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The subject is phonology in


the subject is phonology in

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2 . Mokilese ( adapted from Language Files )
Mokilese is an Austronesian language of the Malayo – Polynesian family , spoken in Micronesia .
Examine the distribution of the voiced and voiceless vowel pairs : [ U , u] ( the same small ring
under the phonetic vowel symbol indicates a voiceless vowel ) . Using the flow chart given out in
class , determine whether they are allophones of different phonemes , or allophones of the same
phoneme . Provide evidence for your answer . If they are allophones of one phoneme , state the
contexts in which each sound occurs and decide which sound is the underlying form ( the
phoneme ) . If you can , state the rule that describes the distribution .
Hint 1 : For this dataset , write out the surrounding environments ( not just C for consonant and V
for vowel ) .
Hint 2 : Once the surrounding environments are established , notice which are more restricted , if
either are .
[ dupukda]
quot; boughtquot;
[ Kaskas ]
quot;to throw
[ puko ]
basket quot;
[ poki]
quot;to strike something
[ supwo ]
Judsuklt; ]
to tackle quot;
[ uduk ]
flesh ‘

The subject is phonology in