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Topic 5 SG 1 3 4 /

6 SG

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Topic 5 SG 1,3,4 / 6 SG 6,11,15

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Supply chain management : purchasing supply management (Category Analysis and Sourcing Strategy)

1. To which supply chain design issue does the mantra faster, better, cheaper refer to?

a. Increasing customer demands

b. Increasing clockspeeds

c. Greater levels of outsourcing

d. Globalization

e. Lean production

3. What is the rate of change in an industry called?

a. Velocity

b. Clockspeed

c. Efficiency

d. Swiftness

e. Speed

4. Which of the following statements is true?

a. There is a great deal of apathy in supply risk management

b. Most companies good job quantifying risks when outsourcing production

c. Companies are well versed in supply chain risk management

d. Most supply chains are structured in such a way that risks would not impact them

e. Supply chain risk management has always been a top priority for companies

6. What issues does the supply side include?

a. Capabilities of existing suppliers

b. Aggregation of supply situation

c. Potential shocks or disruptions

d. Governmental regulations

e. All of the above

f. None of the above

11. Who is an internal customer?

a. The cafeteria manager

b. The production manager

c. The finance manager

d. The guard

e. All of the above are potential customers of a supply manager

15. You should use ______________________ to build the total cost of ownership model at the commodity (or category) level.

a. excel spreadsheets

b. optimization models

c. pricing standards

d. cost drivers

e. None of the above

Supply Chain Management

Topic 5 SG 1 3 4 /