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Directions Write an 8 10 page paper double spaced (including cover page and works cited)based on your


Directions: Write an 8 – 10 page paper double spaced (including cover page and works cited)

based on your

research of a poet and the explication of at least three of that

poet?s works. You are to consult at least three outside sources (meaning

sources other than and FamousPoetsand for your

information. Refer to the MLA Guide for correct citation and works cited

formatting. Due Monday 7/25.

I. BIOGRAPHY – Provide a biography of the author. Include only the essential

and most interesting details about the author?s life. Were there any

significant personal issues or conflicts to overcome? Make mention of any

peculiar literary convention/period of the time when the poet wrote and how

that may have influenced the poet?s writings. Be sure to note any interesting

character, family or personality traits, either positive or negative, which

help us understand the poet and his/her works. Does the poet have any

contemporaries which influenced his/her efforts (i.e. the way many Harlem

Renaissance poets shared a common goal). Discuss how the work mirrors the life

of the author. Include any famous quotes or passages by the author that are

still important today.

II. EXPERIENCE ? Describe fully the feelings and emotional reactions evoked by

each of the poet?s work(s). Make references to particular lines, phrases and

literary devices which resulted in those emotions. Those feelings refer to the

reader, you and otherwise.


a. What does the title tell us? How does the title help in understanding the


b. Discuss the diction (word choice) in the works. Comment upon any denotative

and/or connotative meanings of significant words. How do they add to the

understanding of the work

c. Discuss which particular senses ? sight, sound, taste, smell, touch ? the

significant words appeal to.

d. Identify any vivid imagery and discuss what those images suggest?

e. Identify and discuss any symbols.

f. Tell what the symbols may stand for.

g. Discuss the poet?s use of tone, the poet?s attitude toward the subject.

h. Point out any irony, similes, metaphors, or personification.

i. State the theme of each poem you analyze.

j. Explain what ideas are carried forth by the use of the figures of speech.

k. Discuss which ones convey their ideas most clearly and forcefully for you.

l. Are there any especially powerful lines? Explain why they are used and their

effect. This should be done at least 5 times throughout the paper.

m. Label the rhyme pattern and rhythmic meter of the poems you analyze.

IV. EVALUATION – What purpose or purposes do the poems serve? Is the purpose

stated or suggested? What makes the poem good literature? Or Bad? To whom would

its lessons apply? Why does this poet?s work still live? What do you appreciate

most about the poet?s life/works/legacy?

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July 27, 2016
I have choose Robert Frost
Biography (Robert Frost)
Robert Frost, apparently the best American poet of the twentieth century, was
conceived in San…

Directions Write an 8 10 page paper double spaced (including cover page and works cited)based on your