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Controversy Surrounding Security

All the actors who value security have to sacrifice other values for them to enjoy their necessities for security. It is important to imagine a life without security. Security is the most important determinant in the accessibility of other considerable values such as freedom and opulence. The argument that security is a critical requirement is flawed in equivalent measures. There is no clear validation implying that security is attainable. It does not mean that all sacrifices made in the quest for security always end up in finding the comfort attributed to the security. People argue that they forgo the security at the top of high mountains an instead live in places with abundant food or water (Peou, 2010).

Three levels of security are considered. These levels are national, international and global security. National security differs depending on the state’s political culture. In the 17th century, national security was the liability of a state to protect itself against external attacks. After the cold war, the state ceased to be the only player in the security issue. There was an emergence of individual security, environmental and economic security.

After the Cold War, states inclined towards diplomacy in order to gain security. There was an emergence of religious and cultural related security problems (Peou, 2010). The issue of minority groups also emerged, bringing into consideration of the violation of human rights. Globalization transformed the study of international security. Global security and threats were conceptualised after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. This attack exposed the definition of war and redefined insecurity (Reidy, 2005).

The role of a state in the protection of her borders has been questioned. The use of advanced technology emerged after the attacks. Various nations such as China have found their security by strengthening the economic base. It has achieved more domestic and international stability on the international scene.&nbsp.

Controversy Surrounding Security