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Essay Directions Write a 10002000 word essay using APA style to document your research



Directions: Write a 1000-2000 word essay using APA style to document your research.

Remember that your grade depends on the thoroughness of your documentation. The paper must be in proper APA format, be at least 4 to 6 pages in length, have a references section, and site at least 3 peer reviewed articles. Please use AAU’s LIRN Library to search for these articles. You may utilize the Academic Resource Center (ARC) for a concise guide on how to use LIRN and for APA formatting guidelines.

Issues in Ecology

Background: Throughout the world there are numerous environmental problems resulting from human population pressure on local natural resources. A large proportion of ecological research is dedicated to finding solutions to these issues.

Objectives: Upon completing this assignment, you should be able to describe in-depth an ecological issue, including at least two different perspectives, and how this issue is representative of other similar issues.

Procedure: Pick an ecological crisis anywhere in the world that has attracted significant attention. Explain the history of the event including how the situation reached a crisis point. Document as many sides of the situation as possible and include the resolution, if any was reached, of the crisis. If there was no resolution, speculate on how the crisis may be resolved in the future.

Example topics include:

Northern spotted owl habitat vs. logging interests in Pacific Northwest

Battle over water rights for farmers or wild fish in Southern Oregon

Fresh water use for development or conservation of the Everglades in South Florida

However, you are strongly encouraged to write about something you know and care about. It will make the research more fun, and you will be able to throw your heart into your work.

Excess Nitrogen in the
Environment Abstract
It is not astonishing that people have significantly modified the worldwide nitrogen (N) cycle
with an end goal to encourage 7 billion individuals, in…

Essay Directions Write a 10002000 word essay using APA style to document your research