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Does this make sense? Am I on the right track in thinking? Any feedback?Introduction In this


Does this make sense? Am I on the right track in thinking? Any feedback?

Introduction: In this

section, you will briefly introduce the small business from the case scenario, and the problem that it is trying to solve. A. Clearly state the problem that the business owner is seeking to solve. Be sure to address the question of what your business ultimately wants to do. B. Identify and briefly describe the two technologies from the list provided that you will research in your business systems analysis.

Problem Statement1

A brick-and-mortar that offers discounted designer clothing, shoes, and handbags. The store only has a basic website with a list of a few products, and the customers can only purchase items in-store. The problem is that the business is not able to reach customers as easily reach as its competitors. The goal of the business is to promote growth with an online presence and become more customer-focused and achieve competitive advantage. The business owner wants to streamline the business processes involved in integrating a brick-and-mortar business with an E-business. With the competition we need to incorporate more than one strategy such as cost leadership, operational effectiveness and customer orientation so that we can produce the lowest cost in the industry, improve the internal business processes so that performance in the buying, selling and shipping are better than the competition and finally ensuring customers are happy.

Two Technologies

Social computing in business refers to the delivery of electronic commerce activities and transactions through social computing. Social commerce also supports social interactions and user contributions, allowing customers to participate actively in the marketing and selling of products and services in online marketplaces and communities. With social commerce, individuals can collaborate online, obtain advice from trusted individuals, and find and purchase goods and services.

Wireless, mobile computing, and mobile commerce in business refers to a real-time connection between a wireless handheld device such as smart cellular phones or home computers for electronic commerce (EC) transactions that are conducted in a wireless environment such as the internet or intranet.


Does this make sense? Am I on the right track in thinking? Any feedback?Introduction In this