Unemployment, Unemployment Insurance or Benefits, Empirical evidence of related […]


EPISTEMOLOGYTopic: Metaphysics and Epistemology Metaphysics and Epistemology Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the explanations of the present fundamental nature and defining the world the surrounds it. It is tries to answer the two most basic questions on what is physically their and secondly, explaining what it is like in physical terms […]

The Significance That Economic Ideas May Have to Psychology

Money itself holds little value, it is merely a means of exchange. But for a great number of people projection of the emotional psychological value of money far exceeds its relative economic value. (p. 5)Wernimont and Fitzpatrick (1972) offered a more interesting perspective that is more relevant to the subject at hand. They stated that […]

Positive Psychology at the Movies

For someone who has experienced a myriad of hardships, this juror uses numerous non-verbal signs to communicate. These include eye contact, tone, and nodding. Compared to juror number 3, who uses a confrontational tone, this juror is emotional and touching in his speech. This appears to be a necessary part of his struggle to express […]

Buyer Behaviour &amp

Market ResearchThe cognitive attitude consists of the positive and negative attribute that is related to the object.The effective component mainly consists of the attributes that include the emotions and the feelings that are related to the attitude of an object. The effective response has impacted the attitude in various ways.The behavioral component can be described […]

Explain how psychology can be used for social change

How Psychology can be used for Social Change Psychology has been used to explain social change which happens as a resultof a person’s interaction with the society. Psychology influences social change based on the assumption that social change results from mobilisation of many people who can be termed as a society since they share several […]

Films versus Cinematic Representations of Mental Illness

With respect to film making and psychology, there is a big difference especially between the filmmakers and the psychiatric. The filmmakers have a compelling responsibility of creating catchy and theatrical stories that may be full of inaccuracies and distortions of the real situations of events for the accomplishment of the end goals. This paper seeks […]

Comprehensive analysis of personality development

Personality development has traditionally been a major topic of discussion in psychology, with most prominent thinkers in the afore-mentioned field being particularly interested in the manner in which individuals develop their unique personalities. Generally, psychological theories attempt to explain why individuals often think, behave and feel the way they do. specifically, different theories focus on […]

Psychology and Grammar

Children always try to generalize things. For example, we can see that children often try to do things like the elders did. They don’t know the consequences of such things. They also may not think about the dangers or mistakes also when they try to imitate others. They learn lessons from others and from their […]

Representation of women in media

How Do the Media Depict Women and the Use of Photo-Shopping? Lecturer’s Due How the Media Depicts Women Women’s behavior andimage deeply ingrains in the global culture. The media heavily depends on the image of a woman as a way to promote products and services. Watching TV, reading magazines and newspapers, the media plasters the […]

Teaching Learning Approaches

type II diabetes, the humanist theory will be suitable since it considers that real learning is something that the patient discovers for him/herself, basing on the fundamental principle that learning must always be grounded on learner-centered objective identified by the learner him/herself (Aujoulat, 2007). Moreover, the paper will incorporate two multimedia materials that will be […]

Becoming A Culturally Competent Counselor

Becoming a culturally competent counselor How has your decision to become a counselor influenced your views towards cultural diversity? My decision to become a counselor influenced my views towards cultural diversity in the sense that it opened my eyes to other cultures and the fact that people’s cultures affect human behavior greatly. My decision to […]

R Research Proposal How are Aggressive TV Cartoons Affecting Childrens

Annotated Bibliography Bjorkqvist, Kaj, and Kirsti Lagerspetz. Childrens Experience of Three Types of Cartoon at Two Age Levels. International Journal of Psychology 20.1 (1985): 77. Business Source Complete. Web. 29 Oct. 2014.This article discusses how children react to different types of cartoons. It focused on two different age levels, namely 5 to 6 years and […]

Self regulated learning

Meichenbaums Model of Self-Regulated Learning Summary of Meichenbaums Model of Self-Regulated Learning Learning takes place under the control of the leaner.The learner is self-motivated.Learner regulates their cognitive capacities.Main activities include planning, self-instructing, self-regulation and self-assessment.Learner uses cognitive models like adults who perform tasks while talking alone loud and the learner listens,Leaner reports the modeled directions […]

Reaction paper one

The Cannon-Bard Theory of emotions Human’s emotions represent the psychological process of the ive reflection of the most common humans attitude toward the objects and phenomena of reality, toward other people, and toward him/herself. Numerous physiological changes in the body are accompanied by some emotional states. Throughout the history of the psychological knowledge there were […]

Psychology in Education

These are common factors that a person undergoes in his life. Lack of all these factors will certainly lead to a psychic disorder or a problem. A student faces many issues and problems in his everyday life. For example, the examinations conducted to test a student’s ability to create a sort of fear and frustration. […]

Incident for Aids

Incident of Aids In the past, issues of homophobia and sexual discrimination had been major challenges for gay and bisexual males in the United States. However, the prevalence of HIV infections among this demographic group raised alarm and led to the formation of agencies that made it easy for them to come out of the […]

AfricanAmerican NASCAR Driver by Frank Scott

After he was declared the winner, he was only given the cheque and not the trophy. Frank reminisced how his father was not allowed to race at certain speedways, and also received death threats when he went to Atlanta. Eventually, his career ended due to lack of financial support (African-American NASCAR Driver, 2015).Such cases are […]

Theres no specific title

Psychology Explain and give examples to why it might be important to have a neuropsychological assessment to help with diagnosis, despite the high resolution imaging techniques available these days?Neuropsychological assessments are tests conducted by neuropsychologists to test the memory, mood, behaviour and cognition of the human brain. The tests usually involve interviews with patients, reviews […]

The Act of Altruism

 The Act of Altruism Introduction What is it that drives individuals offer their time, energy, and money to help others, even when they do not get anything tangible in return? Altruism is a belief in acting for others good: The belief that acting for the benefit of others is right and good (Encarta, 2010). […]

Judgement and decision making

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Well-being Introduction The gross domestic product (GDP) is a concept in economics that will indicate the economic trends and progress of the society regardless of the social and cultural factors of the country. Accordingly, the GDP served as the main indicator among economists and legislators with the economic richness and […]

Physiological Psychology

1. Compare and contrast the anatomy and function of the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of the ANS. Be sure to provide specific details. Nervous system encompasses voluntary and involuntary functions. The involuntary actions are controlled by autonomic nervous system (ANS). these functions comprise actions carried out by intestines, heart, glands, which are not under our […]

Practice Study

Recently the client was diagnosed with fronto-temporal lobe dementia. Client denies his mental illness condition and allegations. During the study the focus had been in the theories of social work, medical studies, psychology and others to gain knowledge to guide our understanding to understand the reaction pattern of the client and help him. The study […]

Analysis of the Research of Professor Zachary Holman

Faculty Profile Professor Zachary Holman works as an assistant professor in the field of electric, computer and energy engineer field. Furthermore, Professor Zachary Holman despite working in the field of electric computer and energy engineering, he mostly focuses and devotes his time and attention to the solar energy docket. Zachary Holman has been able to […]

The Evolution use and design of research centers in the world

Research Centers, Evolution and Architecture 1. Introduction The ongoing trend of research centers in the contemporary world is attributed to the formal beginning of research center in the 9th century. The importance of research centers is identified in the 9th century from where its benefits are being acquired in a significant manner today (Tash 9-11). […]

Analysis of Buttress Dams

With the improvement in the designs of these dams, the apparent flaws have also surfaced, which are being tackled, at individual level……(Chadwick, Introduction to Buttress Dams)An American engineer used such type of dam construction in his projects during the 20th Century and hence, these dams are also called Ambursen dams. The terrain condition is also […]

Education for Special Needs Children in Saudi Arabia

The public education system of Saudi Arabia consists of approximately 19 universities and about 25, 000 schools spread through the country, in addition to other colleges and educational institutions. All these institutions offer students a free education, free books, and free health services.The modern system of education in Saudi offers the State – of – […]

Geiger counter and its control unit

TOPIC: NUMBER: LAB SESSION: COURSE: DATE: AIM/OBJECTIVES:1. To determine the concept of radioactivity and the random nature of the process2. Familiarize ourselves with the exposure methods3. To the effect of ionization radiation on the health of humans4. To determine the optimum operating voltage of the Geiger Muller5. Measures the background countTHEORY: The Geiger counter is […]

Work place emotions and attitudes

Emotions are an attempt to express outwardly, to express what we believe. How a person feel is a reflection of how he thinks. Negative thoughts produce negative emotions and positive thoughts produce positive emotions.Laws exist about emotions just like there are laws about physics. Every emotion is a result of some thought that preceded that […]

Fluid mechanical

Magic Fountain By Magic Fountain 0 Upward fluid movement The first person(s) to do an experiment on upward fluid movement were two Egyptian brothers,the Banu Musa brothers who invented a double-concentric siphon.2.0 Explanation on the Heron’s experiment I have watched the video through the link provided, and it is strange to see what is happening. […]

Hollywood Science

Hollywood Science The Gravity is a film that presents a ic science fiction movie that attempts to detail aesthetics, engineering, and space exploration with the intent of keeping the reality of science. The film does an outstanding job of delivering deliver the message about the space to the audience, but it has some minor scientific […]

Is it possible to distinguish between science and pseudoscience Is there a satisfactory criterion of demarcation which can be employed to make such a distinction

Pseudoscience is any body of knowledge, methodology, belief, or practice that claims to be scientific or is made to appear scientific, but does not adhere to the basic requirements of the scientific method (Wikipedia). The word ‘pseudo’ implies that the science is fake or false just because there are problems with the testability criterion (Thompson, […]

Why does a blue sky have white clouds Why do the clouds appear red at sunset What is the Green Flash seen in some sunsets in Hawaii

Essay Physics A blue sky has white clouds because of the constant or ongoing water cycle. These clouds are tiny droplets of water that evaporated from the large surface of ocean, bodies of water and the ground. From the process of evaporation, soon enough these tiny droplets of water will fall back to the earth’s […]

History of Modern Science Galileo and Newton

Here in this paper, both are discussed. compared and analyzed in a deep manner as per their respective works which brought about a significant change within our modern day luxuries that mankind has in the present times.Galileo was born on 15th February 1564 and is widely regarded as an Italian physicist, astronomer, mathematician and philosopher […]

Battlefield 2

Analysis/Advertisement on Battlefield 2 Battlefield 2 is one of the newest installments in the Battlefield series of First Person Shooter games. Like its predecessors, this game features all of the high quality intensity of Battlefield 1942, but delivers on the modern age technology tools. EA Games has also added several enhancements to the playing experience. […]

Physics for Future Presidents Writing Assignment

technological advancements and the improved knowledge in scientific fields, the deductions and conclusions made by scientists have proven to be accurate and even in some instanced averted disasters in the recent past. Therefore, for future heads of state to prevent future disasters from affecting the inhabitants of their respective countries, they ought to turn to […]

Research theory discussion 1 wk4

Role of theory in Research Introduction Theory refers to set of information with related principles or concepts that in the prediction of future phenomenon based on experience. Theory plays a crucial role in any research as it connects different research and simplify research modelin theformation of hypotheses. Theory forms an essential component of any research […]

Images of the Human

Hume succeeds in asserting his opinion about our presumed laws of nature – that they are developed based on psychological conditioning. An example that could be stated favoring his opinion would be the question of whether the sun will rise tomorrow. We just believe it will rise tomorrow out of our accustomed beliefs but we […]

WE 7 AL&amp

Resarch Paper ResponsesALamp. Research Paper Responses al Affiliation Response to Familial DNA and the History of DNA by Douglas E Jackson, Jr. The paper has given comprehensive information regarding familial DNA with and the student has indicated a good grasp of DNA related issues. Indeed it is significant to note the aspect of crime and […]

Describe your intellectual interests their evolution and what makes them exciting to you Tell us how you will utilize the academic programs in the College of Arts and Sciences to further explore your interests intended major or field of study

ment of Purpose The thing that I would like to start with is the reasonable argumentation why I decided to enter this very College. I am a quitesensible person and all my actions in life have deep reasoning. As I am a Korean and I know the state of things in education in my Native […]

Inconsistent Triad and MindBody Dualism (Philosophy)

One of the best answers to this triad that Mind-Body Dualists can draw forth is epiphenomenalism, which argues that the mind and body are indeed separate, but cannot interact. Although this argument does not one hundred percent clear up all concerns, it does more or less satisfy the argument—the brain is then a physical object […]

Modeling Spatial Economic Impacts of an Earthquake

This website discusses the Hazard US model for estimating the various impacts of the earthquake including the economic impact of the same. This model is a unique model as it can allow estimating the impact if an earthquake happens in the future including assessing the structural damage that can happen as a result of an […]

Geology Volcanoes&amp

Earthquake Assignment21Because of this, the P-wave shadow zone occurs and seismometers do not record the initial waves.9. Magnitude refers to the measurement of the energy that an earthquake releases and it may be given through Ritcher scale. The lowest scale is 2.5 or less, which is normally not felt, but is recorded by a seismograph. […]

The strong earthquakes happened in Sichuan province how it influence local people

The Wenchuan and Ya’an earthquakes have been devastating to the local people. Wenchuan earthquake occurred in 2008 while Ya’an earthquake occurred in 2013 (Chen et al 2013). This paper seeks to discuss the occurrence of the Sichuan Province’s earthquake and how influenced local people.Sichuan Province has a pre-cambrium basement with a double layer texture (Yueqiao […]

Mars Reconnaissance orbiter

In this particular essay, the mission, roles along with the responsibilities of MRO would be discussed in order to determine the effectiveness of the activities performed by MRO. Moreover, the instruments through which MRO has been assisted in order to seek evidences regarding the persistence of water on Mars surface for several years would also […]

Analytical response

In 1927, slaves were defined by the United Nations as someone over whom any or all of the powers attached to the right of ownership are exercised (The Transatlantic). Slavery was passed onto Africa by its European colonizers. In Rome, slaves were generally those who got caught in battle, abandoned children, or older children sold […]

Marketing Plan for Company G

This discussion stresses that consumers with comparatively higher income level are likely to purchase electronic appliances as they want to make their life more convenient, and they are ready to part with their money for that. Individual with higher income level are inclined towards trying new commodities and thus would be a prime source of […]

Global Business Plan of Garmin Global Positioning System

The main objective before the management of Garmin Limited GPS is to expand its commercial ventures from the cities of the USA and waters of Atlantic Ocean to the highest peaks of Himalayas and K-2 as well as the entire Far East Asia, so that the people living in remote areas of the globe could […]

IBM Analysis

I personally credit two giant companies for sowing the seeds of this global IT revolution, these are International Business Machines (1880) for its role in automation followed by invention of a personal computer and American Telephone and Telegraph (1885) for the innovations in the domain of telecommunications. There is no doubt about the contributions made […]

Race Multiculturalism and Geography in Barack Obama’s Dreams from my father

Some of the best sources for anthropological studies on Hawaii’s pre-colonial history, particularly in regard to their Polynesian ancestors, are the Hawaiian chants, legends, mele or vocal music, which are handed down from the ancient generation to next. (McDermott, Wen-Shing and Maretzki 5) Along with other artifacts, these materials tell a story of Polynesian ancestors […]

Political Geography

Landlocked states have historically existed after the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. They were created after empires had been defeated and their territories had to be carved. The collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in 1991 led to the division of the country into a number of republics (Glassner, 2003). Several of these republics […]

East west Signature course

Why Nations Fail In the book, Why Nations Fail, Moglu and Robinson the do not base the success and failure of nations on the common factors such as culture, neither geographical location nor the economic policies. However, they base it on the centralization of the political institutions. Centralizing the political institutions is the backbone of […]

Globalization The Impacts of Globalized Business Transactions

With a powerful internet regime aiding a voluminous international exchange through an omnipresent availability of data, the world has graduated from the primary obstacles of geography and social boundaries to a higher level thinking of strategies capable of penetrating even the potentially valuable networks born out of the same process. The Positives Effects of Globalized […]

Hongkong action movies a transnational genre

In the 1970s the Hong Kong action film genre reached international audiences largely through the work of Bruce Lee, and the television series Kung Fu. Hunt notes, however, that the transition from East to West was effected with a clear set of boundaries in terms of the allocation of tasks in making such films: written […]

Risk Impact of Global Communications in Business

The dynamic force regulating and accelerating globalization is undoubtedly a revolutionary development being made in the fields of information technology, navigation and communications. Hence, it is the marvellous technological advancement and innovative tools, techniques and equipment that have paved the way towards fastest possible progress and growth in political, social, cultural, economic and commercial areas […]

Comparing and Contrasting Development in Germany and Kenya

From this study it is clear that the physical geography of the two nations has played a big role in shaping their population settlement patterns, geopolitics, economic and social development, imperialism, and other areas that ultimately determine development.This paper outlines thatit is highly industrialized and populous country with the largest national economy in Europe. It […]

Developing Strategy for PRW Communications

The recent recession has affected many of the PR consultancies adversely since most businesses are now averse to non-essential expenditures and advertising has been one of the major casualties. But this does not necessarily indicate that public relations consultancies cannot thrive during recessionary times as well, rather it may be necessary to adopt a different […]

Shock Advertising as a Source of Public Awareness

When an advertiser has a clear and definitive message to convey to a specific target audience, the use of shock advertising could potentially provide a dramatic improvement in exposure per advertising pound. As Gallanis (2009) stated, The multi-media approach is the best way to get the most mileage out of the advertising dollar. Previously, shock […]

The Heritage Club in Abu Dhabi

Based on results, it was determined that the management by control ideology currently in place served as the most significant rationale for why employees were resistant to knowledge sharing and built a lack of trust that facilitated ineffective communications between departments. It is recommended that managers reconsider the command-and-control philosophy of management and adopt more […]

Concepts Mindfulness and Interpersonal Communications

Subsequently, the various conceptualizations and operationalizations of mindfulness will be compared and contrasted. A final concluding section will summarize what you have learned about the interpersonal concept of mindfulness and how it functions in personal relationships.Research by Rutledge (2005) examines AIDS stigmatizing attitudes among community leaders in Barbados. Rutledge defines stigmatizing attitudes as having two […]

IBM and Employee Centred Social Media

The advent of the Internet has triggered an increase in market opportunities and new business models that have revolutionized the face of management strategies and practices. One of the major contributors to the increasing globalization concept is the communications technology that has opened new vistas of collaboration between individuals and business enterprises. Business enterprises are […]

A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer

24 February, A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer Review: A Child Called It has been written by Dave Pelzer. It is a book filled with adventure, thrill, grief and violence. In this book, the author has penned an unforgettable event of child abuse that is so severe that it may be regarded as one […]

Bodies in society Biopower

This study contributes to the body of scholarly knowledge by providing new findings that specifically outline the key operational determinants of successful call centres from the viewpoint of customers and call centre employees.In order to investigate the nature of these key determinants, the study proposed one research question and one hypothesis. The research question is: […]

White House Unbutton Formal Dress Code ( Yahoo Company)

Pres. Barack Obama has brought significant changes in the formal work environment that is apparent in the White House. Members of the Oval Office have been accustomed to the suit and tie attire that is required by Pres. George W. Bush during his administration. Described by presidential adviser David Gergen as ‘Aloha Zen,’ Pres. Obama […]

Global Communications Problem Solution

The way by which every constituent and member of the team will behave will be best understood through a two-way process of communication (Rogers and Rogers, 1976). In many ways, organizations evolved so fast to meet rapid globalization. In this respect, organizational communication is a serious matter for overall organizational functioning. Synergy or departmental harmony […]

Financial Markets and the SEC

The regulation of the American financial markets is the responsibility of the government. Since the governmental system in America is democratic, it can be said that the finance market laws represent the wishes of the people in a very significant way. Previous governments have recognized the need to establish independent bodies for monitoring, evaluation and […]

How did the modern states of Iraq Syria Jordan and Lebanon come into being and what role did Britain and France play in their formation

History How did the modern s of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon come into being and the role of British and France in the formation of these states By 1920, France and Britain had reached an agreement at San Remo. The agreement in this case was how former Arab regions of the non-operational Ottoman Empire […]

Financial Accounting and Control System

Financial Accounting and Control System of Institute Introduction The paper compares the performance of twocompanies based on their 2014 annual reports. It gives a brief description of the two companies and then compares them through ratio analysis using data from the annual reports posted on the respective websites. The two companies under study are Dairy […]

Communicating Change

Question Companies often face challenges that must be overcome by the managerial staff of the company. The use of transformation skills can helpan organization find its right path. A transformational leader can broaden and elevate his followers to look beyond their self interest to accomplish the best outcome for the company (Warrick, 2011). Transformation skills […]

Listening and speaking skilss

Affiliation Listening and speaking skills Although the results show that I have fairly good listening and speaking skills, there are a number of strategies I can use to improve. First, it is important that I learn to adapt my messages or communications to fit specific audiences. By doing this, I will learn the best communication […]

Emergency Management (How has modern technology improved emergency response capabilities and how will this technology impact or improve future emergency response operations)

The software development process is focused on developing methods to generate high resolution fused data studies to create three-dimensional product view among other features for correct forecasting, generating accurate weather alerts, which is just one of the various features of software development.The future promises new technological improvements on emergency communication in the times of disaster. […]

Economics of crime

4 a. The I will select for my research study is about how legalization of marijuana can impact on crime. This is of interest to thepeople in that it has raised controversy and mixed feelings among different people since some view the move as good while others have a negative view. The advocates of legalization […]

Advertisements to Compare

Comparing Two Advertisements: Olay and Tropez of assignment) Table Task Chosen activityChosen advertisementsOlay and Tropez from chapter 4The customer groupsSubcultures. upper and middle classChannels of communicationsOral, written and electronicNegative impact of oral communicationOral messages are difficult to retrieve and store as compared to written and electronic messages. Most individuals have a poor memory for what […]

Barriers in Communication

Barriers to Effective Communication Details: al Affiliation: Barriers to Effective CommunicationFrom the usual social interactions to the administrative activities, effective communication is fundamental in getting things done. Effectiveness of communication, however, depends much on certain explicit elements, without which the intention of the message passed across can be misunderstood or lost altogether (Lunenburg, 2010). Understanding […]

Social Networking Sites for Communication

Organisation culture explicitly defines an organization from others. The uniqueness of a culture contributes to the success of the organisation. They influence the mode of interaction, communication and the pursuit of the organisation goals. It forms the framework of evaluating organisation communication and the avenue for embracing individual and collective actions in the organisation. Organisation […]

Globalization Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) or Multinational Corporations (MNCs)

On the other hand, poverty and inequality emanates from disorganization and injustice among the developed countries in the global market who instead should work at developing the global economy to greater levels.According to Cohn’s perspective, globalization entails activities that assist countries and societies to broaden and deepen thus increasing their interdependence around the world. Broadening […]

News conference studies

New Release FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: VP Corporate Communications 800-602-20205 Email address: PRESS RELEASE ONTHE DEBUT OF DEEN’S NEW COOKING SHOWS, BOOK DEALS AND PRODUCT LAUNCHESDeen Comes Back With A New Cooking Show, Book Deals And Product Launches.How does Paula Deen plan to come back to the industry? Najafi Companies is a global private investment […]

Apple Store

In this avenue, the techniques applicable are a web server hosting the web address, content, and software that may mediate communications for the two parties. Remarkably, communication through this system is efficient as customers make orders for the goods they need directly to the supplier. Moreover, this technique requires provision of an internet address, which […]

From War to War the world in the years 19181939

The U.S., being the only Western country with an economy nearly unaffected by the war was in a position to assist the war-torn nations. It supplied loans to Germany and Austria, the losing parties in the Great War. Germany and Austria, on the other hand, were obliged to pay reparations to France and Great Britain. […]

Communication In Business case study

The Indian subcontinent consists of nations which are demographically very different from the Oceanic countries – cities have the dense population, it is quite common to families to live together thus coining the word ‘joint families’, and feel at unease while calling their bosses by the first names.Communication is varied during different stages of the […]

Debate between Scalia &amp

DworkinThe determination of the original meaning is left to the people to whom the statute is addressed. The people’s defined original meaning regards the people’s understanding of a given statute and uniquely distinguishes itself from the contradictory will of the legislatures. Professor Dworkin contradicts Scalia in his argument that the intention of the authors of […]

Evolution of reading and writing

It is factual that ancient periods were characterized by people who had no knowledge regarding reading and writing. It was a state of utter ignorance where nobody ever pictured the development of the highly sophisticated forms of reading and writing. As such, the advancements realized today are a product of continuous and new developments that […]

Digital Culture Webcam Girls and Celebrity Culture

Mobile phones have revolutionized the world of communication and the human culture has undergone drastic changes as far as communication is concerned. It is easy for people to contact anybody, who does possess a mobile phone instantly, instead of writing a letter or conveying the message using other means of communication. Every aspect of social […]

Informative writing

These include the basis of meeting and discussing with clients as to what the exact requirements are, drawing up a brief as to what should be done, and finding out creative solutions for the clients which is one Herculean task. The field of advertising is renowned because it creates a spell for each and everyone […]

What are the psychological and developmental differences between learning a first and second language

Learning a second language is a similar method to learning a first language in that one undergoes developmental phases and depend on native speakers to give good comprehensible models of the language. This extraordinarily fast progress appears to ‘fly in the face’ of several acknowledged facts regarding the nature of language – so much so […]

Discuss David Rudd’s ‘defence’ of the work of Enid Blyton (Reader 1 pp 168 82) in relation to the prestige conferred

Hence such a comparison highlights the good and bad qualities of Blyton’s works. Some of the short comings of Blyton’s works that have been extensively discussed and criticized include lack of richness and variety in figurative language, flat characters and repetitive plots and settings. Rudd states that, Blyton’s writings have been accused of being cliche […]

Strategic Response of Prosavi to the Changes in the Real Estate Market

They are strategically located in prestigious areas nearby an extended amount of facilities. The prices we offer are not overestimated and fairly represent the quality of our product.The company consists of its own Commercial, Technical, Financial and Administrative Departments. Within my placement, in Prosavi I took part in each one of them. My work was […]

Root Cause Analysis

Teachers who line up students by gender affirm that both boys and girls should be treated differently. Culture is defined as the totality of socially transmitted behavior patterns, institutions, products of human thought and work, arts and beliefs (Sadker, 1994). Cultural competence is a set of values, congruent behaviors, beliefs and attitudes which enable people […]

Process and Organizations of Leadership

A leader is, therefore, picked, or selected by an organization, or by a group depending on the crucial elements abovementioned. The situation calls for a particular type of leader exuding personality traits called for by the situation, by the personalities of the group (or the team in the organization), and by the objectives, or goals […]

Analysis of Claude Levi Strauss’s Books

According to Levi-Strauss, Heterogeneous beliefs and customs have been arbitrarily collected together under the heading of totemism. There were many scholars who became supporters of totemism when they tried to decode the secrets of evolution. Levi-Strauss supported the anti-totemic school together with other anthropologists such as Goldenweiser and Boas. They believed that totemism was just […]

You Can Prevent Global Warming

The process brings with it lot of rework also say for example a user is not a good penman and while writing Jhonny, he misspells it as Jonny and when he realizes his mistake, he has to take a new form fill it again and go through the whole process again which not only time-consuming […]

Edgar Poe Gothic Novels

This paper shall move to examine his great work, The Fall of The House of The Usher. The reason for the choosing this work is because it highlights an important characteristic of Poe’s work in the context of the Sublime. This piece of work is one of the most significant out of Poe’s works. Considered […]

HOW to read the Bible for all its Worth Gordon Fee Douglas Stuart

Its scriptures were written in order to make an impact on society. The Bible helps Christians understand their religion. Before modern times, the Bible was in a few written languages. In today’s time, the Bible is consisted of many languages so that its readings can be understood by many. The Bible has had a major […]

The Use of Literary Elements in Shakespeare’s Hamlet

The metaphors are used by the author of the play to reveal that despite the fact that Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle, had killed his brother to attain the throne, they were extremely alike to each other. It shows Hamlet’s belief that both his uncle and father were men who valued their own power more than those […]

The Employment Contract Balancing the Employees and the Employers Interest

This assignment will begin with the statement that the contract has always played an important part in regulating the relationship between employee and employer. Even so, throughout history, legislative provisions have also intervened to regulate the relationship between employee and employer, and from time to time that relationship was defined as a status rather than […]

Critical analysis of the Sorrowful Woman

Despite her success in getting what she wanted the protagonist could not enjoy and take in it fully. She searches for her identity and ends up being nothing as she gives up on her search soon. Author Gail Kathleen Godwin is a prominent short story writer and American Novelist. The woman author is passionate about […]

Creative Writing Rebeca

I was always there beside him, keeping my head on his shoulder and felt his breath. Every morning and every night no matter what season was it, there was just one reflection I saw in his eyes and that was me and only me. One night, nature planned to throw in the reflection of someone […]

English composition Writing Skills and Techniques db 1

Police Misconduct A topic addressing the misconduct of the police force can be addressed from different points of view, depending on assumptions or the thesis set by a writer. To handle this topic I can claim that most police misconducts occur outside major urban centers.The first point to address in this topic is the extent […]

Spinozas Conception of God

In his writings, especially The Ethics, Benedict de Spinoza logically defined existence and provided logical proof of his definitions. He used logical progressions and relationships among those statements he considered to have been proven to make his conclusions. In the readings consulted, Spinoza did not really argue for or against the existence of God, though […]

Lewis Crassic Gibbon A Commentary

The difference about Gibbon in his writing is that he was motivated by a cause, a righteous one at that. But he personifies a version of the pessimist. For instance, when other writers saw a harmonious and blemish-free Scotland, he saw the mines where the slaves were chained, and nothing else. With the Sunset Song, […]

The Similarities Between The Presidencies

He was also governor of Virginia and the U.S. Minister to France. He later became Vice President under President John Adams and finally became President of the United States himself serving from 1801 to 1809. Among his accomplishments is the writing of the Declaration of American Independence and the founding of the University of Virginia.Thomas […]

Study Habits and Academic Performance the Three Study Skills

Power Learning: A Summary The article en d Power Learning is an interesting dis proffering study techniques which would guide and assiststudents in succeeding in their academic endeavors. It stipulated three important areas to help improve one’s study skills. These areas are: time control, classroom note-taking and textbook study. This essay aims to confirm if […]


Consequently, Waltz’s systemic theory is only generating partial explanations.This Waltz’s systematic theory indicates how behavior is affected by structure. However, it does not indicate how other variables interact with structure to produce exact behavioral outcomes. This paper therefore draws on the theoretical writing of Waltz and his theory of applications to empirical subjects (the role […]

Informative summary

Lecturer The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved The sports article was ed in 1970, by Hunter Thompson, during the derby in Louisville. The article initially appeared In the Scanlan’s Monthly issue, for June 1970. The article also made the initial appearance in the gonzo magazine. The author used writing style that was continuously funny, […]

EDictionary Use and its Effect on Vocabulary Achievement and Retention of EFL Saudi Intermediate Students

Technology has changed the face of education in the present scenario. It has provided a different kind of information on hand and on the other hand, this has enabled people to get the information faster. It plays a significant role in language studies. Computers and software today has provided not just meanings, explanations and comprehension […]

Working in a Total Institution

WORKING IN A TOTAL I have heard Graterford called the Farm, the Camp, the Fort, and Dodge but I have never heard it called safe. When I was in the country jail awaiting trial, I saw grown men cry because their counselors told them they were being transferred to Graterford. – Victor Hassine, (Chevigny, 1999)These […]

Formal Writing Assignment

Among the many X-ray imaging equipment, this essay will focus on Optima XR 220amx mobile X-Ray System. It is manufactured by the GE Healthcare Company in the U.S. It is made of resilient materials that enable it to bear the weight of over 350lbs (GE HealthCare 2011, 14). It is square-shaped, and this allows easy […]

The Relationship between the 12Point Essay and the 500Word Essay

Compose a 12-point essay and explain the relationship between the 12-point essay and the 500-word essay The 12 point essay would be the outline of the full 500 word essay. It will be divided into 5 paragraph namely introduction, body 1, body 2, body 3 and conclusion. The introduction will be composed of an attention […]

The Classical Music Era

Individual notes on a staff have various pitches and the choice of the pitch should be done with much care because very high pitches in a musical performance may distract the ear hence the musical piece may have a negative perception from people. This paper focuses on the various musical features that are used in […]

Apostle Pauls view of the Law

His Hebrew name was Saul and while still a Pharisee he persecuted the Christians. He was a person of prominence in the holy city of Jerusalem and had supervised the stoning of a Christian named, Stephen. As Paul himself says in Gal. 1.13 and also in Gal. 1.23, I was violently persecuting the church of […]

Historywk 6

In other words, like a computer, the individual assumes garbage in, garbage out (DeMar, 1989, p. 1). The final assumption is that Behaviorism is manipulative in that it seeks to control and predict human behavior instead of understanding it (DeMar, 1989).Skinner felt that behavior could be shaped through controlling a system of rewards and punishments. […]

Importance of Critical Theory

In her work, Lois attempts to distill the basic tenets of a variety of many different contexts in examining the work. Lois re-examines F. Fitzgerald’s work the great Gatsby in analyzing the critical theory better. Critical theory ought to define the reader response theory as ways in which a reader reacts to literal works but […]

Stress and Coping Mechanisms of First Year Principals

Explaining the fundamental basis of stress as a reaction towards demands on the body, the Mountain State Centers for Independent Living (2010) expresses the view that stress involves the release of body chemicals that give people more energy and strength, which can be a good thing if their stress is caused by physical danger. However, […]

Absorb well all themes and only after that choose a title and start writing the

This paper will look at trade components while discussing trade measures and commodities, tariff and non-tariff barriers, export taxes, quantitative measures, subsidies, consumption taxes, the impact of trade measures on supply and demand and prices, obstacles to reform of agricultural trade through WTO and raw materials.New trade measures have been documented, influencing almost 0.9% of […]


Diversity within an organization can take a number of different forms such as diverse cultures, religions, nationalities and job groupings (Shockley-Zalabak, 2002. Mor-Barak, 2011). In my organization, the implementation and maintenance of programs that value diversity is generally undertaken using a number of approaches, key among them is review and re-writing of policies so as […]

Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards

Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards Alignment of Academic Standards with ELL Proficiency Standards English Language Learners (ELL) should have requisite skills to gain access to academic content. In line with this, the US department of education require states to have English language proficiency standards for students without knowledge, skills, or experience in […]

Dialectical Shifts Writing

She compares her dance to swaying of the cruise ship. The dancer/singer wants each one in her company to reach the ultimate in the world of enjoyment. Her concept of enjoyment is without any limits, definitions and boundaries and singing and dancing are only the mediums. She detests the word ‘restrictions’ when it comes to […]

Promoting it in the Classroom

She made a decision and took action as a result of the decision. She immediately reported to HR the flaw of the system and Tanya’s behavior. In my case, I took a stand when I saw my classmate cheating in one of our exams during middle school. Although that classmate is a neighbor, I reported […]

Describe Yourself

I am senior in high school who is the only child in a nuclear family. Being a single child, I love my parents and take care of them. This is where I have learned how to be responsible and handle negative situations in life in a positive manner. My maturity level is very high since […]

Responds to Reading and Writing about Research

Reading and Writing about Research Working with scientific articles requires skills and experience. For the first as for most young and unprepared people, academic language is one of the most obvious obstacles preventing from effective information analysis. The authors of scientific researches got used to the speech saturated with specific terms, definitions, and complicated methods […]

The deep empathy project

You are just three years old when you immigrated to the United States. How you are able to master English language and get proficiency in it so soon?Soon? It took nearly three decades for me to get some self-satisfaction about my writing skills. When parents are educated, children derive benefit of their knowledge. You know […]

Creative Life Writing

The nighttime was unpleasantly cold. Maureen sat back and remained still on her bed, struggling not to tremble. Any motions or move about could be heard by the other mean convent sisters. She tried to control her breathing, in order not to trigger nausea in the extraordinarily freezing air despite the fact that her heart […]

Angels with Crown of Thorns and Crucufix Artwork Analysis

Angels with Crown of Thorns This sculpture s back to 1968 and it is documented to have been done by an artist known as Paolo Naldini. It is of Italian origin and its current location is at the Western side of the Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome, Italy. This artwork engages the viewer through its thorny […]

Develop work priorities bsbcmn402a final assessment task a

SKILLS DEMONSTRATION AT WORK Experience Company: DeCA Central Distribution Center, Iwakuni MCAS Japan Material Handler /Assistant Work Leader Employment Period: July 1998 to Sept. 2008, 40 Hours/Week 1. Inventory Control:a. Responsible for accurately maintaining over 1300 line item section in a 8500 line item warehouse valued at more than 2.5 million dollars.b. Through the responsibility […]

Baking ClassMeasurement and Weight Writing

Baking Class-Measurement and Weight WritingPart one: Product and packaging descriptionThis part identifies four food items in my home kitchen. They include:1. Pillsbury Best All Purpose Flour, 5-Pounds: – This product is packaged in a compact paper wrapping. The product is a dry substance. texture of the product is fine, and a whitish-powdery substance in appearance. […]

The beginning of English

umber of branches including the Germanic branch lived somewhere between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea six thousand years ago (McCrum, Cran and MacNeil 1). This population then expanded and migrated eastward, westward and northward and inhabited most of Europe. A casual comparison between Indo-European and English reveals similarities among them (Hogg 67). By […]

Political Islam World Politics and Europe by Bassam Tibi

Political Islam, World Politics and Europe by Bassam Tibi This book is a very vivid introduction of the impact of Political Islam on Europe. Writtenfrom a larger perspective of viewing Islam and it is roots into Europe, author begins with an assessment of the overall politicization of Islam on global politics generally and with specific […]

Report on Imogen binnie

Nevada by Imogen Binnie The book begins by offering a detailed account of the life of Maria Griffiths who is described as a punk transexual woman living in the city of New York. She begins to see the reality of life when her girlfriend of many years informs her that she had been cheating on […]

Who Has the Right to Write Literature about War

During the world war, the men had more right to write literature about the war because of their participation in the war more than the women. However, women wrote most literature about the war. In the United States of America, African American literature about the war was not accepted. The natives discriminated the literature of […]

Levels in a Class

Teaching English as a second or foreign language (ESL/EFL) is not the easiest task for any educator. Even more complicated the task becomes when a teacher has students of two different proficiency levels in one classroom. One of the problems is that weaker students may feel uncomfortable having to study with more proficient in English […]

Discussion 1 and 2

(Section) Due) Introduction The modern society is increasingly facing a myriad of challenges resulting from social, political, economic as well as environmental dimensions which are usually triggered by human activities. The solution to such challenges requires proper investigations and provision of such information to the public and experts that can offer valid solutions. However, in […]

Evolution of the Historians Craft since 1945

Information Technology has promoted the use of digital age computers in recording information collected rather than the actual writing in scrolls and tablets, a method used by historians in past eras before 1945. The historians have been gradually trained on how to use IT tools in recording information. The historian’s practices were totally changed with […]

Gospel of Mark

When compared to other three gospels, Mark is not an appealing piece of writing. Evidently, his intention was the simple and direct narration of the events so that his gentile audience who did not have knowledge about ‘a promised messiah’ can easily comprehend the message he conveys. Mark’s is the oldest gospel, and obviously the […]

Graffiti and Cave Art

Graffiti and Cave Art Graffiti resembles modern-day cave paintings as both have symbolic meanings. Understanding cave paintings especially the ones with symbolism is quite difficult just as in graffiti paintings. Cave paintings cannot be compared to graffiti since the paintings, and drawings are in places not easily accessible by humans. No one can just sneak […]

Communication stumbling blocks

For example, Barna in his works noted,increased interaction through travel, students exchange programs, and other ventures should result in more understanding and friendship between nations(Barna, p. 66). However, this is different especially due to variations of cultural contexts. These variations in cultural contexts create intercultural communication stumbling blocks, such as non verbal communication and time […]

The Behavior of the Marketer Both Before and After the Purchase

Purchasing was not a big task around two-three decades before. The only thing the consumers thought before purchasing a product earlier was about the necessity of the product and the financial abilities of the consumer. But at present, the consumer needs and the behaviours have changed a lot. The living,g standards and the levels are […]

Contract Law

According to Chen-Wishart, a contract is a promise (or agreement) which is enforced (recognized by the law. Bhana, Bonthuys, and Nortje state that Contracts are agreements between parties who have the intention to create legal rights and duties between them and which are legally binding upon the parties. Therefore, in order for a contract to […]

Taking Care of the Elderly

Moreover, this sets the foundation for recognition and appreciation of the role of the elderly in society. This can come from the fact that was it not for the elderly, we would be nowhere in society being as they gave birth to us. The case study is majorly about the elderly in society. Writing a […]

The Main Idea of the Freedom Writers

Freedom al Affiliation) The characters best portrayed in the movie are Erin Gruwell who acted as a new schoolteacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long beach, and Eva and Sindy who were students at the school (DeVito, Shamberg, amp. Sher, 2007). This movie is realistic even in today’s life whereby in most schools, students […]

Introdcutory for protfolio

Life in English learning It was a wonderful experience to have started my writing life in of English 35. In the beginning, I struggled to improve my reading as well as writing as I could not express my ideas in writing. It was disastrous at that time. However, I considered myself fortunate to find some […]

The Benefits of Learning English

Outside of the benefits of learning ESL, I sustained many challenges related to comprehension of literacy and writing. Upon reflection, many of these challenges included educator teaching style, my own personal learning styles, personal motivation, and frustration when communicating with native English speakers. In this narrative, I will illustrate many of the challenges that I […]

Proposal On Deca Commissary Sign in Procedure

There will be also an enhancement of recognition as all the people that will be signing in, the system will contain their data, and hence, improve the efficiency and security at Deca commissary (Markel, 2012, p. 184).The electronic system of signing in to work will promote the professional growth at the Deca commissary. For instance, […]

Negotiation Strategies for Reasonable People

Negotiation requires bringing out the personality in the negotiators to be able to create a relationship enabling them to negotiate effectively. It is about creating a good relationship where there is animosity. Being an effective communicator will lead to the achievement of desired goals. After creating a relationship with the other negotiating party, most negotiators […]

Paper 3 Journey Pilgrimage or Quest (Nonfiction writing)

Rather, my life was led with a veil pulled over the jealousy and hatred that my cousins and their parents had for me. When my grandfather died. he had left a sizable inheritance to his family thanks to the property that he owned. His children collectively decided to sell the property in order to come […]

Questions For A Second Reading

Richard Miller organizes the whole chapter in further sub heading in an easy manner so as to give something useful in his all passage from major points to lower one. Its very first passage tells about the failure of modern world. According to him the problem actually lies in the advancement of technology and all […]

Human Form versus Nature

The Romans were influenced by these thoughts and also sought to portray man as a superior being. Here the emphasis is on man’s power as opposed to the lesser importance of people as seen in Eastern art where nature has a much more dominant role. The sculptures of Michalangelo are famous for the way the […]

Reflective memo

The Challenges of the the Individual Projects, and Learning This has exposed me to different forms of learning that have involved a lot of work reading, researching and writing several papers. This course has offered a challenging but an equally beneficial experience where I have gained new forms of knowledge and improving on the skills […]

The Navigation of the Different Messages in the Media

From the navigation of the different messages in the media, I have learned that a person can reinforce the message through the way he/she represents that message. The style of representation purely relies on the individual person passing the message across. Even though the authors of the pieces decide to use different ideas in writing […]

Questions 7 &amp

8 psychosocial devDefine and differentiate between fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Motor skills have to do with the physical development of an individual.Fine motor skills are physical abilities that require the use of fine muscles, specifically of the hands and fingers. These are in action when one kneads, draws, writes, sews, etc., activities […]

Continuation of Internet Activities Online Audio &amp

Video3750 Podcasting and other forms of New Media distribution Podcasts can be viewed as a digital or video file that comes in episodes. it is downloadable, program-driven, has a host and a theme, very convenient for the user and usually comes through an automated feed with computer software. Podcasts come in two formats. they can […]

Internet impact on culture

The traditional form of education and which was widespread before the internet was getting education by attending physical classrooms. This however has changed with internet. Classes are held virtually and assignments and results submitted online through channels such as emails. This has made life easier for students carrying out online education as it saves on […]

Comparison Asian American History

He uses the metaphor of the family picture album, full of old pictures of family members that evoke both good and bad memories. He recognizes that this metaphor can only go so far, since instead of using visual pictures of his subjects and their families, he uses oral accounts taken from a variety of oral […]

Writing an Imaginary Piece of Fiction

Topic: Write Short Piece of the University Write short piece With a loud grunt, he hugged the Brigadier, without waiting for his reply and this time the hug blocked the breath of the Brigadier. Outside the latched door, he heard lots of commotion, running around, wild shrieks and gunshots. The confused Brigadier desperately sought freedom […]

Rhetorical analysis of How to Mark a Book

How to Mark a Book: Rhetorical Analysis Mortimer Adler was an who wrote several books related to philosophy, and he also served as an editor for the Encyclopedia Britannica. He was the pioneer of the Great Books program, a propagator of the classics. His association with books is unmatchable, and to share his passion for […]

Merger and acquisitions

Merger and Acquisitions Merger and Acquisitions Introduction A company can implement one of the two following strategies while acquiring and merging into another company: they can either merge with the other company or operate as one company under one management or they can both operate separately. Body The benefits that will be obtained by creating […]

How Hacking Can be Helpful

In addition, ethical hackers do not delete files, disclose the information to public, or ruin the network once they manage to break into the security. Today corporations widely hire ethical hackers or white hat hackers to check if their security systems are strong enough to prevent strong malicious attacks. Hacking contests like Pwn2Own are organized […]

The Role of Small and Medium Enterprises in the UK

The SME sector plays a very significant role by supporting the bigger business sector by providing support services in the form of products and services-up costs involved in these sectors. financial firms are under-represented in the SME sector as a whole. It is predictable that in terms of worth, the sector is held responsible for […]

Home Automation Using Wireless Sensor Networks and Biosensors

However, a breakthrough in home automation was reached in 2001 where Van Berlos employed staff for home automation and built the smartest home in the Netherlands. Through collaboration with several participants, a demonstration home was opened in Tilburg by the end of 2001 (Smart homes, 2011, pp.123-156)Home automation is carried out using electrical devices, which […]

Foreign Direct Investment in China

Considering all the statistics given in the introduction, let us first examine how China has become such an attractive target for FDI. The path to economic liberalization has been a difficult but fruitful one for China. It has triumphed due to its determination and commitment to open up its markets to foreign investors. A Business […]

Job Profession Assignment

However, they also have to render their services in different places such as in different agencies of medical health and rehabilitation centers among others. It is in this regard that the role of the healthcare administrators have been aligned with the managerial functions to coordinate, plan, manage and organize the distribution of medical activities. Hence, […]

Management Strategies for Information Technology

IT generally refers to the technical aspect of using computers and telecommunications in some instances to store, retrieve or even transmit data (Robson 1997). The new information and communication technology has brought about dramatic changes to the way organizations conduct business during the contemporary period and it can be noted from a critical reading of […]

Hidden Victims

Hidden Victims by Susan Sharp Questions One of the cases that readers come across while reading Sharp’s Hidden Victims is the Gregg v. Georgia case. The other case is the Locket v. Ohio case. The two cases provide excellent examples of what active participation is all about in the system. Gregg v. Georgia case was […]

Military Ethics and Leadership At Lower Levels

This paper tells that in recent years, the U.S military has been involved in wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and in this current age of technology and media, the civilians back home have begun to get a sense of what happens on the frontline. However, sometimes this means that the dark side of the military […]

Children’s understanding of the world around them Evaluate research that has investigated the development of infants’ knowl

Despite continuous advances in technology and an increasing number of scientists studying the minds of children, there will always be some level of mystery. The way every child learns is different due to personality, learning disabilities, and even childhood. There have been studies conducted that suggest that children know things that they have not been […]

Government Grants for Alternative Energy Source

Apart from reducing the carbon emissions the technology also helps in reducing the consumption of the limited fossil fuels, this figure of reduced conventional fuels comes out to be a reduction of around 60,000 pounds of coal (Alternative Energy, n.d.) There are added advantages of using such energy source. it eliminates the acid rains and […]

Nonstructured R/C Buggy Body Shell

These cars or trucks are available as Ready To Run or build-it-yourself kit. The distinction between these two types is clearly outlined as remote controlled, which are the toy-style cars while the kit-style cars are the radio control. It is indispensable if not factual that the popularity of R/C cars has undoubtedly risen in the […]

Media Business Disney Company

The main aim of communication regulation is to serve the mass interest as technology comes to arise. This speeds up development as it accounts for the changes. The dramatic change in the field of visual media in the market is under delivery presently since there is multiplication in distribution outlets. With the new network programmed […]

ECommerce Sales Jump in 2011

While talking on these lines, it has to be increasingly acknowledged that one of the prime needs of today’s fast emerging and competitive modern day society is the need for education for the young members of the society. In order to empower the minds of the young masses of the society, merging of education offerings […]

American Kitchen Revolution

The Architectural design upon which these works were laid depended on the North American basics and eclectic combinations of European architectural techniques, manipulations, and practices (Smith, 1976: 76). The preliminary commencement of American architecture dates back to the regal tradition of the United States and the practices that transpired as a result of the evacuation […]

To IP and Beyond

Additionally, it is believed to be a biggest success for the reason that it successfully provided a small number of fundamental capabilities and services that everyone required at that time. In this scenario, some of the well-known applications and services that were supported by these protocols included remote logon, file transfer, and electronic mail (email) […]

United parcel services

United Parcel Services UPS provides different kinds of services and information for individuals, small businesses and large businesses. Today, UPS has become the largest company that makes package delivery all over the world. Operating in over 300 countries world over, more than 14 million packages are delivered daily (, 2008). Its functional area includes transportation […]

The Network Society

Through the proceedings, which is one of the bases of the book, research agenda was formulated to answer to provide answers to existing gaps and hurdles in the network society and identify areas that necessitates planning strategies. This book is designed for graduate students taking up courses in urban studies, city and regional planning, and […]

Right to Die Laws

Much has been written about Oregon’s Death with Dignity act that makes assisted suicide legal. Now the advocates for the same have been proposing to introduce the act in other states as well and in particular, Washington. However, there is a strong case for helping terminally ill patients spend the remainder of their life with […]

Challenge of treatment low to medium strength municipal wastewater from ambient to low temperature by using UASB reactors

A, Boncz 2001, Anaerobic Digestion Congress. Belgium. This book expounds on the ninth world congress. It gives a detailed study on the anaerobic digestion with reference to the proceedings in that congress. A, Charlier C 1994, Water Science Technology. Washington DC: Sage Publishers. This book is rich on data regarding the challenges prone in urban […]

Characteristic of Computers

Using ASPs small businesses and large businesses can use the services of the fax machines, servers, and specialized software by paying a monthly fee or free of cost. The main benefit of ASPs is it is cost-saving, technical support, automatic software up-gradation. it needs lesser use IT staff and guaranteed uptime, which is most vital. […]

Business Intelligence

Business IntelligenceCase study 1- Vodafone NZAns 1. Challenges for Vodafone NZ emerged majorly from technical front which is the driver of sustenance and growth in telecommunications sector. While new technologies had made the existing ones obsolete, emergence of new rivals raised brows of worries for Vodafone NZ. Moreover, retaining the customer base by devising new […]

Innovations Reshaping the World after World War 2

Its major implications make it an important aspect of product innovation and development following World War 2.The history of the world is witness to the greatest global military conflict that arose between nations, inclusive of all the major powers divided into two alliances that opposed each other at military fronts, and the world converted from […]

Genetically modified organisms

Closely related to GMOs are transgenic organisms, a subset of GEOs comprising of organisms to which DNA originating from a different has been inserted. Historical Background to GMOs Production of a GMO generally involves addition of new genetic material to the genome of an organism. This process is known as genetic engineering. Two major discoveries […]

Hershey Foods Corporation

The company was unable to complete the last leg of implementation and thus switching over to the new system was done in July 1999. Halloween and Christmas seasons had put pressure on the company and thus forced to implement the remaining parts of the project simultaneously. The simultaneous implementation of the project led to a […]

Foreign Market Entry and Diversification Grupo Modelo

Recommendations are given as to whether Grupo Modelo should diversify or not. Considerations like risks and returns are assessed, while the final recommendation is to pursue economies of scale by replacing the international with the global strategy, in order to increase the company’s market scope and production capabilities.Since the fourteenth century, the global beer industry […]

Organisational Change &amp

Transition: a of Power CoPower Co. is an electric company that generates, transmits and vends from hydro sources. The organization was overpowered by the civil engineers,though the company ignored the status of electrical engineers. Because of its jumbled up attitude during the 90s, company ended up with huge debts on its name. there were protests […]

Organizational communication Focus on BP website

They aim to create and enhance value of the shareholders and meet the growing demand of energy. The aim is to create a safer and stronger BP that can utilise its capabilities and strength in their downstream business, value chains, managing the giant fields, deep sea operations and explorations. All these activities are underpinned by […]

Organizational Culture and Behavior

The main theme of the three articles is a discussion on the topic of organizational culture. Organizational culture occupies the central thoughts of the authors in their respective articles. Their research studies are centered on a comprehensive analysis of organizational culture relative to their topic of study. The three articles have a common definition of […]

The Effects of Technology on Trade

According to the claims of Croucher (2004), technology has substantially increased access to elementary education and information to a wider majority of the populace. Consequently, this has enabled individuals and communities to be more productive and capable of making rational use of the basic goods and services available in the market (Acemoglu, 2009). Moreover, it […]

Robotic Surgery

Most industrialized nations, like the United States, have only been defined as industrialized for a less than 200 years, yet look how far technology, engineering, and the world of science as a whole. We interact and depend upon technology today so much that we hardly even notice that it is there anymore. (Schwartz Cohen, 2012) […]

Management Consultancy

Management consultants provide the distressed business organisations with strategy implementation, technology implementation, change management, turnaround management and other related and relevant matters.Start the consultation – The first step is all about getting introduced with the client and building a relationship with him. The consultant must have a relationship of mutual trust and respect with the […]

Evaluation of an Advertising Agency Apple Company

The company has used different strategies for advertising, but the main one is the use of advertising campaigns. The company launches an advertising campaign that is meant to last for a certain period. The campaign then chooses the method that it will use depending on the areas that are being targeted. A campaign is usually […]

Brand Positioning Strategies for Competitive Advantage

Developed a high high-quality with cost-effective technology and thus aims to capture the market by adopting the super value strategy to offer superior quality products at relatively ly low price. Thus, the brand will be able to capture the growing market in the United States and also the emerging economies. Thus, it is expected that […]

The Use of Storytelling in Videogames

This is not possible in the traditional storytelling methods and even theatricals. Video games allow the player to make a choice on the direction that the story will take. The freedom to make a choice makes the player feel a part of the happenings in the story. The player has the ability to make decisions […]


The discipline of service thinking involves an understanding of various disciplines way of handling customer service issues with a blend of different interdisciplinary methods and tools. This involves tools and methods from the traditional service thinking, the current thinking and going beyond. Service thinking offers organization with new ways of thinking apart from depending solely […]

History and Development of the Athletic Running Shoes

It is evidently clear from the discussion that running is one of the most popular leisure sports activities. However proper fitting shoes can enhance performance and reduce injuries. The purpose of a shoe is to protect the foot but innovation and technology have led to rapid changes and evolvement in the running shoe industry. Thus […]

Evidence 2

Other than physicians, nurses, dieticians, and other health care personnel patients got medical or health information through television, magazines, and the internet, changing how health care is delivered (Jordan amp. Osborne, 2007. McMullan, 2006). But medical personnel were also able to use the internet, to find up-to-date information in their field to apply as needed. […]

Gobal Economics and Financial Systems

In recent times, international finance is characterized by issues that are both favourable and unfavourable which include international monetary policy, global economic governance, foreign direct investment, multinational corporations, capitalism, privatization, global capital markets and global financial crisis (Cornford, 1996. Charles, 2007. Argitis amp. Pitelis, 2008).Globalization and international finance are two inseparable concepts. The field of […]

Invitro Fertilization

Modern technologies have come up that help women conceive. These are known as the Assisted Reproductive Technology and involve the treatment of both the egg and the sperm (Lobo 57). Examples include the intracytoplasmic sperm injection, In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) which is the most used type among other methods and procedures.This paper will specifically look at […]

International Business Davos 2010 and Labor

Child labor is a case in point. It presents a problem in most developing countries and even in industrialized nations. According to Kawachi and Wamala (2007), while child labor is not specifically an effect of globalization, it is exacerbated by the commercial pressures of such a phenomenon. (Kawachi and Wamala, p. 144) As previously mentioned, […]

Stilsim Corporation

The value chain which displays the total value of the firm comprises of vale activities and potential, where the value activities are the cell blocks which aid the human resource functions to create employee motivation and learning whereas potential is the natural and inherent capability of an individual which may be developed through the use […]

Effect of the Technological Change on the Business Environment of Toyota in the EU

Along with other factors of the economic environment of a country, such as political, legal, natural, and social environments, the technological environment also possesses a significant role. From an economic perspective, basic components of the technological environment of an economy are its research amp. development trends, innovations, productions, and others. Notably, the technological environment is […]

Analysis of Facebook Strategy

In social network development, informational technologists innovate by variegation of applications to encourage more advocates to use its programs and soft wares based on its practical utility. Information technology experts reported that among the 500 top websites are Google, Facebook, Youtube, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Baidu, Blogger, Twitter, and QQ (Alexa, 2011). Amazon ranked 11th but this […]

Latest IT Systems MustHave for Every Modern Business

Businesses have evolved since in the way the staff and employees work in IT has given everyone an opportunity. It has provided every person with the ability to communicate and perform tasks which were impossible to do before the arrival of the 21st century. As such, modern information technology has been considered the result of […]

Management Investigation of Oil and Energy Companies

Oil and natural gas account for one of the major requirements in the daily lives of people. More than 60% of a nation’s energy is provided by natural gases and oil. Apart from providing fuel to cars and heating homes, they help to generate electricity and provide the necessary power required for daily activities of […]

Operations Management in Tesco Kennington Superstore

With regard to operations management, volume refers to the volume of productivity in relation to the number of resources such as labor that is needed for the production. High volume refers to a high ratio of production versus resources needed. Tesco Kennington Supermarket has a high volume of operations as it includes not only actual […]

Public relations

Effective PR is crucial in today’s culture, especially given the media saturation. Public opinion and image now account for a lot in the increasingly influential social media realm. PR is the art of making organizations look good. Professionals normally work in the background with research on public opinion, courting of journalists, and sending press releases […]

Using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Delivery of Parcels

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) were introduced in the early twentieth century and commonly used in the Second World War. The main difference from this drones to cruise missiles that are also remotely controlled is the fact that drones can be reused and can lift payloads that are lethal or not. Their importance is in the […]

BlackBerry company fail

Blackberry, the Ontario-based smartphone company, had opportunities to survive and adapt but it took the wrong direction. U.S President Barack Obama was quoted saying that one of the things he was addicted to was his BlackBerry. One of his reasons was that the phone had advanced security features (Herman, Hadlaw and Swiss, 2014). The company […]

Assessing Economic Performance

Assessing economic performance Task: Introduction This write up seeks to make an in-depth comparison of two nations based oncertain parameters. The parameters include gross domestic product (GDP), level of technological advancements, economic growth and government system. These parameters will enable this write-up to reveal key disparities between the two countries. The above parameters are paramount […]

Paradoxical Thinking

In this case, scientists are the best examples of people who practice paradox thinking in their daily life. Paradoxical thinking is based on suspicion and the internal feeling that the outcome of a certain thing, idea or experiment will turn out to be exactly as expected. Although the method might be the opposite of the […]

Fashion and Celebrities in time of Modernism

Task FASHION AND CELEBRITIES IN TIMES OF MODERNISM FASHION AND CELEBRITIES IN TIMES OF MODERNISM Introduction Modernism was a crucialart and fashion during the first two decades of 20th century. It encompasses overthrowing the old, conservative and traditional ways of expression. We can say modernism is the search of purity in expressing oneself in an […]

Blu ray and hd dvd format wars (business strategy case analysis)

Further on, a conclusion is drawn and suggestions are made regarding the steps Sony could have taken to ensure growth and success with the betamax.Sony introduced its first system – Betamax in 1975. This was extremely famous among consumers. Sony had demonstrated Beta – a videotape recording system, to be a single format for all. […]

Human Factors Pilot Ergonomics in Naval Aviation

With the launch of the First World War, the first fighting to utilize the recently created airplanes in combat, the need arose for ways to quickly train and select qualified pilots. This provoked the growth of aviation psychology, as well as the start of aeromedical research (Benchmark Research amp. Safety, 2010). Even though, advances were […]

Angie’s list company

Angie’s List Company Effectiveness of Strategy amp. Execution Angie’s List, Inc. is a renowned review collecting company based in Indianapolis. For the company to acquire the exemplary rank bestowed to it, it must have executed its strategies in an effective routine. Angie’s List Company commenced with few centers from which it carried out its activities. […]

Rigid pavement design

The movement of people and goods throughout the world is primarily dependent upon a transportation network consisting of roadways. The surface of these roadways is the pavement that must have sufficient smoothness to allow a reasonable speed of travel as well as ensuring the safety of people and cargo. Types of pavements can be categorized […]

Teeens in concentration camps

Cynthia Ozicks The Shawl portrays the cruelties of Nazi concentration camp. Stories and narratives about the concentration camps demonstrate the unending brutality and wretchedness that the Jewish young children and teenagers faced during the reign of Hitler.In the concentration camps teenagers were recruited for the Nazis and forced to undergo heavy military practices. These teen […]

Government Class

The Renewable Energy Divide In her story Renewable energy: Dems, GOP diverge published in USA Today on September 27, 2007, Martha Moore explains that the Republican and Democratic candidates for President have different ideas that split predominantly down party lines regarding the use of renewable energies. Both party’s candidates have voiced support for investing in […]

Onsets Model for an Attractive Opportunity

Two other factors also aided the venture. namely, a business strategy that focused upon setting up the enterprise for the next round of venture capital until the company matured and secondly a business based upon market wants over and above market needs.Taking these six pointers Onset endeavors to implement them into the seed model. The […]

Lesson plan

Lesson Plan Special Education Intervention Plan (Rosa) Objectives/ Learning Targets Lesson Summary (what is the lesson about Walking up and down the stepsI can statement here: ‘’I can walk up and down the steps’’. Primary learning target: Rosa will walk once a day up and down the steps for the first four weeks of second […]

Study abroad Cultural Differences of Students

Students who choose to study abroad have various expectations and goals in their mind regarding their student life as well as their career. Common reasons for which postgraduates prefer to study abroad include the quality of the education system, technology advancement, diverse culture in institutes and a stable political environment. A considerable lot of the […]

The Importance of Procurement in Supply Chain Management

Changing consumer preferences have also altered the procurement process of the organizations, thereby enhancing its importance in the supply chain management. As globalization has opened up new markets, companies have access to suppliers outside their domestic market. Moreover, as they have global sales, they also need global suppliers because it helps them to achieve economies […]

International Trade in a Global Village

rks and innovations in the transport industry have facilitated faster and efficient interaction between world citizens hence allowing a clean environment for international trade to take place. This paper is a critical evaluation on globalization and its impacts on the contemporary society.Globalization has transformed the world, virtually from a planet of 7 continents into a […]

Language learning assignment

Moreover, it is a reservoir of knowledge of various disciplines like communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment, and diplomacy and also on the Internet. Most of the developments in specialised fields in the developed countries require the usage of English. The advent of Internet and information technology has further emphasised the importance of English as an […]

What are the factors which affect the propensity of firms to innovate through collaboration with other firms and which affect the outcomes of such interaction

Various factors that are perceived to be beneficial to partnering firms cause them to come together and innovate together. Some of the factors that cause firms to collaborate in innovation include reducing the cost of development of the technology, reducing the potential risks that are involved in technological development or entering the market, to achieve […]


DEVELOPMENTThe company owns four business subsidiaries, Enterprise Solutions Group (ESG), End User computing (EUC), Dell Services and Dell Software. The EUC unit caters to the end users with laptops, notebooks, tablets and third party software applications along with other computer equipments and peripherals (Marketline, 2014).The rapid growth of technology over the past two decades has […]

Strategic Management CP

ing and implementation of IT in military organizations based on the overall strategic goals has different organizational competencies to those of civilian organizations (Bouwman, 2005). The paper undertakes to demonstrate clearly the difference of planning for and implementation of information technology in civilian and military organizations. Additionally, it performs an evaluation based on the varied […]

Special Emphasis Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy

Norms of human behavior have been generalized on the basis of religion, economy, familial and cultural affiliations and what human intelligence and learning have generally accepted as being appropriate and correct. Any aberration in human behavior that goes against these set patterns is considered as abnormal behavior.In most parts of the world and in the […]

North Street Primary School Upgrade Proposal

North Street Junior School is facing the similar problem thus it needs few amendments to cure the problems related to the greenhouse emission and the energy consumption.The school utilizes the artificial lights to enlighten the inner building and utilize maintain the temperature by utilizing the electricity. All the classrooms have radiators that help maintain the […]

Pension assistant

Additional Information for the Pensions Assistant Application: PART D Task: Additional Information for the Pensions Assistant Application According to the person specifications outlined by the board, I provide this information because my personal self-assessment reveals that I have massive experience to meet position requirements. The educational level that I have attained meets the criteria set […]

Employee Training and Development Reasons and Benefits

This change calls for effective and competent employees who can innovative and sustain those innovations through their abilities and respond to the changing environment in a favorable manner. As such, training and development form the cornerstone of success for both the employee’s and the organization’s career. Training in simple words is a tool which aims […]

Vodafone industry

This paper is an analysis of Vodafone products and services from the past and a comparison with the products and services it offers in the present scenario.Vodafone is a UK based company which started its operations in 1983. It was the start of telecommunication technologies. In the year 1985 Vodafone launched the first National Network […]

Communicating in a Virtual World

The author of the paper tells that communication technology has affected the ways in which individuals deal with experiences of abuse. Battered women have access to a new medium where they can gain support and protection from their violent and unfortunate circumstances. Survivors of domestic abuse are now online and they are assisting other women […]

Key Approaches of the Negotiation Process

The potential process for carrying out the negotiation activity to generate a win-win situation for the two parties would also be reflected while the different drawbacks relating to the meeting of the negotiation process and ways of countering such would also be rightly dealt with in the paper. A key approach pertaining to the negotiation […]

Is Technology Taking Man Back to the Primitive Period

Among the issues that have risen with the developments in technology are the ethical and moral issues in some methods that are in place. Others include the environmental concerns caused by the emissions made from the industries and radioactive isotopes. One of the hot debates that have risen is the controlling of the content that […]

Anthropology in the World Today

Anthropology in the world today. INSTITUTE ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE WORLD TODAY With the advancement of time, human mind has matured and many major aspects of human life that were left untouched have been researched upon and understood. Man has evolved from Stone Age to a period of progress and development. This has led to the […]

The $100 Laptop Initiative

The main core of the project is focused on the poor countries where technology has not yet been developed and people do not have the resources to afford advanced technological aides (Gadgetopia, 2005).Although the project is named as the Hundred Dollar Laptop, it is available for both government and private organizations for educational development use […]

This is an individual assignment You are to research an actual example of IT leveraging business advantage at an operational level

The presence of fierce competition and cost restraints in the present world economic scenario make a proactive approach to envision the future results beforehand and implement appropriate measures to achieve desired results and targets is absolutely necessary. In this report the role played by the IBM Corporation in developing such strategies to enhance multifarious businesses […]

Reduce External Costs Improve Products and People’s Lives

Teacher Product: Gas stove The product that I intend to buy where my proposed changes can lower its external cost and minimized itsecological footprint is an electric stove. Ecological footprint is the waste left by the product with its use. Huge energy consumption meant larger ecological footprint. Electric stoves may be relatively cheap but its […]

Acer case about real strategic decisions

1. What accounts for Acer’s outstanding startup? What caused this company surpass numerous other Taiwanese PC companies? Acer surpassed numerous other Taiwanese PC companies due to its frugality, culture in their organization and definite market focus. The company’s CEO and their leaders strictly implemented their principles and upheld its mission to promote the application of […]

Analysis of online community

But it is vital that all of us ask this from ourselves. Is this all really for the ‘good’? Should we keep allowing eradication of family and moral values in the name of technology? It is time we start considering the real issues that we face from technology. In this paper we will discuss Facebook […]

The Commodities Under Advertisement And Print Media

The Commodities Under Advertisement And Print MediaBoth of the commodities under advertisement are marketed using print media where one diagram is that of a magazine cover that shows a model while the other is a page from a magazine that advertises perfume. One of the advertisements is more critical than a second photograph and thus […]

Positive and Negative Consequences of Deforestation

We live on a beautiful planet where natural beauty refreshes our eyes. Forests add to the natural beauty of the world. Forests help in minimizing global warming because of their ability to store carbon. They help in controlling floods, purifying water, cycling nutrients and thus providing food for the millions of people living on this […]

Managing Contemporary Organisations

It is low a cost budget hotel chain with rooms starting at £ 15 and has special rates for block bookings and corporate bookings (Travelodge website).It has a practice of overbooking its capacity and very frequently resorts to shifting its clients to nearby hotels when overwhelmed with arrivals. This keeps occupancy rates at a very […]

The Internet and its impact on Market Structure

The Internet and its impact on Market Structure – Managerial Economics Internet and new technologies simultaneously affect all aspects of businesses today especially the demand and cost structures. This inevitably and continuously has led to a radical transformation of existing market structures. For many industries the Internet offers new and diverse opportunities for value creation, […]


Impacts of Internet Job Search FIU BSN CURRICULUM DESIGN The FIU BSN curriculum is meant to enable the graduates to be competent in the systems of health care that are getting complex by each day. Through its specific objectives, the curriculum aims at giving graduates a number of abilities. The first one is to work […]

Online Recruitment Methodologies

Modifications in internet technology such as falling cost and increasing accessibility in broadband are drastically altering the recruitment process and allowing recruiters to reach a large number of quality applicants in diverse locations in a very cost-effective manner. The boundaries that used to exist between print media owners, job boards, recruitment advertising agencies, recruitment consultancies […]

Multimedia Learning Resources for the Net Generation

accordingly, they build up social networks to acquire needed know-how from peers and other contacts. Instant messaging, text messaging, and easy access to the information highway have grown to be the norm for social networking. Wireless communication for this generation is not so much technology as a staple of their young lives (Oblinger amp. Oblinger, […]

Task Management Need for the Deployment of IT Based Solutions

It may be rightly feared by the management of this Company that a large part of clients, presently engaging Aquarius Marketing, may seek recourse to other competitive marketing consultancy firms in order to achieve both cost and quality benefits. Thus, in order to preserve their market share and remain viably competitive in the business, it […]

New Product

This paper proposes to launch a new car, Eco-Zen, which will be running on water-fuelled technology.It has been observed that segmentation of market and targeting potential consumers are essential prior to the launch of a new product. It helps in making marketing mix for a particular product (Wedel, Kamakura and Böckenholt, Marketing data, models and […]

Organizational strategy

Organizational strategy Strategic information technology outlines a company’s mission objectives and goals. On the other hand, it implies that information technology changes how a company competes in the industry.Competent organizational strategy facilitates a company to create an organization efficient of delivering its oversight. Charlesmore Partners International (2008) asserts that it needs a combination of analyzing […]

The History of Technology of the Colt Revolver

Amongst the two distinguished firearms that helped in conquering the west are the 1873 model Winchister rifle and colt single action army model revolver. The Colt revolver revolutionized the entire firearms industry and how was war going to be fought on frontier from that time. The following pages illustrates the history of the revolver, the […]

Crime Scene Investigators in Law Enforcement

Crime Scene Investigator The scene where the crime occurred is an imperative aspect in the entire process of investigation. The site contains the core evidence which enables law enforces piece together the evidence amassed from other locations. The evidence gathered from the scene may at times require processing. These investigators undertake various tasks which include […]

Variable Definition and Measurement

Key variables in the Research Proposal the Impact of Group Support on Stress at the Workplace By Introduction In research reliability of data is important. The validity of the data is vital too. Usually, quantifiable measures and experimental techniques are used in research (Hoepfl, 1997). The different instruments used in the research have to be […]

Investigate a given organisation to analyse its current position evaluate the strategic options available and recommend the strategic route

Besides the technology advancement, competition is rapidly increasing in almost every industry, and this could send some businesses into oblivion. In line with that, this paper seeks to analyse the current position, evaluate the strategic options and recommend the most appropriate strategic route for the Dyson Company.Founded in 1993 by James Dyson, Dyson Company is […]

Research Guide

Research Guide RESEARCH GUIDE Professional Journal in Civil Engineering The American Journal of Civil and Structural Engineering is an inter-disciplinary, peer-reviewed, and open-access journal that mainly focuses on applications, methods, and theories in structural and civil engineering. Some of the topics of interest that the journal covers include building and construction technology, application of structural […]

The Experience of Preparing for a Placement and Related Studies

Self-Reflection During the whole the module, what truly surprised me was how interesting the experience of preparing for a placement and related studies actually is. I came to know about different aspects of placement, such as, I came to know about SMART action plans and recruitment process. I came to know what competitiveness actually means […]

International &amp

Strategic Marketing (Degree Level)ort suggests the formation of a joint venture as the preferred mode of entry into the Indian market however. the ratio of failure of joint ventures is relatively high and the firms to fail very quickly. There is also an element of creating a cultural cohesion and managing the diversity which Indian […]

Corporate startegy

Cookson group plc notable has enhanced its strategic position which put the company forward as a competitive in the industry. The company business model and strategies takes into account the changing corporate environment and the systematic realization of the underlying positioning. The company has achieved this through devise of a desired position in the future […]

707 Discussion 1

707 Discussion January 02, 707 Discussion Terms and their relation to professional practice Definition of Terms Data refers to facts that are collected with an aim of conducting analysis or using it for referencing. Information, however, defines facts that are offered about a subject or facts that an individual acquires about a subject, while knowledge […]

Sustainability Framework on Apple and Samsung

The modern environment has been polluted by large manufacturing companies which fail to observe pollution regulation policies. In an argument, by Hart (1997) the environment pollution experienced is majorly caused by manufacturing companies. The level of organizational pollution is set to rise with globalization increasing market opportunities for production companies. However, consumers have a significant […]

Ethic application &amp

research / GRANT proposal about barrier with experience pharmaciest in ACT, AUSTRALIAThese problems are not clearly defined and expressed by pharmacists, but they are slowly gaining the attention of the health care professionals. This proposal seeks to establish whether or not pharmacists are being held back from their ability to fully utilize their competencies. It […]

Is it right to charge adolescents

Introduction Adolescent stage is the transition stage between childhood and adulthood (Salkind 128). It is an essential stage in human growth as it leads to self discovery. The scientific understanding of this phase of life is that the stage creates a lot of physical transformation due to the replication of cells in the body. Adolescent […]

Population and migration

Population and Migration The world’s mega cities are emerging from the huge mega-regions, which have become home to the growing population (Snarr amp. Snarr 8). The phenomena also referred to as the endless city, has inhabited an immense number of population of more than a hundred million. Mega-regions are not a passing occurrence, and enhance […]

Growth Innovations

Comment Affordability of products is a natural consequence of innovation, sophistication of technology and efficiency. Being in a market driven economy, enterprise are always on the look-out on how to make products better, cheaper and useful. This makes them competitive in the market and thus, relevant and profitable. They have no choice but to maintain […]

Unit 4 Case Project Qeustions

Project Your company has been hired by Hogan Enterprises to expand the capabilities of their network, and you have been given the project. They have decided to first implement a new TCP/IP addressing scheme using VLSM. They have also expressed interest in wireless technology, as well as an overall concern for security of their network. […]

ENG 315 Presentation Critique

Presentation Critique: Meals on Wheels – Meal Delivery for Seniors Presentation Critique: Meals on Wheels – Meal Delivery for SeniorsENG 315 Presentation CritiquePresenter:Evaluator:Date:Rating Key1) Unacceptable. 2) Meets Minimum Expectations. 3) Fair. 4) Proficient. 5) ExemplaryPresentation CriterionEvaluator Comments Give specific comments and make specific recommendations. Rating Scale (1-5)Delivery Did the speaker use vocal variety (avoid a […]

Introduction of television to Australia in 1956

Between 1953 and 1954, the royal commission was put in place to handle different issues such as. to give an adequate report on the total number of the commercial television stations that could be established and operated effectively in the whole nation. It was also suppose to give a clear outline on the standards required […]

Commercial Analysis and Planning

When aircrafts were invented, continuous monitoring and hands-on by pilots was mandatory if the flight had to be flown successively (Bruseberg, amp. Johnson, 4). However, with the advancement it aircraft technology, planes that could facilitate long hours of flight were made. As a result, pilots suffered from fatigue and therefore a mechanism had to be […]

From an environmental perspective discuss the relationship between Logistics Operations and the Environment in International Manufacturing Organisations

The third bottom line is the planet account which is the measure of how responsible the company has been to the environment. Therefore, the triple bottom line consists of profit, planet and people. This is used to measure the financial, social and environmental accomplishments of the company over a specified period. A company that does […]

Critical Appraisal

This essay is an appraisal of the product design process that explains and evaluates the different aspects of packaging product designs.Packaging design is a business function in an enterprise that can be utilized to accomplish different strategic purposes for a company depending on the needs of the firm. Among the different attributes a designer can […]

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

In 1984, the ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) specification was approved and it was the main motivation behind DSL technology (Six, Online). ISDN was later reused as IDSL (ISDN Digital Subscriber Line). In 1988, ADSL was developed and its patent signed. ADSL (Asymmetric DSL) was of major significance as it allowed users to download data […]

Internationalisation Benefits NoOne Other than a Few Rich Shareholders

Internationalization is the modern incorporation of the concept of free trade. It is the process whereby trade in goods and services (also involving free capital flow and transfer of technology) is carried on between countries so that there is an ultimate creation of interdependence between the nations of the world. The main aims of Internationalisation […]

Cultural Inequality If I Were a Poor Black Kid by Gene Marks

Article Review of If I Were a Poor Black Kid by Gene MarksRecently, President Barrack Obama gave a very good speech regarding inequality in America while he was in Kansas. The president recognized that this is the matter at hand during this tenure, adding that this is the only time that the middle class and […]

The Increasing Changes and Complexities within Organizations

Systems Thinking is an analytical approach that is founded on the principle that an entire system can be better understood by looking on the inside rather than on the outside. The rationale behind this theory is that we gain a more appreciable understanding of the system as a whole by identifying with the links that […]

Atmosphere of Mystery and Suspense

Focusing on films that we have covered this semester, namely, The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock, The Birth of Nation by David Wark Griffings, The Night of the Hunter by Charles Laughton, Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Robert Wiene, Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, Grand Illusion by Jean Renoir, Ossessione […]

How to use a Rubber in Mobile Phones

This paper focuses on mobile technology. Some of the factors to consider when choosing materials for developing a mobile device will include, weight, girth, flexibility of the material and its fitness for the intended purpose. The mobile device market has over the past years evolved to unimaginable extents. There has been the development of space […]

Multimedia &amp

design51250 As programs have integrated with computers, they also need to integrate with human beings (Norman, 2004). Programs need to have a user-friendly graphical interface in order to enhance convenience in their application. If the interface is not user friendly this affects the emotions of the human user negatively, whereby the user finds it frustrating […]

Management Project

Hiring Function Recruitment and SelectedThe process that has been used in this particular research paper would be incorporated into the research study so as to identify the deficiencies of GOME electric company and ways to eliminate them from the system.The research topic that has been selected is an analysis on the hiring, recruitment and selection […]

Telecommunication Regulatory Authority

The paper sought to analyse how the Telecommunication Regulatory ity (TRA) in the United Arab Emirates can utilise the strategy of benchmarking to compare its business practices against the expected best practices. According to TRA (2015), the organization is the sole authority responsible for the management of every aspect of the telecommunications and information technology […]


Quality Management and Accountability al Affiliation: The Quality Improvement Model (The Care Model) The interview with Professor Lawton R. Burns was particularly insightful into the different and underlying aspects of the quality improvement model employed and taught in the Wharton Center of Health Management and Economics. The Wharton Center of Health Management and Economics employs […]

Information Technology and Explosive Change

How has IT changed the way companies do business? List at least 2 ways Introduction Today, one may not be challenged for arguing that business is technology and information technology is business. This is because of the immense contribution that information technology plays in the running of businesses and how integral information technology has become […]

Innovation and Leadership

This paper illustrates that as contemporary experts in leadership and academic researchers highlight congruent aspects of the new era and draw attention on potential disruptive points and discontinuities, leadership emphasizes that only innovative, anticipatory, courageous and flexible individuals and organizations are capable to cope with the present uncertain and unpredictable business arena. Development studies confirm […]

Analysis of Cross Cultural Management of Ericsson Company

The different countries have different beliefs, traditions, and religions giving rise to a wide array of the cultures. The management of the companies has grown keeping in view with the culture of the different countries giving rise to the cross-cultural management. It has become a prime concept in the context of the modern business environment […]

Web System Development by the AMAL

E-business is a contemporary technology for companies, mainly for small firms. On the other hand, this technology, similar to any other software or tool, is simply a technology that depends upon companies how they get advantages by implementing this technology. The e-business facilitates companies to catch the attention of new customers, offer enhanced services to […]

New Technology Trends in Hospitality Industry

They always want something different. These fast-changing guest-standards are gradually becoming difficult for hotels to reach unless they cope with the changes (Magnini, Honeycutt amp. Hodge, 2003). David (2009) outlined that technology developments are adopted at a relentless pace. Consequently, it is getting difficult for leisure providers, hotels and hospitality industry service providers to keep […]

Powerpoint is Evil

Technology in Learning After reading the article and listening to the NPR program, it is clear that the use of technology and specifically PowerPoint in this case, is completely misunderstood by some. In his article, Edward Tufte argues that PowerPoint is destructive since it mainly focuses on stylish presentation as opposed to the quality of […]

Corporate tax

CORPORATE TAX ISSUES There are different forms of business enterprises that carry out business activities. However, these different forms of business enterprises are determined by various factors that are of interests of the business stakeholders (Herbst, 1987). Therefore, when starting a business enterprise, its structure should always be resolved in respect to all rights of […]

Operational Arts Napoleon versus Stonewall Jackson

Napoleon and Fredrick II had introduced a new concept of ‘warrior-king’ who can apply diplomatically as well as military power for his own aims …and thus could more directly tailor military actions to strategic aims–and more thoroughly conclude peace following decisive military events.The warfare was in evolution even in the age of Napoleon. He had […]

Macro Environment

o detect impact it will basically involve the use of transistors or other semiconductor components that involves the use of Silicon as the basic material for building the device. The technology also involves the use of mobile and other communication technology such as GPS. The mobile technology will be used to automatically dial 911 in […]

Modernism and Modernization between Japan and Korea

East Asian Japan Civilization Fall 2010IntroductionModernism and modernization involves an in-depth analysis on various aspects of three countries with a lucid presentation on song china, Josean Korea and Meiji Japan. At the outset this treatise has dwelt on certain parameters that embrace the country of Korea especially Josean Korea in a few words. An attempt […]

Attaining Educational And Career Goals

Attaining Educational And Career Goals The main purpose due to which I have decided to pursue college is to develop the knowledge, skills as well as the abilities that will help me in attaining and advancing my career aims. In terms of education I have the aim of becoming a high achiever. I have planned […]

Implementation of the Carlson SAN Approach

The figure illustrates that with the SAN approach storage devices are connected which makes them the protection of data more efficiently than before. SAN is a devoted network that transmits I/O traffic to the server and the storage devices and hence is termed as network behind the servers. Moreover, the applicability of SAN would enable […]

Health Safety &amp

Aviation Lawl consignment placed on airplane is not practicable, quite a few routine and technology initiatives have been planned to improve air cargo safety and prevent terrorist and illegal threats. These initiatives comprise: develop the ‘identified shipper’ agenda. enhance cargo inspections. raise the physical safety of air cargo services. increase oversight of air cargo operations. […]

The production possibilities frontier represents all combinations of two goods that would be technologically efficient

Figure presents the initial situation from the text. Figure The initial situation A technological advancement of the pumpkin industry leads to the resources employed in production of pumpkins to be more productive. As a result, the change in the production possibility frontier is as shown in the diagram below (figure 2).Figure 2: The effect of […]

Based on the readings what do you see as the biggest obstacles to development of poorer nations What can be done about it

development in these countries can be divided into four categories: Natural Resources, Human Capital, Poor Infrastructure, and institutional factors.2 However, the difference between the developing and the developed world lies in the human, physical and the socioeconomic environments of the nations in question. This paper has used different theories of development to explain the obstacle […]

All in a Days Work

All in a Day’s WorkVarious people related issues have been brought out in the case study. The first issue is that of inability to retain workers. The second issue was that of low salaries pay and the third one was that of workers being unable to use the technology required to do their jobs. While […]

Auto Supply Chain in England

Auto Supply Chain in England Introduction Current automobile policies that promote manufacturing of carbon emission-free vehicles in the UK have greatly affected the industry’s supply chain network. The supply chain network faces vast challenges resulting from poor transport logistics, weak suppliers that lack innovativeness, and the introduction of new automobile regulations. It is imperative that […]

Window and linux updates/patches Wk 6

Windows or Linux Up s/Patches Week 6 Windows or Linux Up s/Patches Week 6 Most of us are aware that our copies of Windows or Linux need to be periodically updated with the latest patches. How often do you do YOUR updates? One is made aware that there are options provided by Microsoft, for instance, […]

Computer Based Training (CBT)

Computer Based Training Affiliation Computer Based Training It is true that there is no one training method that will fit any particular employee. Nevertheless, the improvement and advancement in technology has made it easier for companies to choose computer based training over other training methods. It is expected that, in this current times, every employee […]

The Ugly American Duality and Identity

Because of the aftermath of World War II and the development of a xenophobic nature to the American identity, the ability for Americans to relate to foreign cultures is often stunted and without the flexibility required to successfully engage foreign states. William Lederer and Eugene Burdick wrote a book titled The Ugly American in which […]

General Electric

Since then the company has had innovations with the electric fan in 1902, electric toaster in 1905, the high frequency alternator n 1906 which makes broadcasting possible, heating and cooking device in 1907. These have been followed by numerous innovations. Since then there has been a number of inventions and innovations which has given the […]

Environmental Factors Influencing SpaceX

The company has expertise in designing, manufacturing and subsequently launching highly developed and technologically advanced rockets and spacecraft. Ever since its establishment the company has maintained its mission of revolutionizing the transportation of space which will eventually facilitate people to survive on other planets as well. In recent times the company is bringing a competitive […]

Keeping NewAge Ferrets As Pets

Some ferrets like the black-footed ferret have been designated as being endangered by the IUCN. A study of the evolutionary history tells us that ferrets are very much different from conventional cats and dogs and even though it may look like ferrets have adapted to being domesticated, it is indeed not so. It needs to […]

Workforce Shifts In Types Of Jobs

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (5 trends changing the nature of work, 2013), there are such main trends that impact the nature of work as the globalization, technology, outsourcing, workers’ changing expectations, attitudes and values and diversity. All these trends are interconnected with each other and modern businesses use them fully to […]

Effective Business Planning

The organization has engaged effective organizational strategies by differentiating, developing effective marketing plans and penetrating the market through effective management of both people and resources.Mattel is a global toy manufacturing company that has numerous branches across the world. The company initially started with the goal of becoming a global leader in the toy manufacturing industry […]

Global Sustainability And Key Needs In Future Of Automobile Industry

The financial concerns do impact the sustainability of the future of the automobile industry, but another factor that has more impact is the increasing environmental concerns surrounding the industry. The global growth in vehicle use has significantly increased fuel demand, materials and air emissions (Mcauley, 2003). According to the statics provided by Euromonitor International (2007), […]

Speech recognition Software

Facilities such as financial institutions in particular have strict rules on personnel clearance. The vaults and financial files and data are only accessible by authorized people. They have, therefore, set up measures to ensure that this security protocol is observed which include the use of security keys and feeding in passwords before accessing certain areas.The […]

Trends and Marketing

The fast growing technological era is making it more and more difficult for old companies to stay afloat in the global market. Trends and marketing ideas tend to change for the better in these organizations so as to allow for their existence. Organizations should create room to grow with their customers, and evolve to prevent […]

Poverty and Underdevelopment in Modern Times

From this paper it is clear that this serves as grounds for the presence of the sick, the poor and the illiterate. These three are not only indicators of poverty, but are also indicators of underdevelopment. A country is said to be underdeveloped if it has a high rate of illiteracy. While First World countries […]

Global trends affecting the retail pharmacy industry in the next 57 years

Two of the global trends facing the retail pharmacy industry are more face to face consultations about medicine and general healthcare and the growing websites of each retail pharmacy. Doctors, especially with Medicare D, are leaving more prescription to be explained by pharmacists. Not only prescriptions are being explained, but general healthcare issues. The higher […]

Bradbury has said that this book farenheit 451 is about TV replacing books in society not about censorship Analyze the relationship Bradbury describes between technology and his dystopian society What statement is the author making for today’s soci

Bradbury’s book revolves around life in the 24th century when people lived in a dystopian society when times were horrible and repressive. It is meant to be the opposite of utopia which is a world that is good, perfect in fact. Dystopian, on the other hand, is a moribund, death-bound society that is incapable of […]

Technology Evaluation Same time Same place

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Assessing the Cultural Practice For the technology selected, answer the questions below: Does the technology:Allow for collaboration between individuals in the organization?YesNoDo not knowAllow for collaboration between teams in the organization? YesNoDo not knowAllow for collaboration between individuals / teams in the organization, and its partners, suppliers and customers? YesNoDo not […]


Human Clouding is a concept that has emerged because of such kind of advances in information technology. Human Clouding refers to a situation whereby employees of an organization do not have a distinct working place. They only rely on the internet and tools of information technology to receive and send large volumes of data. This […]

Life on the Digital Frontier

Students use even Google during lectures if they listen from the teacher something unknown. It really is an information age where we are free to learn without borders, thank to open courseware regime and free resources like Wikipedia, Khan Academy, etc. Prof. Sherry Turkle, Director, MIT Initiative on Technology and Self, says that MIT hosts […]

MBA of purpose for admission needs to be polished

Wharton MBA Affiliation: Wharton provides the best entrepreneurial education and research programs which are in line with my future profession and dreams. I have had different working experiences but none has come even close to providing the theoretical material I require to start my own business and run it successfully. I aim to utilize the […]

Information Systems ICT

Meta-data semantic languages, Meta Modelling REA and UMM/UML, XBRLbeneficial to the users as well as XBRL to possibly use another Meta Model like REA? I will go onto doing an in depth analysis of the two meta models, comparing and contrasting the two models in question and discussing why modelling is important for meta-data semantic […]

HR needs of Natural Knibbles

Aside from Furthermore, the same technology can be used to enable Cherrie to manage employee benefit packages that are effective in terms of motivating its existing employees to support the challenges the company is about to encounter.Among the HR issues and challenges that Natural Knibbles need to address includes: (1) the need to implement human […]

Accomplished Practices Brochure

Application of Technology in Educator Accomplished Practices. Every development achieved in technology is generally meant to make the activities of people easier to perform while at same time achieving better results. In line with this, all spheres of living now involve the application of different forms of technology. Among the said spheres, education is definitely […]


Assignment: Leadership Motivational theory Generally, motivation can be termed as a theoretical construct that is mostly used in explaining behavior. Thus, it symbolizes the motives for an individual(s)’s needs, desires and actions. It can also be described as the force behind an individual’s desire to repeat a definite behavior. Therefore, a motive can be defined […]

Role of Information Technology in Current Business Environment

Furthermore, the information technologies include a wide range of communication media as well as devices that further help an organization to link information system and people through voice mail, e-mail, the internet and video conferencing phones among others. It is in this context that the combined form of information system and information technologies is widely […]

How far do you think railway travel influenced notions of identity and community in colonial India Give specific examples

This is because the railway lines were relevant in the formation of imagined communities especially after the division of India into present day India and Pakistan.The train changed the social relations from that she refers to as concrete lived relations to abstract generalities while it also became a sign of collective identity. Travel through the […]

Marriage families and relationships

making choices in a diverse societyMarriage, Families, and Relationships Marriage, Families, and Relationships Question People should strive to live together before marriage. The longest time in which a couple can stay together before marriage is four years. This period is long enough to ensure that they are creating the right avenue of decision making (Lamanna […]

Colour theory

Colour Theory Colour theory Colour theory in the visual arts is a practical guidance to mixing of colours and the visual crush or impacts of combination of specific colours. There are categories of colours which are primary colours, secondary colours and tertiary colours. Therefore. colour is a matter of light. There can be no colour […]

Google wallet

Running Heading: Google Wallet Google Wallet Technology Google has introduced a mobile payment system named as Google Wallet which enables its users to store credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards plus redeeming sales promotion on their cellular phone. Google Wallet is, basically, software that has been developed for Google Android smart phones and the […]

Critic on Child Abuse Advert

Today studies show that one among four girls and one among eight boys are abused before the ages of 18 and that approximately one in twenty kids are physically abused each year. It is also not very easy to recognize when a child has been abused, most abused children are often shy to complain because […]

Cultural Diversity in the International Business Environment

In order to function better with diverse colleagues, there is a crucial need for multicultural employees to be aware of the cultures that they are working with as well as have an appreciation for their values and beliefs, attitudes toward conflict, and personal experiences (Soderberg and Holden 2002). The increased reliance of international companies on […]

Treatment Based Courts Significantly Reduce Criminal Recidivism Rates

Even with these courts gaining significant momentum and popularity within the justice system of the US, their ability to decrease repeat offenders has not been sufficiently studied. Although various assessments for these drug courts have established that participants are less likely to re-offend as compared to non-participants, methodological weaknesses have been noted in these assessments/studies […]

The Role of the Environment on Human Behaviour

But in the modern household environment in which a child grows up, television sets and computers attract their attention easily. This is not a bad environment to grow up in entirely, for The advent of digital media and the proliferation of technologies that support their delivery, such as the internet, mean that children now have […]

The effect of acupuncture at the cellular level

The focus in this paper is on the topic of acupuncture and its effects that has been much studied but so far there has been little consensus on how it achieves its evident analgesic effect. Some previous work has approached the question from the angle of brain activity and through the use of fMRI scanning […]

Criminal and Deviant Behaviour in Relation to Sex Crime

A person may think they cannot break the cycle of sexually deviant behavior as society has determined it their lot in life so they conform to this perception. Still, others blame crime in general on the hierarchal make-up of society. that law is specifically made by the aristocracy to rule over those in the lower […]

Relationship and Traditional Marketing

Identifying the various qualities and characteristics of relationship and traditional marketing among businesses can then provide a stronger understanding of what the effective means are for marketing. Two case studies which represent this are Starbucks in relationship marketing and McDonald’s with the transaction or traditional marketing.The first way in which business is affected with marketing […]

Transcultural Education in Dental Schools

These days, the schools and colleges represent multicultural nations under one roof. As they came from diverse nations, countries or religions, their languages, classes, and backgrounds are also different. However, it is the educator’s duty to implement such educational programs that can face the challenges of emerging societies and the developing world. Moreover, it is […]

Brown v Board of Ed

The Cases of Brown et al Versus Board of Education The Cases of Brown versus the Board of Education Americans have been struggling to overcome racial discrimination and promote equality for a long time. The anti-discrimination efforts started a long time back. Racism has existed in this nation since the 1890’s. The minority groups namely […]

Drug Usage

Drug Usage of the of the Drug Usage Industry and drug usage Drug usage has been a serious concern amongst people belonging to different fields of life especially for working professionals. Drug usage significantly affects their health and affects the quality of work they put in at work. They fail to concentrate on their work […]

Dementia the Result of the Disorders of Brain

Many patients of dementia experience changes in personality and such behavioral issues as delusions, hallucinations, and agitation. Memory loss is an important indicator of dementia, though a person suffering from loss of memory may not necessarily have dementia. Dementia is one of the most common diseases among old people all over the world, though a […]

Remembered person in yr life

February 16, Eng 101 Index 3017 McKenzey Sanat Timilsina Draft Most people would have a hero figure in their life as someone who would inspire them or help them to understand about life and its highs and lows. I too have an inspiring person in my life, my older brother Raj with whom I have […]

On Forgetting Mechanism

Additionally, it is hypothesis of the paper that several forgetting mechanisms help humans in forgetting memories of traumatic events, and repression is not the only one psychologically, whereas, inhibitory controls play a crucial role in producing such defense mechanisms neurologically. Moreover, it is an understanding that Freud’s psychoanalytic theory will be very helpful in identifying […]

Impact of Witnessing Domestic Violence on Adolescent Academic Performance

The findings showed Adolescents, who see parent’s violence on each other, do not show one specific behavior or way of reacting towards anything in their life, they react unusually in certain conditions, and their behavior contains aggression, cruelty towards children and animals, bad temper, responsiveness or acting childishly, criminal behavior and attention shortage disorder and […]

Balancing Borders and Bridges Negotiating the WorkHome Interface via Boundary Work Tactics

The authors discuss the problem statement by first establishing the limitation of other studies in covering the study area. For instance, they state that the previous work home research at the individual level examined steady and /or hard to –alter variable like demographics and that an apparent limitation of most approaches that studied conflict failed […]

The Women’s Participation in the Olympic Games

According to Krikos (2004), there are many gender and cultural aspects that surround the participation of women apart from just exercise and physical fitness. She outlines that there are a variety of issues involved that have historically prevented women from effectively taking part in sports. Some of the factors outlined by Krikos are feminist, feminist […]

Critical appraisal

The two groups underwent constant evaluation over the subsequent 12 months and results documented. The study showed that the endurance shuttle walk (ESWT) depicted a significant increase from about 190 to 920s. Additionally, the score marked on the St George Respiratory Questionnaire (SGRQ) declined moderately to about 2.5 points. The researchers conclusively asserted that there […]

Critical Review and Appraisal of Published Research Study

The studies have more often than not suggested various changes as per their findings in social practice. Hence, their ability to affect the manner in which social care and work are undertaken for clients is huge. However, it is vital to note that the findings of one study do not depict the numerous contemplations that […]

Influences of Birth Order Intelligence and Academic Achievement the Personality Characteristics

There has been some disagreement about the relationship between birth order and academic achievement, in general research has concluded that later birth position is associated with lower educational achievement. The development of the research on birth order can be followed through the works of several researchers. Hatzitheologou (1997) started the discussion with the early work […]

Problems In The US Adoption And Foster Care System

More children are getting enrolled in the foster care system that is going out. This seems a comparatively small number of children each year. however every year after year these numbers get added up. The number of cases handled in the foster care during the period of1980s and early- to mid-1990s agrees with growing public […]

The Skys the Limit poster by Allen Courtney

This paper studies and analysis one such poster in an attempt to gain insights into the cultural-historical themes of the historical era of the poster. The poster analyzed in this paper is The Sky’s the Limit poster, authored by Allen Courtney in 1944, during the World War II. In the examination of this poster, utmost […]

British American Tobacco Risk Management

To invest in the tobacco industry is to invest in people’s death. This claim is rather controversial, but, fortunately, in accordance with recent researches and studies, there is an evident growth of stakeholders’ interest in this type of investment (Weissmann, 1998. Woo, 2002. Zegart, 1996. Jones, 1997). Since 1999 this company has failed only several […]

Benefits of Mobilisation Programs for Postoperative

The search terms were first used in Google Scholar. Studies which matched the search parameters were then downloaded for future scrutiny. A more specific search for reputable databases like Cochrane, Medline, BMJ, ANA, PubMed, and similar databases was also conducted. Studies matching the search parameters were also downloaded for future evaluation. Researches included for further […]

Gastrointestinal Disorders

Functional gastrointestinal diseases are associated with a plethora of symptoms which present biochemical and structural abnormality which is unidentifiable (Chang, Locke, McNally, Halder, Schleck, Zinsmeister, amp. Talley, 2010). Ageing itself is associated with numerous functional changes in the gastrointestinal tracts. such changes involve motility, intraluminal digestion, secretion and absorbtion (Grassi, Petraccia, Mennuni, Fontanna, Scarno, Sabetta, […]

Is Taking a Year Off Before College Important

The author of the paper states that supporters of taking a year off before college state that the time off allows for planning and embracing of the studies that one chooses to pursue. Naysayers on the other hand state that taking time off is wasting precious time that should instead be spent studying and that […]

The Discussion and Analysis on 1 Enoch

The research paper shall dwell more on how basic findings and results put forth by the author of the book fits into our modern-day setting of apocalyptic studies across various theological institutions around the world. This final point is indeed an important component of the paper because it is only when there can be a […]

Domestic Violence and the Effects It Has on Children

In nearly all the cultures domestic violence occurs and people of all the religions, sexes, classes and ethnicities are considered to be the perpetrators of domestic violence. There are different forms of domestic violence which actually includes physical violence, sexual abuse, economic deprivation and threats of violence. However, in most of the cultures, domestic violence […]

Young People and Politics

With respect to the second one, the electoral numbers of young people is indicative of a comprehensive dissatisfaction that is upsetting the overall British political scenario. The level of non-voting with all qualified adults is in stable decrease for local, common as well as European legislative body voting, and there are deteriorating levels of hope […]

DNA Methylation Effects in Friedreich Ataxia (FRDA)

The sulfur-iron cluster serves as the universal coordinator of the delivery of both iron and sulfur. The most of the authors (Ding B., Smith amp. Ding T., 2005) consider that sulfur in iron-sulphur clusters is derived from L-cysteine and can participate in the numerous biochemical processes, e.g. oxidation-reduction reactions, acid cycle (TCA), nitrogen fixation, amino […]

Trends in Banking Regulations After the Crisis

The financial crisis has destroyed the confidence of all major banks. It has also affected its reputation. This may not have painful consequences in the short run as the demand for the banking services is relatively inelastic. But in the longer run, banks could feel strong negative repercussions.The literature in relation to changing trends in […]

Interest Levels of Boys Reading at Primary School

Most children entering Key Stage 2 are not certain about their reading processes. Some of these children require specialist assistance and they still require all the experiences offered to the Key Stage 1 children. Other children make a considerable beginning with reading but in the process, they are not able to comprehend majority of the […]

Studies on embryonic development may involve modifying human embryos with animal genetic material or animal embryos with human g

It is to be stated that animal testing and experiment do not offer accurate results because animal models can never be generalized. Scientific literature opposes the concept that animals are pretty necessary for biochemical or genetic research. The wide spreading awareness is substantial, regarding disability of animal testing about offering reliable forecasts about human results […]

Principles of Organization Theory and Practice

When employee patterns or themes are recognized, the organizational process can be studied to understand any intricacies that may have emerged and how employees should perform to fulfil each intricacy. Organizational theory (OT) is the study of an organization and the employees of the organization to identify common themes, solve existing problems, maximize efficiency and […]

Charter Schools Passing or Failing

Moreover, weak laws make provisions that do not permit the proposed charter school to maintain autonomy from school districts either financially or legally. In other words, weak charter laws do not permit charter schools to become segregated from the ambit of state laws or district regulations although some laws may allow for waivers in appropriate […]


The LPS of this group of bacteria can be divided into 3 components, 1) lipid A, 2) a core oligosaccharide, which can be further subdivided into an inner and outer core structure, and a glycosyl polymer of repeating units, called O-polysaccharide. The hydrophobic lipid A domain of the molecule contributes to the structural stability of […]

Lifespan Studies

The American Psychological Association (2014) defines psychological development as the study of the development of emotional, social, cognitive, and intellectual abilities of humans and how they function during their lifetime from infancy to old age. Various psychological studies and research have been conducted with the primary goal of understanding human development. Many theories on human […]

Ageing and managing health

5. Instruct the patient’s family members to keep all pathways in the patient’s home free from any cluster. 6. Intruct the patient’s family members to place a non-skid mat inside the patient’s shower room. 7. Encourage the patient to participate in gait training exercise programme once she has been discharge from the hospital. 1. Environmental […]

In this discuss the diagnostic value of less invasive imaging modalities

Atherosclerosis is the chief causes ofcoronary artery diseases (CAD) which causes changes in structure as well functionality of blood vessels.It is the process in which, progressive dumping of cholesterol and other fatty materials across the arterial wall occurs. These dumping results in a contriction of the lumen i.e stenosis, which restricts blood flow. Further, spasm, […]

Ethnic Minoroties and Races

Some of these definitions are more like synonyms in that they use minor differences in wording to relate a concept, while others hold underlying, unique, and important differences. The following definitions are related to ethnic minorities and are discussed generally during the discussion of health needs studies for ethnic minorities. The specific ethnicity related to […]

Does Export Promotion Significantly Improve Growth Prospects for Less Developed Countries

Alternate theoretical approaches emphasize the role of social savings, institutions etc in explaining economic growth than the export promotion policies. Empirical studies, however, give mixed results (Balasa, 1978, 1985. Edward, 1998. Ullah et al, 2009. Elbeydi et al, 2010 etc). The results are dependent on country-specific factors, the methodology adopted for the study etc. Given […]

Logic and thought

In Defense of Astrology: A Case is not Made The article In Defense of Astrology attempts to establish the notion that astrology should be taken asa serious art on the grounds that it is more reliable and efficacious than a medical diagnosis. The author supports this claim with the following five arguments to show that […]

Search/ Assignment on The role of excipients in tablets

3 Changes in components differ depending on the type of excipient and the formulation. This paper discusses the role of excipients in tablets. According to prior research, absence of the proper functioning of excipients leads to no processing of medicines on industrial scale.3 Studies advanced in this field have shown that having no proper functioning […]

Perception and Performance

Practical implications from this study include the promotion of the perceptual load through proper and appealing representation of learning and job tasks to ensure they are performed without distractions. The study proposes research into the impact of unconscious perception of distracting stimuli on a current task being perceived consciously. Perception and Performance One of the […]

Discuss the usefulness and problems with contingency theories in understanding organisational structure How relevant can they b

It is relevant to consider development of contingency theory and its application to organizational structure in order organizations’ managers had an opportunity to develop flexible approaches to organizational structural development. Therefore, contingency theory is an alternative for organizations looking for solution of their current problems and tending to structural changes. A basic conceptual framework of […]

Business Ethics A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach

The entrepreneur is described to be a risk-taker, but also with the ability to turn the impossible into business opportunities. More on his mass investment in entertainment, transport, telephone services, and the financial sector is elaborated. He also demonstrates his leadership skills, while dealing with his employees, customers, society, and his different businesses by close […]

Violence and Exploitation of Women and Children

Violence and Exploitation of Women and Children: It is the fundamental right of humans to live free from violence. Despite that, every year, millions of women and children have to go through such traumatic experiences as rape, mutilation and abuse all over the world in general and in US in particular. Quite often, the cases […]

Direct and Indirect Instruction Model

Direct and Indirect Instruction Model Learning is a continuous process known to be all through anyone’s life. The dynamism of the world’s content necessitates adventuring and corresponding simplification through introduction of learning centers such as schools. People pay for learning services comprising individuals in different levels of learning. Regardless of level and learning institution hierarchy, […]

Administrative Challenges

Majority of corrections officers are employed by the government of the country they work in, although some are employed by the private sector. The roles of corrections officer can vary from one facility to another, but they usually include maintaining discipline, order, and peace within the facility, implementing the rules and regulations of the facility […]

Copy Protection Of Fashion Design Is A Futile Exercise

The main topic of the work is to study high fashion and mass production fashion in the USA. The goal of the work is to describe the core mechanism of new fashion ideas appearance and how it is related to copyright laws. It is through the practice of taking the design of one and re-imagining […]

Racism and the Identity Crisis of Ralph Elisions Protagonist in Invisible Man

In an article, Racism in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man Carol Fosse comments on this everyman status of Elision’s protagonist, as following: Rich in symbolism…Invisible Man’s linear plot structure, told from the first person, limited point of view, and framed by the Everyman protagonist from his subterranean home, follows the narrator in his search for identity […]

Intervention for People with Learning Disability

People with learning disabilities are twice likely to have health problems, relative to other people, yet recent reports have indicated that people with learning disabilities manifest higher levels of unmet needs and usually receive less effective treatment despite legislation demanding equal treatment. Research studies have explored five broad classes of determinants of health inequalities that […]

The Maryknoll Missioners

His mission on earth was full of love and compassion for people. He dedicated his life to protect the weak and stand for the truth. From this, one can articulate that, mission work began with Jesus Christ. Since then, Jesus followers received a mission of spreading love and compassion to all people as a vital […]

The Relation between Emotional Intelligence and Employee Performance

In practice, the above initiative has been proved to be quite challenging mostly because of the existence of several factors, which tend to affect employee performance independently from the organizational structure and operational characteristics. Emotional intelligence is such a factor. emotional intelligence (EI) can be characterized as a quite complex framework, incorporating many different elements, […]

Analysis of Good People by David Foster Wallace

They introduced down tree sets the country of thoughts to be tragic and dim. We likewise discover that the essential characters Lane A. Dignitary, Jr. What’s extra, his better half Sheri Fisher is sitting extraordinarily nonetheless at the outdoor deck, which reveals to us that the climate is very first-rate.It does not nation to what […]

Language Development of Deaf Children

It is very necessary to make these children understand the context of messages or languages spoken to them in order to make the children progress in their lives (Harris, pp. 95). For meeting the purpose, it is mandatory to consider a number of significant factors that help the deaf children and students with their impairment. […]

Electrical Safety in the Workplace

This paper tells that power lines were the leading causes of electrocutions, which in turn resulted in 42% of all electrical deaths in the workplace. Second on the list was poorly de-energized electrical equipment, at position three was contact with electrical parts that were mistakenly assumed to be de-energized as a result of errors in […]

Effectiveness of Stem Cell Treatments

The embryonic SCs (ESCs) are pluripotent cells which can produce tissues of all embryonic germ layers namely, endoderm, mesoderm, and ectoderm. The adult SCs (ASC) are multipotent cells having the capacity to generate a limited subset of cells (Lodi et al., 2011). of The characteristic ability of the stem cells to renew themselves continuously for […]

International People Management

With the process of globalization gaining momentum, the idea spread to other countries – as the risk associated with the volatility of the global marketplace forced employers to become more aware of the need for managing all their resources including their human resources, strategically.Many studies have been done regarding human resource management most companies follow. […]

Clonal integration in Panicum trugidum

Many invasive plants are clonal, however little is known about clonal integration. The discussion expounds more on clonal integration on Panicum turgidum, a drought and salt tolerant plant that is used for erosion control, thatching, fodder, and production of flour (Al-Khateeb 2006). Further, it focuses on the establishment of raments either randomly and genetically. The […]

Robinson fruit shoot market share

To understand better preference and market share, it was worthwhile taking the time to study previous reports on the Robinson Fruit Shoot brand that had been compiled earlier by different studies. This helped the researchers go to the field with knowledge of the perception of the brand and an expectation of opinion. This, however, could, […]

Article Title

The article Cancer Stem Cells Tracked published in the Nature journal reveals how small groups of cancer cells in which the tumor initially originated were tracked with the help of genetic markers. This study would help in targeting the right set of cells during chemotherapy and also pave the way for the development of new […]

Analysis of Mr JaeSang Park vs City of Savannah

The City Council is losing significant revenue collections, crime has gone high, the decline in the waterfront area is more real, and the economy is dwindling. As a result, the council is deciding on how to react to these complaints. In doing this, the Council will use Measure A, that seeks to revitalize the economy […]

Research Progress Report

There are several vehicles that authorities can employ to realize the genuine, effective participation of citizens in the governance process. One such vehicle is community councils.Following the amalgamation of Toronto in 1998, six community councils were established. The community councils were meant to serve as the platform for participating the residents of Metropolitan Toronto, the […]

Within a recovery peer support model of care explore and discuss the lived experience and impact of suicide in Australia within an adult population

opportunity to choose a meaningful life, empowerment, and valuing lives of patients with health problems to be equal to those without health problems (Cedereke amp. Ojehagen, 2007).Peer support is crucial to implement recovery focused services. Even though recovery is an internal process, health services can foster the process in collaboration between peer support specialists and […]

Business Plan Decs Decking

Items such as quantity of work output as well as attendance and quality of output will be measured. For each employee who illustrates superior total performance, a (not yet determined) monetary supplement will be added to their base salary in recognition for their efforts. 21Establishing such a system ensures the integrity of the company, as […]

Ethics and Evidence in Clinical Trials

Healthy participants will be assigned to group A and B. subjects in group A were given 50mg of JP234 from day 3 to day 10 and warfarin 1.5 mg from day 7 to day 14. Participants in group 2 will receive 1.5 mg of warfarin from day 3 to 10 and then 50mgs once a […]

Financial modelling

This diversification was given a priority in the study and thus the tests were carried out on 10 different stocks. The study was very important in that it would assist economists and even future ones to understand the magnitudes and signs such as the relationship of beta to the prevailing market returns. With the understanding, […]

Embedded Formative Assessment

Reflection Although learning is normally a gradual but continuous process, I have to admit that there are certain occasions when I have had to undergo unique and enthusiastic learning sessions. One particular instance was the time when I was in my first year and we had a charismatic teacher who used to motivate us as […]

Staff motivation

Infact, Conndrey (2010) asserts that as a key internal force to satisfy the unsatisfied needs, staff motivation is capable of directing individuals’ behaviours in order to satisfy the particular needs.Thus, management ought to not only understand what the staff need but also how to satisfy those needs. It is within this backdrop therefore that this […]

NIJ Cycle of Violence Study

The research method was used to discover the relationship between variables without relating the study to the background variables. Data was collected repeatedly throughout the length of the study. The study compared the arrest records of the children who had been abused or neglected with the arrest records of those who had not been abused […]

The Sociology of Emotion

Sociology also goes further and looks at matters from a global perspective where it looks at things such as war and peace, growth and migration and so on. Therefore the subject assists us to evaluate, gather, analyze evidence on social life, which subsequently assists as to have an understanding of human social processes (Sampath, 2001).Education […]

The Principles of the Multiple Intelligence Approach

Campbell and Campbell (1999) proved that to be one predictor of success for them in learning, school’s mission, culture, and curriculum is to promote intellectual diversity. This is one of the principles of the multiple intelligence approach for effective teaching and learning. This approach can take many formats and can be implemented in many different […]

Organizational Behavior and Leadership

National productivity, increasing organizational effectiveness, reducing employee absenteeism, and increasing job satisfaction among the employees of a company. When an employee joins a new organization, he or she brings to the organization a new and unique set of personal background and characteristics from other organizations (Griffin amp. Moorhead 2010, p. 3). The manager of that […]

Health and Epidemiology

However, apart from the general comments of Durkheim regarding the potential causes of suicide, the researcher proceeds to an extensive analysis of suicide as a sociocultural phenomenon. In this context, according to Durkheim, the main types of suicide are the following four (as they are presented in Figure 1 below): a) Anomic suicide, b) Fatalistic […]

Cover letter for postgrad program acceptance

of the Health sciences and medicine Topic: Cover Letter for Postgrad Program Acceptance Dear Postgraduate Program Coordinator, I am a graduate and now look forward to seek admission to GPR program in your esteemed institution. My following credentials make me a strong bidder for participating in the GPR (General Practice Residency).1. Throughout my clinical education, […]

Balanced Scorecard

The framework should enable the organizations to identify and understand the systemic nature of their business, the key linkages and cause and effect relationship. Through this process, the organization is able to balance its priorities, allocate the available resources for maximization of the profits of the organization and generate realistic business plans. Over the years […]

The Period of Joblessness

Creativity means rebranding oneself as to be eligible for a job opening that is different from one’s specialty during tough times. One may also try out internet jobs to provide the much-needed income. Other survival tips include cutting down on unnecessary expenses, networking so as to open up business opportunities, investing in stocks whose prices […]

Having Breakfast Affects Reaction Time

A total of 160 participants, 81 females and 79 males between 17 to 58 years of age participated. Each subject asked to press a left arrow key on a computer keyboard when red color appeared on the screen and the right arrow key when blue color appeared. Reaction time was recorded. The mean reaction time […]

Approach to Care

However, with several studies of the disease underway, a number of methods to lessen the psychological and physical effects are available. This paper is a critical approach to breast cancer diagnosis and staging, complications, side effects of treatment and the methods to address the after treatment effects.Breast cancer is a disease that attacks the mammary […]

Summary of the article

Article Review The article The Upside of being an Introvert (And why Extroverts are Overrated) by Bryan Walsh discusses in his article, the debate between whether introverts or extroverts are successful on individual and collective levels. This is an issue that scientists and psychologists are still searching an answer for. In present times, when social […]

Race and Liberty in America

BodyInfluential activists, Political leaders, and their contributionsFranklin Delano Roosevelt He was the 32nd President of United States and he was a central person in fighting economic depression. He was also a leader of the Democratic Party and most importantly he championed for American liberalization (Eagles, 2012). Philip Randolph He was American labor leader and a […]

The Applicability of Case Study Findings and the Main Components of Historical

THE APPLICABILITY OF CASE STUDY FINDINGS AND THE MAIN COMPONENTS OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH and number: s name:Date submitted:The Applicability of Case Study Findings and the Main Components of Historical ResearchResearchers go into research work with very specific aim and objectives that they aspire to achieve with the findings that produce from their research. Very often […]

Safety Precautions for Nurses while delivering Medications to Patients

Safety Precautions for Nurses While Delivering Medications to Patients Safety Precautions for Nurses While Delivering Medications to PatientsOne of the most commonly committed errors in the health care endeavor is medication errors. The term ‘medication errors’ was defined by Mayo and Duncan (2004) as deviations from a physician’s order (Mayo amp. Duncan, 2004, p. 209). […]


Pertaining to the subject of domination and control, policing is a term that has been into existence since centuries that portrayed the process and means to control crime and activities related to misdemeanor. However, according to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, the term policing states that it is to supervise the operation, execution, or administration of […]

Need to summarise and paraphrase in own words

Article Summary: McCurry, Timothy B. . The image of male nurses and nursing leadership mobility. Nursing Forum, 46(1), 22 – 28.The labour force in the US experiences the problem of gender segregation. While majority of focus on previous research studies has been on the experience of women in male-dominated occupation, little has been researched on […]

To determine the relationship between physical selfperceptions and participation in sport in school children in years 9 10 and 11

The stronger the internal cues, the greater the impact, whether positive or negative. For children, particularly in their pre-adolescent years (9-11) when they are anticipating and experiencing great physical changes (Craig, 1992) and are just starting to develop the ability to formulate abstract thought (Piaget, 2006), most of these internal cues are gained through their […]

The Role of Microsimulation in Intelligent Transportation

The Role of Micro-simulation in Evaluating Intelligent Transportation Systems ApplicationsWhy not Place Total Reliance on Infrastructure ExpansionIt would be impractical to seek to improve the welfare of consumers by just expanding the road networks. For instance there are other dynamics and factors such as demand reduction, mobility issues and considering the traffic perspectives and insights. […]

Compareable between lean and six sigma

Thus this paper will identify the weaknesses and strengths of both Six Sigma and lean and the ways in which they compliment each other.Six Sigma and lean are among the two most commonly used continuous improvement tools (Mousa, 2013, p. 1137). Lean originated out of the Toyota Production System and its focus is on the […]

U S Airline Industry Regulation

U.S AIRLINE INDUSTRY REGULATION The paper determines the result of airline industry deregulation. The policies and the experiments that determined the phase and dominance of free market flourished greatly. The main aim of the policy was to improve the industry performance and ensure equal availability of airline facilities to every passenger. The paper also discusses […]

Legal Abortion

Only the individual can disseminate the information and make their own decision based on what they believe to be right but everyone should know both sides on equal terms so as to make the decision that is right for them. This paper will first present the ‘right-to-life’ then follow with the ‘pro-choice’ argument. The right […]

How SOX (SarbanesOxley Act of 2002) affects corporate governance and what additional improvements need to be added to SOX to improve corporate governance

Oxley, thus the act’s nomenclature, and enacted on July 30, the act aimed to regulate and control the corporate and accounting sectors, particularly in the public company boards of management, and the management and public accounting companies (Shakespeare 333).The act goes by several names, considering its purpose. The act was referred to as the Corporate […]

Outline of Annotated Bibliography

It explains how nature tries to balance the differences of men and women so they will be able to mate. An example is the equalization of testosterone levels between the sexes. Studies by Dr. Marazziti, a professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pisa revealed that other levels of hormones, like serotonin and oxytocin gets […]

Savage Inequalities and Their Impact on the Life Chances of Children

Savage Inequalities and Their Impact on the Life Chances of Children The public funding on educational institutions in the United States stems from state legislative appropriations and local property taxes and this has resulted in unequal funding that turned many districts into rich and poor school districts (Kendall, p. 359). The existence of racially segregated […]

Conflicts among Youth in the Educational Surrounding

The prevalence of violence among the youth, especially in schools, has been frequently reported in many countries. For instance, in Norway, bullying behavior and acts of aggression have been numerous, with 15% of students reporting that they had an active involvement in bully-victim activities, while 7% considered themselves as bullies.In Canada, two separate studies indicated […]

BoundaryLess Company

The application of change management in the company can lead to resistance to employees. Motivation is an important factor that can encourage and influence employees to be efficient and enthusiastic. Some of the staffs that are working at Siemens thrive on responding to challenges and prosper on the problem-solving part. The employees of the company […]

Describe the role of cognition in stress reduction and compare and contrast RET

Running head: stress management. Stress Management. Discussion Topic # 2: Describe the role of cognition in stress reduction and compare andcontrast RET, cognitive therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy in stress management and reduction.Philosophy has taught us that human thought process, beliefs, expectations and desires, in total forming human cognition, strongly influence one’s state of mind […]

My spring break

Immediately after finishing my mathematics exam, I packed my books and other learning materials and rushed for my Friday prayers. I hurriedly changed my clothes and went to Melbourne Florida to visit my uncle. I was accompanied with my cousins who were also eager to go to Melbourne for their first time. My uncle is […]

Enrolling for MBA Studies at the United States of America

PERSONAL MENT OF THE OF THE INSTITUTIONSI was born raised and molded in the lovely land of Indonesia in the Asian continent. I grew up and developed like an average child would. The time came for me to join school and I started the long road of acquiring education. The new environment in a boarding […]

History os Asian Art Lidded Vessel

The ding had been secularized hence its other purpose included cooking and serving foods and wine apart from the other ritual functions. Dings were mainly used in the households of rulers particularly the royal families. They were symbols of status within Chinese society and were also presented as gifts to foreign rulers. In the event […]

Texting with shortcut

Texting with Shortcut Introduction The recent technological advancements have influenced communication in a great way. Textingwith shortcut is one of the modern styles of communication adopted by the new generation. Texting with shortcut derives diverse effects on our cultural and individual relationships. As such, there have been varied opinions on the effectiveness of texting with […]

Benfits of online classes

Benefits of Online es s Education has been key to the development of humans. With the recent developments in technology, most people are using the Internet for educative purposes because it offers learning opportunities that suit their needs. Currently, most institutions of higher learning are providing online classes. In 2014, a study by the Babson […]

Sleeping and Developing Parts of the Brain

Sleeping and Developing Parts of the BrainDuring teenage years and few years later, sleep patterns change, and so does brain development. Although the impacts of sleep on memory development among adolescents remain an understudied area, it is apparent that sleep plays a crucial role in firming up the memory. Some studies have, however, shown that […]

Philosophy of Early Childhood Learning

Relatively few studies, however, have been conducted to determine how the understanding of prescribed concepts leads to an improved learning experience. This experience is defined as an increase of the child’s cognitive awareness along with the substance retained resulting from utilizing a theory. In an attempt to address the deficiency, this discussion examinesDewey lived in […]

The Effect of Ingestion of Beverages or Meal That Contains Electrolytes Prior to Exercise

Commercially available carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage and chicken noodle soup were used in the study. The purpose of the article is well defined and the study population includes both men and women as the participant’s hence eliminating gender bias and the response of both men and women towards intake of electrolytes prior to exercise would be determined. […]

The Effects of Spirituality on Substance Abuse Treatment

Various studies have indicated that there is a strong relationship between spirituality and medicine. These studies express that the majority of the US population believe in God and most of them believe that spiritual health is also as important as physical health (Anandarajah and Hight, 2001). Seventy-seven percent of the population also believes that a […]

A comparison of two products to decrease the incidence of MASD/IAD

by moisture are often characterized by an inflammation which may or may not be seen as skin erosion (loss of some or all of the epidermis leaving a denuded surface) or cutaneous secondary skin infection.Although the prevalence of MASD/IAD is widely varied, incidences of fecal and urinary incontinence and other forms of Perineal dermatitis are […]

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) have been described as the standard financial accounting standards applied at a given jurisdiction. They normally constitute the conventions, rules and standards that accountants observe while summarizing, preparation and recording of financial statements. Organizations, individuals, and businesses prepare financial statements. The financial statement shows the assets, […]

Extended Time Out in Operation Rooms

However, despite those ongoing protocols, the effectiveness of those safety strategies is still unknown.Wrong site surgery can cause extremely bad outcomes, which may range from performing surgery on the wrong side of the body and delayed the necessary treatments to amputating the wrong leg then the patient is suffering both physically and psychologically. In order […]

Exchange of the Products in a Physical Form and Sale or Purchase of Foreign Currency

Two major factors are said to be the litmus test of market efficiency: the magnitude of statistical dependence between consecutive movements in exchange rates and the profitability of trading regulations. Research pertaining to the first issue on common statistical mechanisms like runs analysis and serial correlation analysis is to decide on the magnitude of reliance […]

The Concept of the Validity of Qualitative

A paradigm can have various meanings. It refers to your basic beliefs and your approach to the world which affects the way you define your research and how you collect and analyse data (Collis amp. Hussey, 2003, p. 47). The research approaches that can be used in studies comprise of a mixture of both the […]

Gay Lesbians and Mental Illness

This is so because mental health personnel and society at large were given biased information, to begin with. The resultant conclusions were biased too because some time ago, only those gay/lesbians undergoing medical treatment were involved in the studies. But it soon became apparent that homosexuality was not a mental syndrome when researchers studied data […]

Principles &amp

Strategies of TranslationGuy Cook has the view that, Advertising in the era of color magazines, television and internet is a new phenomenon, both in nature, quality and effect (Cook 2001). However, the advertising that is known as the contemporary is not too old. The literary discourse is sometimes referred as the study which deals with […]

Integrated Communication Policy Impact on Press and Broadcasting

In recent years the impact of globalization has merged communication in such a manner that the differences are no longer visible to a third party. Mass Communication has given way to endless categories in media studies. Hence it has become difficult to separate the press from broadcasting at this stage.The barriers in the media and […]

Interview of a Legal Professional

iates of legal staff will be less…few and few rather in the years to come, and there is a glad of attorneys as well, and the laws schools are graduating too many attorneys who find that there are no good employments when they come out of school.The interview reveals that many professionals develop interest in […]

What it means to be an Employer of Choice

Employer of Choice Employer of Choice This topic of this paper is about the Employer of Choice. It will discuss what it means to be an Employer of Choice and elaborate on three areas which make an organization as such. Companies which have been voted as Employers of Choice will be presented and described in […]

The Gulf Cooperation Council

However, other studies have found a stronger relationship between oil prices and stock market performance in GCC. Therefore, evidence shows a strong long-run relationship in Bahrain between oil price fluctuation and stock market performance that took the cue from oil prices. Other evidence also justifies that shocks attributable to volatility attract many concerns in GCC […]

Social and Economic Impact on Managerial Education Solutions

A most vital element of the study in manager decision is considered with the economic view on the decision concern. In accordance with this viewpoint, self-attracted peoples are synchronized throughout the employment of, typically financial, rewards and punishments. We could observe obviously at this time that a viewpoint on manager decision is created on a […]

Online games Vs Violence

Online games Vs Violence Video gaming has become popular among the young in the world. Most consumers of the games prefer to play violent games as compared to the non-violent ones. Many studies in the world tend to link video games with violence. One research finding carried out in Iowa University found that violent behavior […]

CRJS 205 Introduction to Criminal Law

CRJS 205 Introduction to Criminal Law Martin Mackenzie, Lawyer Peter Smith, Head of Research January 13, Sexual AssaultRape or sexual assault is defined as physical, visual, or verbal abuse that forces an individual to consent to sexual attention or contact. The act can occur in various situations such as by a stranger in a secluded […]

Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcome

Lankshear et al (2005) basically undertook a 2-tier methodology approach which is basically made up of primary data collection and secondary data collection. The secondary data collection was made up of two major components, first of which involved a critical review of existing literature and the other being, policy analysis on nursing staff and patients […]

Etiological Factors/Psychoanalytic Theory

Etiological Factors/Psychoanalytic Theory Etiology theories have been used to explain drug abuse and delinquent behavior development among young adults. Biological studies like pedigree studies, twin studies and adoption studies have indicated genetic influences of drug abuse. Cognitive factors, internal stressors and mood disorders can lead to delinquent behaviors. Cultural pressures and ego deficiencies and social […]

On Emotion

There are five theories that try to explain why people experience emotion. The James-Lange theory of emotion argues that people experience feeling after interpretation of physiological arousal to an external event. Cannon-Bard theory states that both physiological arousal and experience of emotion happens at the same time. Schachter and Singer proposed that people’s experience of […]

Therapeutics of Colon Cancer

It is found that even the migrants from other countries who are living in the United States are suffering from the same problem because of the adoption of the same lifestyle as practised in America (Robbins et al 2005. Jemel et al 2002). Some studies have also shown that obesity and inactivity of muscles can […]

Family characteristics of Order sphenisciformespenguins

Family Characteristics of Order Sphenisciformes-PenguinsJadwiszczak, Piotr. Partial Limb Skeleton Of A ‘Giant Penguin’ Anthropornis From The Eocene Of Antarctic Peninsula. Polish Polar Research 33.3 (2012): 259-274. Academic Search Premier. Web. 29 Nov. 2014. Jadwiszczak, 2012 research reports a complete reconstruction of Antarctic penguin limb skeleton. The author uses functional and comparative analyses in understanding the […]