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Woodland Wanderers Football Club

Harvey Carpets Ltd has agreed to provide the financial support to enable the Football Club to build a new stadium. 

The Football Club is at a loss as to how where to start in proceeding with developing their new stadium and have turned to you for your advice. During your initial meeting with the Football Club, you learn that they have very little experience of the building process but are familiar with the basic terminology. 

The Football Club has a budget in mind for the project and is keen for the new build to make a statement about the bright future the Club seeks to enjoy and to promote strong links with the community and local schools. The Football Club has obtained outline planning permission. 

The Trustees will be advised on: 

i) The range of professional appointments the Trustees could make during both the pre-construction phase and during construction itself. It will be discussed which professionals should be appointed and how the choice is influenced by one’s preferred procurement option. 

ii) The procurement options available for the design and construction of the stadium and details of one’s preferred procurement option with supporting reasons for one’s expressed preference should be discussed. 

iii) The steps the professional(s) appointed should take to ensure that the right contractor is able to the stadium at the right price is selected should be discussed. 

iv) Any other steps one recommends in terms of impressing all the potential stakeholders involved in this project.

Woodland Wanderers Football Club