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Explain the four sociological perspectives Functionalist Conflict theory interactionism and feminism In addition briefly report how each of these theories wo

The four sociological perspectives of Functionalism, Conflict Theory, Interactionism and Feminism are important to study and understand. To understand human society a look must be take a look at these four perspectives. This paper will explain Functionalist, Conflict Theory, Interactionism and Feminism and give an example of how they work. Functionalism, the first sociological perspective, […]

The role of logic in argumention

4 1000 The analysis of an argument is significant as this particular task asks one to read a brief argument, analyze the reasoning behind it, and write a critique of the argument. Analysis of an argument does not ask one to develop your own opinion like the analysis of an issue task. The analysis of […]


BIOETHICS Ellison, T. (2006), Xenotransplantation–Ethics and Regulation, Xenotransplantation, 13.6, pp.505-9 Introduction The field of bioethics is half a century old. It is defined as the “systematic study of human conduct in the area of life sciences and healthcare, insofar as this conduct is examined in the light of moral values and principles” (Kanniyakonil, 2007, p.8). […]

Responding to a Prompt

From the discussion it is clear that&nbsp.the language of British and English culture had a huge impact on Southern China and Hong Kong’s society for over one hundred years. The early contacts between the European merchants and missionaries on one side and the Chinese officials and emperors, on the other hand, clearly accepted the high […]

Culture and Custom Germans and Americans Stereotypes

As far as American traits are regarded in comparison to the German traits, we can find some similarities and some contrasts. All the people living in this world adopt certain habits and characteristics on the basis of the social setup of their own land. Americans like Germans also adopt certain features such as they are […]

International Exams for English Learners

Despite the numerous changes it has undergone, today, the test is accepted, alongside popular tests like International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC), and Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) and Oral Proficiency Interview – computer (OPI-c) (Harper 91). However, it is currently not supposed to be taken by the foreign […]

Ideological Criticism of PHAT Girlz

The roots of the preference for a slender body can perhaps be traced back to ancient Greece and to Plato. This preference was, however, more due to what can be termed as the mind/body dualism in which the mind was considered to be superior and the body slowly. In fact, Plato advocated that the body […]

What Is Racism All about

Defining Racism This essay starts by asking the important question: ‘what is racism?’ This is a term that is used in daily communication among individuals yet, not all people understand it or have varying perceptions on the definition of the terminology. Racism is simply defined as the unequal treatment of people based on their skin […]

Lack of linguistic uniformity in USA

One of the most unique aspects about the United s is its overall lack of linguistic uniformity. Whereas there are immigrants in almost each and every nation around the world, the United States is ultimately been founded upon a culture of integration. Such a culture of immigration necessarily means that a very large percentage of […]

The Development of the United States Government

In western Massachusetts, the peasants held rallies against the injustice of high taxes and impartial justice provided by the courts to the creditors (Waldrep and Bellesiles, 104). In September 1786 Daniel Shays and other neighboring influential led numerous hundred men in compelling the Supreme Court in Springfield to postpone. Shays guided a force of nearly […]

US History Western Trail

The Migration of People in the Western Trail of America in 1800s I am enthralled by people from various directions who step on this western part of America through the Oregon Trail, the only practical corridor to the entire western United States. These migrations caused the population to grow, driven in part by German, English, […]

Business environment

Business Environment Lo 3.3b. What are the cultural factors that confront Virgin Atlantic airlines? Virgin Atlantic is a world airline from United Kingdom serving 65 airports. The airline serves about 25% destinations airports in the United States of America. The airline faces cultural challenges as popular airline in the world today. The emerging challenges include […]

One Word for Love in the English Language

Gregor’s sister feels a sense of duty to him, and she makes sure he is fed. When at first he cannot eat his favorite meal, his sister does everything that she can in order to find food that he will eat. She loves him, and out of a sense of duty she tries to feed […]

A Highly Motivated and Immensely Driven Individual

I am immensely interested in the Internship Program being offered by The EastWest Institute (EWI) which was advertised online (Spring 2014 Internship, Economic Security Washington D.C.). As an Economics Major currently being pursued at the University of Miami, I affirm that I would be the perfect candidate for the position given that my personal, academic […]

Using case law and considering any advantages and disadvantages to what extent does the doctrine of precedent depend on the hierachy of the court

The doctrine of stare decisis is not always to be relied upon, for the courts find it necessary to overrule cases which have been hastily decided, or contrary to principle.” (Stare decisis, 2010).The doctrine of precedent is also called as stare decisis, situated at the heart of the English lawful arrangement. It is a lawful […]

Kraft and Cadbury Marketing Integration

Overview of customers and their needs. Analysis of their competitor’s strategies, strengths and weaknesses. Analysis of Kraft/Cadbury’s current financial position, share performance and future prospects. Kraft core capabilities and assets. Strategic position assessment. recommendation and limitations of the study are also obtained to form part of the process. Cadbury Schweppes is a confectionery manufacturer that […]

Marketing Mauritius

al visitor arrivals throughout the world stood at 860 million, which stands to be more, then the total population of Europe and the US taken together. The businessmen, governments, financial experts and economists do testify to the immense potential of the tourism industry in uplifting the quality of life in the developing nations. It is […]


Semantics Semantics Complementarity, converseness, and reversiveness are specific sense and also particular sense relations of antagonism and subtypes of incongruity. Within vertical structures, lexical relations are alienated into hyponymy/hyperonyny and meronymy/holonymy. Synonymy in particular, is not further classified in elexiko, but is used to refer to all types of semantic identity, ranging from complete sameness […]

The English Commercial Law

Mercantile law in Britain evolved differently than the other commercial laws in Continental Europe but the Law Merchant has been its foundation of both legal systems: there is an embodiment of the Law Merchant values within the domestic legal systems that were in line with state policy, national interests and domestic mores. The English law […]

Restoration Project Management and Planning

This project is part of an ambitious 2.5 million restoration project by English Heritage. However, to make this project successful MD of the construction company has contracted our team to develop and manage this project. In this case, the present report will offer a detailed analysis of the development and implementation of the new planning […]

A case study of Manchester United

Away from the pitch, the club also scores high in financial matters being worth around 1.13 billion pounds (IBN live, 2014, Para 2). The two most valued coaches in the history of Manchester United are sir Matt Busby and the legendary sir Alex Ferguson. Busby was the coach when the Munich air disaster happened, but […]

English legal system case report

ited type of knife has been described by this section as one that has an automatically opening blade (Restriction of Offensive Weapons Act (c.37), 1959).However, in this knife, the blade should open when hand pressure is applied to a button or other device attached to the knife handle. Such offence attracts the following punishment, on […]

Criticize of the (Dao De Jing) Response paper

Criticism of the Book “A Philosophical Translation: Dao De Jing ‘Making Life Significant’” This book was originally composed over 2,000 years ago when the Chinese history was facing very turbulent times. The book contains 81 brief chapters and sections written I two sections, chapter 1-37 and chapter 38-81, but this book criticism is only going […]

Biography on charlotte bronte

Charlotte Bronte enjoys repute and recognition in the field of English literature on account of quality and her works depict. She also has a pen name to her works and achievements in the form of Currer Bell. She was born in 1816 and lived till 1855. It was not her alone, instead the geniuses ran […]

Answer to discussion board post

Answer to Discussion Board Post Answer to Discussion Board Post It is important for content teachers to ‘understand’ that there are different learning styles of educators and students depending on the individuals’ preferences in processing relevant information that would be contributory to enhanced learning. From the Learning Style Inventory (n.d.) it was disclosed that there […]

Character Analysis

Character Analysis of the First Person Narrator in the Story “Letter to a Funeral Parlor The main character of Lydia Davis’s story “Letter to a Funeral Parlor” is the first person narrator of the story. Indeed, the character possesses more of the characteristics of an addressor than of a narrator. The character is fraught with […]

Dancing in Yemen

Dancing in Yemen Differences between Bara and lub Bara and lub relates two genres of dancing performed in Yemen Lub and differs in three most imperative areas. First, Bara is the most indispensable genre and a unique representation of the Yemenis culture (Adra, 1998). Second, Bara performance takes place at all time while lub specifically […]

Developing Listening and Speaking Skills

Developing Listening and Speaking Skills Developing Listening and Speaking Skills It is beyond question that through having many opportunities to talk as well as to listen to peers that children gain language skills so valuable for their success in reading and writing. It is important that learners are able to listen carefully for different purposes […]

Comparison of the writing style of Jonathan Swift and Samuel Johnson

10 2500 In the history of English literature, the literature of the eighteenth century (1700-1800) is considered as the literature of the Augustan or Classic Age. Augustan was Roman king. At that time the literature flourished. In this century, the literature also flourished and became polished. Jonathan Swift and Samuel Johnson are among those incredible […]

Preators in Roman Law vs Equity in English law

This essay stresses that English law remains uncodified just like Roman law, but there exists a vast legal framework comprised of records of cases and the legal principles on which decisions have been made. Therefore one of the most important contributions made by both Roman and English law have been in the maintenance of accurate, […]

Evidence based practice on depression

About 15-20% of these families were dysfunctional and slightly higher in the initial stages of palliative care. The intermediate families also exhibited moderate chances of psychosocial morbidity.Family members of these two groups were included in the assessment of family relationship index. Different assessment methods were used to assess the three main indicators of family relationships-cohesiveness, […]

The Impacts of Western and Polish Cultures in Eva Hoffmans Writings

Eva Hoffman, born& Cracow, Poland, had immigrated to Canada with her family. Her parents had hidden in Ukraine to escape the persecution of Jews. It was in 1959 that this family arrived in Vancouver, US. (Hoffman,1989,p.3) Bukowczyk (2006, p.159) has categorized the exodus from Poland to other countries into two major groups. He has written […]

Revolution of the American Health Care Industry

From this discussion it is clear that&nbsp.America has undergone six eras of healthcare reforms namely the charitable era, government era, consumerism era, educational era, insurance era, and the managed care era. The health care of the United States began evolving even before the America was founded, particularly the charitable era. During the charitable era, healthcare […]

Hariharan N The Musical Genius

This gave way to many concerts, television performance and even TV serial such as “Junoon”. In 1994, he received the Best Album of the Year Award for the song Abshaar-e-Ghazal. In 1998, he was awarded as the “Best Male Playback Singer” by the Tamil Nadu State Government Film Awards for his song “Mere dushman mere […]

E J Pratt Themes and Settings in NewFoundland and Ice Floes

E.J. Pratt: Themes and Settings in “NewFoundland” and “Ice Floes” E.J. Pratt is a poet who is especially well known for his narrative poems, which are in the nature of epic tales that are told about man’s battle with nature, and his experiences at sea and other Canadian stories [Froesce, n.d.]. His poems may be […]

English language learning challenges facing Saudi students in America

4 1000 The demand for internalization and globalization of the world has resulted in cross-border student mobility. Consequently, the United States has recorded an increase of international students seeking admission places in its universities. A report revealed that America recorded a five percent increase in the number of international students admitted to the learning institutions […]

English Legal System

Recently the House of Lords in the interpretation of Section 1 of the Criminal Damages Act 1971 opined that ‘Since a statute is always speaking, the context or application of a statutory expression may change over time, but the meaning of the expression itself cannot change’4 By virtue of the literal rule, judges take a […]

Buyer Behaviour and Analysis Arsenal Football Club

There is a need for a timeous response by the marketing managers to the concerns of the supporters since they are the ones who make the game of football success. The marketing manager also ought to consider the use of traditional colors of the team whenever targeting the consumers. It would be easier for both […]

Behaviour Management In School

The author of the project stresses their school – a public Catholic school – aims to develop in our children a set of spiritual and moral values (honesty, integrity and good judgement). a complement of basic skills. an enquiring and discriminating mind and a desire for knowledge. a strong self-esteem and high personal expectation. and […]

Grammar teaching analysis in rural China

n 2002), and China following a history of more traditional teaching based on the grammar-translation method (GTM) started reforms within their middle and high schools and universities in the early 1990s by introducing CLT.The question is whether or not the introduction of CLT into the Chinese education system by the government has been successful in […]

Lesson Plan

5 1250 Further, their teacher needs to know that his or her students are able to read, write, and comprehend the English very well. In addition to that, he or she needs to know about the level of their familiarity with the target culture as well as the culture of their peers. The teacher should […]

Assess the role of law and determine its importance compare key arguements in the writting of thomass hobbes and john locke

While such rules of conducts may be developed and applied differently by different societies, the objective is simply the same. to protect the fundamental rights of individuals within the society (Grant, 1987 p12). Therefore, this essay will argue on the role and importance of law, as advocated for by two different scholars, namely Thomas Hobbes […]

CMC Technologies and Their Impact on Online Interaction

14 3500 It is very imperative for research to identify aims and objectives along with the purpose statement, as lack of focused objectives often causes incompetent outcomes, as well as misuse of time and resources. For the proposed study, it is the expectation that results of this study will facilitate the researchers to identify different […]

Cross Cultural Communication

However, the approaches themselves may result in more glitches rather than bringing a solution if not effectively planned and implemented. Chevrier says that managing the multicultural teams should entail determining the underlying causes of the conflicts and problems (142). It should then be followed by intervening in a way that brings the team back to […]

Critical Thinking Part 4

Critical Thinking Part 4 The information from the book excerpt forms the bulk of this paper. The irrefutable information from the articles is laden with substantial information about cancer survivors who are inevitably at a higher danger of developing cancer than the common population. Though not compulsory, scores of cancer survivors receive no customary cancer […]

Relevant Experience and Educational Background

Currently I am attending Indiana University where my majors are management and human resources. At present, I am in 3rd semester with a GPA of 3.0 out of 4.0. I have also learned English very well by studying English at English language centers in Indianapolis.Working for Segal Co. really attracts me because this company provides […]

Explain the course of the First Roman Civil War

History and Political Science March 26, Topic: Explain the course of the First Roman Civil War. Romans fought a number of civil wars. The first one resulted in the ouster of the Kings, followed by the revolt of the plebeians that paved way for the enactment of the laws of the Twelve Tablets. The cause […]

English Composition Fiction and non fiction stories

The point of view is able to relate specifically to everything that is happening in the story while showing how Oedpius met his voice.The plot and the characterization also work in this myth to tell the main theme of the story. The main character is Oedipus, specifically which is seen before his birth as foretold […]

On Lean Thinking Strategic Value and Challenges

The concept of leanness has captured the imagination of many in different fields of activity and this also includes those that are in the public sector. In service-oriented industries such as call center services, lean thinking was successfully applied to improve live agent call handling. Through merging Agent-assisted Voice solutions to the principles of lean […]

One of the hallmarks of any good decisionmaking process is consistency judicial precedent helps to ensure this

In this context, the courts practicing this principle are deemed to be able to ensure that legal decisions are made in a consistent along with predictable manner (Tufal, n.d.). Taking into account a similar notion, the essay emphasizes the importance of judicial precedent in developing a hallmark in the decision making process. Additionally, the different […]

How America’s Great University System Is Being Destroyed

It is impossible for a country like America to develop properly without giving more emphasis to the educational needs of the upcoming generation. According to Noam Chomsky, a famous cognitive scientist, there are multiple definitions of education, the traditional and the current. The traditional follow the ways of the enlightenment period, which states that a […]

English as the Official Language of the United States

Currently, there are 27 states using English as their official language and this includes Virginia. This article provides an easy to understand explanation of the bill. The article also gives an overview of the scope of the said bill. When it comes to reliability, the article can be considered reliable because it gives facts about […]

Jury System in England and Wales

The author aims to demonstrate that the central argument for the jury system in the English criminal justice system has been the preservation of justice and the prevention of a prejudiced trial and F. G. Hails suggests that any “restriction on the right to trial by jury even for a single class of criminal is […]

Critique of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Review of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe The main subject matter in Things Fall Apart entails missionary and colonial influence in Africa, with specific focus on the Nigerian context. The novel illustrates the events which occurred in Nigeria during the pre-colonial period of the 1890s. Great conflict emerged between colonialism concept and the traditional […]

Pu Songling`s View of Love

In Pu Songling’s personal life, he was deeply interested in supernatural tales and stories. For this reason, most of the stories narrated by Pu Songling were mere recollections from the older tales which he heard from the Tang Dynasty and the ones before that.60 of the stories of Pu Songling have been translated in English […]

The Bird Flu in the United Kingdom

Sturcke and Batty (2006) report stated that as many as 46 countries have recorded bird flu cases in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. Aside from being a health risk, the bird flu is also a massive economic threat. Freeman (2005) stated that "the UK has about 120 million poultry, including chickens, turkeys, ducks and […]

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Given that these aspects cannot be structured in a manner that makes them appear as one, education systems have to delineate the different needs for education into subunits that are applicable to the different learning levels and learner abilities (Stern 1983, p. 61). Therefore, this is also the framework upon which teaching English as a […]

Qualifications of Meaning in Advertising Images

An investigation of the interactive process instigated by cultural activity can also be seen as a "reflection on the intellectual position of certain cultures." (The English Association, 1999, p.182) Western design and visual communication is regarded as having originated from concepts of global power held by mass media and communication industries. (The English Association, 1999, […]

The company brand

Taking its name from a character in the novel Moby-Dick, Starbucks is the largest coffeehouse company in the world, from a small Coffee shop in Seattle 36 years ago its has developed itself to own 7521 self-operated and 5647 licensed stores in 39 countries. Surveys have shown that is the most successful and admired company […]

ESOL and Training for Security Industry Authority Licence

This essay explores the topic of teaching and training that becomes more and more challenging for the educators or trainers of many migrants. The researcher analyzes the effects of the diversity among the community, that strengthens its economic and social status. On the other hand, it entails social responsibilities that involve the need to educate […]

Multicultural Issues in Human Communication

The fact is that many African American students are facing academic problems due to their inability to speak and fully comprehend standard English and, therefore, the use of AAVE as a language of instruction during the transitional stage towards learning standard English, will improve the academic performance of these students and teach them standard English […]

Social Work and the Law

In other instances, abuse reports from hospital visits were ignored and the child was returned to her abusers. The Timeline article noted that three social workers were sacked after a public inquiry by Lord Laming found them guilty of negligence.Since Victoria’s death, there has been an upheaval in reforms to protect children, young people and […]

Learning differences in a given learning environment

Debates exist on whether it is the parental or teacher responsibility to effectively educate all these differences in student learning. Teacher’s expectations/stereotypes whether conscious or subconscious may serve to either support all these learning differences in a mutual learning environment or may advantage some to the disadvantage of others. According to the theory of critical […]

A Comparative Analysis of SingleUse and Reusable Instruments in Podiatry

The term "podiatry" traces its roots in North America but has eventually been adapted even among English speaking members of the Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (D.P.M.) – an organization of podiatric medical school graduates.The interest in studying the foot as well as appreciation of its importance to the beauty and health of an individual has […]


Panels come in several sizes, named according to the number f sheets f paper originally needed to cover them, such as 8-sheets and 30-sheets. Posters are found mostly in populated areas, in or near cities and towns. Painted bulletins are larger boards situated along highways and major roads. Their name refers to the fact that […]

Occupational therapy

The objective of the present systematic review is to establish the effectiveness for occupational therapy interventions for stroke patients. The background information of stroke is presented scientifically together with the rationale for the systematic review including its relevance to occupational therapy. The present study efficiency reflects in its systematic search of the literature, a methodological […]

Trade and Free Trade Development in the Last Fifty Years

Trade and "Free Trade" Development in the Last Fifty Years Undoubtedly, the current global economic order is mainly based on the "free trade" regime. This economic order is characterized by the increasingly unhampered flow of products and goods across national and regional borders. Arguably, the dominance of the "free trade" regime is the inevitable result […]

Cultural Diversity and Language Education

Spnish cme very esily to me becuse of ll the French I hd tken nd my strong desire to lern the lnguge. fter college, I trveled for yer in South meric, where I both reinforced my Spnish nd lso picked up Portuguese while visiting Brzil. When I returned from South meric I ws unsure wht […]

Gothic Literature

Figures found in ancient folklore, such as the Demon Lover, the Cannibal Bridegroom, the Devil, and assorted demons, later populated the pages of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Gothic novels and dramas. In addition, many seventeenth- and eighteenth-century works are believed to have served as precursors to the development of the Gothic tradition in Romantic literature. These […]

Comparative Economic Development

Industrialization of the society had positive as well as negative impact on societies. In Britain as well as in US, industrial revolution has led to inexpensive goods, transportation, and communication developments. From the others side, such issues as pollution, child labor and over-crowding of cities were also raised. Even though there were some differences between […]

The Rolle Estate Office

Unfortunately, the most effective sources of heat are also the very materials with high carbon concentration. Carbon is a component of the world around us. every event that occurs in our lives has a measurable carbon footprint. Each and every time an amount of carbon is used to create power, it has an impact on […]

Illegal Immigration Issue

To support my argument, the adverse effects brought about by illegal immigration, particularly in terms of employment displacement of citizens and incurring of additional social security expenditures of the government, are highlighted. Through the media, the concept of illegal immigration has been highly romanticized. Illegal aliens, as illegal immigrants are commonly referred to, are portrayed […]

Graphic Design in Victorian Era

The Victorian Era (Fig. 1) also referred to social movement, celebration of the industrial era’s spirit, design with fancy ornamental detail, the rise of American advertising design that contributed to the development of Graphic Design.In 1851, Prince Albert, husband of Victoria, organized the first international exhibition of manufactured goods as celebration of modern industrial technology […]

Model of Albert Memorial

Built around 1863 by Sir George Gilbert Scott, model of the Albert Memorial still remains to be an authentic emblem of neo-Gothic architecture till date. The plastered and gilt model neatly wears a polished gander testifying to the facsimile of the original Memorial tower located in Kensington Gardens in the English capital.2 The model was […]

Mel Gibson’s Brave heart

Though special effects somewhat gives the sensation but unless and until a good direction and camera are co-operating, everything turns to be a flaw. One simple instance can justify this statement and that is character movement. If a character walks away in a room, camera must be moved or positioned to frame his movements adequately. […]

Learning English as 2nd language

Many of the important educational innovations in current practice such as untracking and mixed-age grouping–are the direct result of teachers adapting their teaching to the challenge posed by children from culturally diverse backgrounds (Barry Mclaughan, Online Article, 1992).Culture, social identity, ethnicity, religion, and perceived class status, all need to be taken into consideration in language […]

Halliday Functional Grammar

An example would be "otter" and "odder" or "prints" and "prince". (Suber &amp. Thorpe 2001).Linguistic Determinism is a theory of language that contends that all our thoughts are defined by language. Without words to define an idea or object, the mind can have no understanding of it. It was first proposed in 1950 and has […]

Who’s to blame for Romeo and Juliet’s tragic end

R.Preeti 4/6/2007 Romeo and Juliet William Shakespeare is considered the Father of English Drama and all his works are widely read, studied and researched upon, even today. His contribution to English Literature is massive and often overshadows that of the other great writers and dramatists. His works range from comedies to tragedies, from sentiment to […]

Construction Contracts

One very important change is that the nomination for sub-contractors has been discarded. This will mean that the whole project will be the sole responsibility of the contractor. Hence, it will not matter if certain segments of the undertaking are passed on to other outside parties or agencies. Also, there will be minimal arguments to […]

Studying Language

In addition, social variations in the use of dialects exist, the linguistic levels to which these can be applied include vocabulary, idiomacity, grammar and pronunciation. In simple terms, this is the words used, the special meanings and forms they are used in, the way they are place within sentences and how they are spoken.How dialect, […]

The Human Rights Act 1998

For justice to be rendered impartially, while at the same time ensuring the protection of human and fundamental rights of the individual, an independent Judiciary is required. The total confidence of the public in the capability of the Judiciary to function in this manner is essential. In order to protect the individual against the abuses […]

English Language and Communication

Unfortuntely, the generl public sometimes ssocites foreign ccents with lower socil sttus. Spekers with foreign ccents my be viewed s less intelligent, less competent, nd even less ttrctive thn ntive English spekers. Other evidence indictes tht people in different countries hve been denied housing or employment simply becuse of their ccents.Negtive stereotyping nd stigmtiztion of […]

Australian Legal System

What constitutes the common law is not so much actual decision in a particular case as the principles upon which that decision is based (Gifford &amp. Gifford, 1983 p5).According to Corkery (1999, p105), all law is not judge made law and there is more and more codification in Australia now. The intention of the parliaments […]

The social structure in the English society

Marriage to a wealthy man of impeccable position was considered the most desirable state for a single woman, as we see from the situation of the Dashwood sisters whose only hope at a decent life is marriage to a well-provided husband. Mrs. Dashwood’s daughters do need to find a husband, despite her assurances to the […]

Equity Conscience And Unjust Enrichment

The doctrines are progressive, refined and improved. and if we want to know what the rules of equity are, we must look, of course, rather to the more modern than the more ancient cases:The contention that both branches of law are fused for practical purposes is more recent. Despite the fact that the primacy of […]

Racial Tension and Cultural Encounter

In this brief investigation of these works, two specific categories of analysis will be utilized to reveal the nature of this truth, the depictions of cultural encounter and the issues of race. Both Greene and Bowles have a rather dour picture about the possibilities for reconciliation in a global ethical sense, and while we are […]

Higher Education in England

Higher Education Institutions make significant contributions to the local economy, directly through the labor market and, indirectly, through student spending in the community, and also contribute to the social and cultural life of their regions through support for minority communities, theatre, cinema, and the arts.The higher education sector consists of some 170 institutions catering to […]

Contemporary Dickens Interdisciplinary Research and Criticism 2001present

New York: Oxford University Press.Friedman, S. 2003. Dickens’s fiction: tapestries of conscience. New York: AMS Press.Hori, M. 2004. Investigating Dickens’ style: a collocational analysis. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.John, J. 2003. Dickens’s villains: melodrama, character, popular culture. Oxford: Oxford University Press.Jordan, J.O. (ed.) 2001. The Cambridge companion to Charles Dickens. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.Mengham, R. 2001. […]

Pidgins and Creoles

A sentence in pidgin lacks prepositions, articles, subordinate clause and auxiliary verbs that connect the subject. Pidgin sentences are a collection of verbs, nouns and adjectives. Though the idea is communicated well, the contextual detail in the information is lost while communicating through a pidgin.Pidgins usually develop into creoles. Creoles follow grammatical rules with common […]

Research proposal (English by Arabic Foreign Language learners)

Order 284816 APPROPRIATE COMPLIMENTS BY ARABIC EFL LEARNERS TO AVOID MISUNDERSTANDING A Research Proposal Presented to The Faculty ofIn Partial Fulfillment Of the requirements for By ABSTRACT Making compliments successful in English by Arabic Foreign Language learners, to avoid circumstances of misunderstanding by the native English speakers or misunderstanding by the native speakers of English […]

Building Background and Comprehensible Input

It is important to acknowledge that teachers must meet the needs of English learners while addressing the needs of the mainstream student. This is quite a task but one that is possible to tackle. This lecture will address strategies that are essential for English learners to acquire content knowledge and improve academic language proficiency but […]

“Witches historical &amp

fictional"Witches Historical &amp. Fictional Throughout history the "witch" and everything con d with the word has changed, and possibly more than anything else, misunderstood. From the historical witch trials and burnings, that even our own country has seen, to fictional characterizations of witches in everything from books to movies to video games, the image of […]

Comparative Cybercrime Laws

To start with, the "global village" or the increased globalization of world trade, involving the need to engage in commerce with nations with unfamiliar legal systems. For another thing, the codification of multilateral associations like the European Union, the African Union, or the Arab League has demanded harmonization of laws of their member states. Moreover, […]


THE MONARCHY In 15th century most of the world was ruled kings and monarchs and Europe was no exception. England under the Kingdom of Great Britain emerged as the most powerful and flexed its muscles throughout the world. Most of the European Kingdoms used to involve in battles with their neighboring kingdoms to showcase their […]

Observing a Class Learning Reading and Writing

The teacher stays in front of the class with the board next to her so she has access to it whenever she needed to write something to point out to the class. The format of the class is mostly the teacher asking questions and the students are expected to answer. When a student answers, she […]

Twain Opening

Twain Opening There is little voiced debate that Mark Twain is one of the greatest American of all time. His often brash and slyly satirical wit combined with his mastery of the English Language place him on a pedestal next to a picture of Uncle Sam holding a Bald Eagle as a symbol of American […]


He was from France and at that time France was ruled by a Tyrant King. He saw people in his country in deplorable condition as a result. On the other hand, he visited many countries where people enjoyed great freedom and liberty and concluded that their happiness was a result of separation of powers in […]

Econmic Challenges

The state authorities suppose it is nothing more that shifting the obligations of federal financing to the state budget. As for the federal financing it rises with state Medicaid spending.The state Washington tries to reduce the level of Medicaid spending cutting interpreter services. For instance, "since 2003, Washington has reduced by $1 million each month […]

Care of Child A Prominent Need of any Society

As seen in the case of Helen Keller, her very own sister did not really care a bit and paid no fruitful attention to her health and need. Nevertheless, here the story was different in existence and practice. Angela was so much concerned about her younger sisters and was so very depressed with the thought […]

Service and Relationship Marketing

Changes have to be brought in with a strategic marketing approach on the basis of the service and relationship marketing. "Relationship marketing is not only a new or improved way of communicating with customer it is much more than that." (Gronroos 2007, p. 43).Werribee Park is situated in Australia. It is one of the oldest […]

Pronouncing the Phoneme for a Foreign Speaker of English

3 750 Roach (1983) describes four functions of intonation as he explains how speakers employ intonation to communicate effectively. The first is the attitudinal function of intonation, which allows people to convey their emotions through a particular tone. For instance, if one can say ´Good luck’ in such a way as to convey genuine enthusiasm […]

English law Annotation

In English law, enforceability of a promise made under contract is unenforceable unless met with consideration, hence a contract as it relates to promises contained within it but which are unsupported by consideration is void ab initio. Valid consideration is characterized by the following:a. The person making the offer must be expecting something in return.b. […]

Development of Professional Policing

The emphasis here was on training and skills needed to prevent crime and maintain order. The journey was a long and arduous one for professional policing as its proponents and detractors fought tooth and nail to promote or prevent its development.The transition phase was a turbulent one as the debate raged on, with arguments flowing […]

Legal Systems in the Civilized World

An oft-heard justification is that you cannot treat hardened criminals with kid gloves or you will be perpetrating crime even further. But this argument has no regard for the fact that even hardened criminals are covered by the human rights guarantees in the Constitution and in human rights conventions. Human rights are inalienable and imprescriptible, […]

Cross Cultural Management The British Character

Just a hundred years back, Britain was a country on which the sun never set. The English language, British customs, traditions, and food habits have now become an integral part of life in all her former colonies-all these being integrated into and modified by local customs. The British character and customs at home, have also […]

Racism and Ethnicity

Racism and Ethni The issue of racism and ethni is one for all seasons. No amount of discussions and writings will suffice the need for a comprehensive solution to the issue. The paper discusses the latest trends in racism and ethnicity. Both racism and ethnicity are very closely related. ‘A Race is a population of […]

An investigation into managing human resources and employment practices in Iran study

By addressing the above objectives, the dissertation hopes to bring available theories and practices together, providing valuable literature on Iran Human resources management and global human resources management.There are very few academic papers that have been published in the field of Human Resources management in Iran in English, while there are number of post graduated […]

Napoleon and Romanticism

Of the three, it was Byron (1788-1824) who made the biggest impact during his lifetime. His poems acted as a major source of inspiration for generations of Romantics. Unfortunately, his verses have not lasted well. His most famous poems are very long and belong to a more leisurely age when people had the time to […]

Cardiac Nursing

It was concluded that GPs and medical students need help to differentiate more accurately between patients at high and low coronary risk, and greater effort should be made to communicate the advantages and difficulties involved in multiple risk assessment.Two hundred randomly selected Swedish GPs and 73 medical students in their final year of medical school […]

The Origin Of Islam

But, after the death of Muhammed, Allah’s peace be upon him, every revelation were inscribed by the believers on barks, stones, and the modern times writing paper in the hope of passing the teachings on to the subsequent generations. In 1935, the first English translation was attempted bringing more people into the faith. Body Based […]

3 Businesses in UAE

Food products and personal effects were well stocked and in addition to this, the hypermarket specialized in clothing more specifically footwear. The hypermarket had good hypermarket attendants who would help the customers in finding products they were looking for within this huge retail store. The attendants were uniformly dressed so that one would identify and […]

USC personal statement

USC personal ment According to Newton’s First Law of Motion, an object in motion tends to stay in motion in the same direction unless an external force acts upon it. This theory can be applied to illustrate my real life experience. Before I came to the United States, I lived in Hong Kong. There I […]


Indeed, the book was dedicated to Larkin. who had helped to inspire and to edit it.The genesis and reception of Lucky Jim can be found in The Letters of Kingsley Amis. His correspondence with Larkin traces the book through its earliest incarnations, when it was known Dixon &amp. Christine and then The Man of Feeling. […]

English analysis

Overall, this paper shows many good decisions that were made in how to present the information. Good structure was used to help present the information in a precise and correct format, with a few problems here and there in the presentation of the information. The start of the letter and the headings are all set […]

Foreign language learners and spatial preposition

They can also involve possession, like the word ‘of’ in this phrase ‘The books of the school.’ When prepositions take on a relational meaning it is common to encounter errors of omission, and errors of commissionErrors of omission occur when foreign language learners, or growing children, "fail to use a preposition where one is called […]

Critical thinking exercise

In a sense Carey uses some of the ideas of the Enlightenment in reverse: thus the argument that systematic, scientific thinking could provide truths and laws about even the most complex of human relationships is reversed by Carey. He suggests that tracing the influence of the invention of a communication device must rely upon more […]

English Contract Law

Invoice sent by the company included the note which stated that the terms of the contract shall be adhered according to the original quotation. As per the original quotations Gordon has clearly specified that the servers with latest processors and maximum storage capacities are to be delivered within one month of the order and also […]


The various literary works analyzed in the later sections of this essay discusses the socio-political concept of multiculturalism as described by Samuel Selvon in The Lonely Londoners, and Hanif Kureishi in The Rainbow Sign and The Beautiful Launderette. This substantiates the fact that individuals from multicultural backgrounds, including the author himself, desperately crave for secure […]

Knowledge management issues in the new global economic order

At the same time technology is playing a major role in the development and existence of the Trans national companies. The Board, chief executive officers and top level of the management always think about new strategies and systems to maintain the growth and prospects of their organisation. However the growing competitive environment and emergence of […]

Main principles of industrial revolution

According to North, "institutions change shapes the way societies evolve through time and hence is the key to understanding historical change"(1990:vii, 3). Poor economic performance is the result of inefficient institutional structures. The difference growth rates among nations are the result of different types of societal rules that nations have. The great progress made by […]

Canada Before Confederation

Though the conquest occurred, there are historians who see it as a disaster to the Canadians. One example of such a historian is Michael Burnet. It is argued that people look at the Canadians as people who belong to the second-class or middle-class. They are no longer bourgeoisies but proletariats. The British have made businesses […]

Polymorphic Viruses

Polymorphic VirusesThe contemporary society has numerous innovations, which include computer science and information technology. This paper examines the concept of polymorphic viruses in computer science. In particular, the paper offers a summary, which depicts a personal impression on an article called, The Molecular Virology of Lexotan32 (Orr 2007). Finally, the application of the article to […]

Changing Theory of International Relations

The crash of 1929 affected the economies world over. America had a lion’s share in shaping UNO and international policies. The ever-strong Dollar always supported and dominated the world markets. Truly it was regarded as the “Land of opportunities” for people world over. The significant position was also due to her success in stopping the […]

English Renaissance Queen Elizabeth Tudor Politics

Elizabeth I was not accepted initially by the pageantry because of her lineage. If we try to interpret the text “The Queen’s Majesty’s Passage” from a feminist point of discourse, we would certainly come to a very vital aspect and conclusion that Elizabeth I was also suspected for her gender.&nbsp. On January 14th of the […]

Etiquettes in our Life

United Kingdom, the very word is enough to evoke images of royalty, pomp, splendor and a populace that supposedly looks upon the rest of the world with a feeling of contempt. The United Kingdom consists of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The country has had a very violent past, after been pillaged by the […]

Linguistics Semantics and Pragmatics

The presence of certain words in a sentence may lead to ambiguity. This could mean a perceived confusion with what is being conveyed by the sentence and may lead to different interpretations of the meaning. Words like ‘light’ could mean both not dark and not heavy. The presence of these words in a sentence can […]

Employee Shortage

Emphasizing incessant employment growth as well as radical improvement in the current healthcare facilities that laid down by the modern institutions, the primary purpose of this research is to critically analyze the employee shortage scenario in Molina Healthcare Inc. and how the organization mitigate the issue. In this regard, the study would reflect on briefly […]

English As The Unifying Factor Among The Different Immigrants

English acts as a binding force and has been doing so for quite some time, apart from the United States, in countries like India and Australia too. India is a land of diverse cultures and myriad languages and in spite of the fact, has remained remarkably united. Some of its credit goes to the English […]

Imigration Policy

Yet, their policies towards immigration are surprisingly similar. Both candidates have shifted their policies from the polarizing liberal and conservative stance to a middle of the road approach in hopes of gaining a national consensus.One of the initial problems that needs to be addressed in the immigration issue is how to secure the border. There […]

Training Programme for Production Manager

Top-Toy AS is a multinational company headquartered in Denmark with offices and outlets in Finland. This company produces and markets toys in many countries. In order to reduce manufacturing/production costs, Top-Toy AS has moved its production of some toys to China. Top-Toy AS has also begun a new policy of shipping its products directly to […]

The Ecological Approach and Social Disorientation

However, not all persons that live in disoriented backdrops take part in criminal circles. And here is where the ecological models fails in the sense that it does not illustrate why illegal activities are so prevalent is regions with low disorientation. The environmental line of attack inherent within criminology was popular in the 1920s as […]

Shopping Malls in the UK

The malls evolved in stages. In Mesopotamia city of Ur, by 1600 B.C someone decided to separate a street of shops from the town with doors which were closed at night. That is the first trace of the ‘enclosed shopping promenade" evolved in more than a millennium. Then the ancient Greeks had their liking for […]

English Literature Shakespeare Hamlet

Hamlet s 9 April 2009 Aristotle was a genius and he set some guidelines for a play to be a tragedy, he believed that the presence of a tragic hero is a must for any tragedy. he also believed that the tragic hero suffers excessively in a tragedy. Hamlet is one such tragedy in which […]

Fixed and Floating Charge

It is imperative to observe that the stipulations fixed charge as well as equitable mortgage are every now and then utilized in replacement with each other( Rawlings, 1997).A floating charge is a charge that does not primarily fasten itself to a specific resource or property which implies the fact that the borrower is permitted to […]

Educational Practice in a Multilingual Context

Brahmin is the name of the priestly caste, the highest in the Hindu social system. In fact, the word Brahmin translates to “divine” and its role has been defined as one of teacher or advisor. In the Hindu Sri Lankan society, members of the Brahmin caste are tasked with officiating at religious rites and are […]

Balance of Power between Football Players and Football

Moreover, it is a natural follow-up on my project proposal which I made. Through this work, I intend to lay a firm foundation for my research project and ensure that I fulfill the need of the players and ensure that necessary suggestions and prescriptions are keenly laid out to enhance the constant improvement and enjoyment […]

Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Hunger to Transcendence

It was less than four years ago that she had fled her father’s tumble-down mobile home in the middle of the night. For years, since the death of her mother, she had endured the escalating abuse of the angry, bitter man who had once been the center of her world. It had begun with cruel […]

Film Lost in Translation

In fact, the movie clearly traffics in stereotypes, but it does depart from the Hollywood’s tradition of Orientalism. However, in the narration film, there is not much complexity as According to several critics, Sofia Coppola’s Oscar-winning film Lost in Translation seems to depict the Japanese culture in an American way and there is essential distortion […]

Investment theory and analysis

"The Reported Amount reflects a value of $0.02 Per Share of Data Center Relocation Costs." SEATTLE (BUSINESS WIRE) May 13, 1999. Nordstrom, Inc. also reported diluted earnings per share of $0.22 for its first quarter, ending April 30, 1999. Nordstrom’s Earnings per share increased by 33%, to 52 cents a share, about a penny more […]

Muslim Sunni Mosque

Over the past two years, both the media and politicians have highlighted the differences between Sunni Islam and Shia Islam and conflicts between Shia and Sunni Muslims. As a Shi’ite Muslim, I had never given the question much thought and, indeed, in my gatherings with other Muslims, some of whom are Sunni, never really noticed […]

Language and Dictrionaries

In his proposal for the new undertaking in lexicography, Richard Chenevix Trench made a bold statement by announcing that it is not the function of a dictionary to provide standards (5). Trench described the role of a lexicographer as one of "an historian of it [language], not a critic" (5), whose task is to "collect […]

Typical Lesson Plan to Use for an English Class

Ask the students to provide as many words as possible from the following phonic combinations after providing a few examples. The next part involves the student extracting phonic sounds from a given list of words.Actually, it was a lot more personal and took a lot more time. If one needed to get in touch with […]

American History Taxation Laws 1760’s

American History – Taxation Laws 1760s American history, as one knows from the chronicles begins from British rule and domination, but under the influence of 1760s taxation laws the situation changed and the people realized themselves as independent nation and decided to struggle for liberation. The present paper is designed to discuss the main legal […]

We real cool by Gwendolyn Brooks

We Real Cool WE REAL COOL Titus Rock Manickam Order No. 268617 19 January 2009 WE REAL COOL ThesisThis poem by Gwendolyn Brooks is the miniature model of the contrasts of life in exquisite finesse.IntroductionOf all poems ever written, We Real Cool by Gwendolyn Brooks appears to be the most succinct and slick. The poet […]

World Cinema in the 1950s

Americans with English as their mother tongue enjoy comfort when watching an English movie. The cultural differences that are portrayed in foreign movies might not convince them. They feel at ease watching a movie that exhibits their daily life, culture, custom or any of their routines. American movies are mostly stunt-based. they can visualize the […]

English midterm

Greed triggered the people to find their own American dream riches (Hill 2). The Miller novel and movie story emphasizes certain factors affect the successful reaching the hard to pin down American dream.Mr. A. Miller’s novel and movie story correctly pertains to the average person’s elusive attainment of the coveted American dream during the 1940s […]

Short reflection

Essay, English Short Reflection: Earth Day Activities Humankind owes immense debt of gratitude to Mother Earth. In America, the idea of celebrating Earth Day was first mooted in the year 1970 and since then it is being celebrated on 22nd April every year. The assets of Mother Earth are precious and though the activity of […]

The Kite Runner

Controversy of Grade Inflation Khaled Hosseini’s debut novel, The Kite Runner, arrived on the booksellers’ shelves as a breath of fresh air. It is the first novel by an Afghani-American to be issued in English. The Kite Runner is liberation from the political and historical approach of much of today’s fiction on the Middle East. […]

Bill of Rights 2nd Amendment

1). Arms in this case include any kind of firearms (handguns, rifles, and shotgun among others). The Second Amendment, as intended by the founding fathers, gives individuals the constitutional right to bear arms although the state reserves the mandate to regulate their ownership and use. This paper will analyze the Second Amendment to the Constitution […]

The Concepts of Race and Slavery

Ethnicity describes the difference between subgroups within the larger racial categories, for example between American citizens who have Italian, Irish, Polish and Swedish forefathers. They are all similarly Caucasian in appearance, but they have different cultural traditions, and it is this social difference that is called ethnicity.These ethnic differences have been a part of American […]

Rights of the Accused

Rights of the AccusedDefine due process and its originsDue process is hailed by conservatives as one of the most noteworthy legal principles emanating from the English common law tradition. The foundations of due process flow from chapter 39 of Magna Carta (1215) that affirms “no freeman shall be apprehended, or detained, or denied his freehold, […]

Methodology rationale of a lesson plan

This is followed by detailed analysis or the lesson plan and peculiarities of students’ perception of material and attitude to learning, their interests and cooperation during the lesson. Also there will be suggested an action plan for my self-improvement and advance in my future teaching skills. Final point of my paper includes brief conclusion on […]

Behavior and Needs of Children with Autism Syndrome Deficiency

A four and a half-year-old boy was accompanied by his parents. He looked overactive and wandered around the room. On direct questioning and asking his speech was incomprehensible and it was very difficult to understand specific words. His mother said he speaks in English. people with this disorder use various communication modes which include speech, […]

Why does Ronny get upset in this chapter How does Aziz act toward him and why How does Ronny respond and why In this scene trace the causeeffect sequence in the changing feelings of Aziz Ronny and Fielding

Passage Ronny is a character who devalues Indians and its culture. He was brought up in an open-minded outlook, but gradually it gives its way to a suspicious attitude to the Indians. His opinions, feel and his manners of speaking also have undergone lots of changes like that of the old British officials .This attitude […]

Chinese Language and thoughts

Language and thoughts Once I was talking to a friend of mine in China in English. His uncle, Xin requested me to speak in Chinese instead of English. The reason he gave for this suggestion was that the language one speaks affects the way one thinks. He said that Chinese are known for patriotism and […]

Old English Poetry opinion

Early English Poetry Aside from the textual meaning of poetry, it also holds literary and historical meanings that contribute significantly to the study of human civilization. Upon reading about poetry in the early part of human history it can be considered as an important historical record of the different events prior to printed records. Due […]

Pedagogical Strategy Using the Harry Potter Books

61500 According to the research findings, it can, therefore, be said that making the curriculum conducive for inculcating the interest in the students of elementary age has always come as a big challenge to the educationalists. “Culturally responsive teaching implies using cooperative learning methods and strategies to discover the student’s worlds and incorporate them into […]

The Canadian Fur Trade

Westward and northward exploration in what is now Canada was inextricably linked with the twin desiderata of a profitable fur trade and an easy passage through North America to the Pacific and thus to the rich trade of the Orient. Voyaging into the Hudson Bay region, British explorers failed to locate the easy passage to […]

English Literature (no specific topic)

onversation and his impression of the other characters and their observable behavior: his wife Fran, his friend Bob, Bob’s wife Olla, their baby Harold and their exotic pet peacock Joey. However, a deeper study makes one realize that, just as much of Carver’s story remains untold, Jack’s narration leaves much unsaid to his audience. Jack […]

Eating my favorite fruit

of the English of the Concerned 25 January Eating my Favourite Fruit Mango Mango is my favourite fruit. It is alsocalled the king of fruits that grows in many Southeast Asian countries. It was my grandmother who lives in Nicaragua, who introduced me to this amazing fruit. I really regret the fact that mango actually […]

The Best Indicator of Twentieth Century Voting Patterns in Britain

This essay will attempt to assess the relationship between social class and election outcomes in twentieth-century Britain by way of citing evidence from scholarly literature. Seen from a historical perspective, the British, and especially the English, “have traditionally considered themselves above nationalism”. In other words, the self-identity of British citizens is influenced more by their […]

English in the Community

Despite some resistance observed in various countries due to cultural differences, English has grown to become the world language in many ways. Throughout history, linguists have come to realize that some languages are more similar than others and have succeeded in tracing back their origin. The first extract indicates that languages are related in various […]

Learning the English Language

Learning the English Language The English language has gradually grown to become an international language and this has made communication easy in the contemporary world. The growth of the English language to become the leading global language can be because of the application of the language in schools as the standard teaching language in many […]

Impact of English and TESOL in the Middle East

As the report stresses the institutions that use English as a Foreign Language are broadly divided into two categories. The first category is institutions that teach the English language as a foreign language in non-English speaking countries. These institutions maybe international or local in nature and may conduct all their learning in English or offer […]

Visual media

ENGLISH VISUAL MEDIA This is social image because it is addressing the social problem whichaffects many individuals which is HIV/AIDS. This image shows the emaciated HIV/AIDS patient. It is indubitable that reckless unprotected sex with an infected person will lead to HIV/AIDS infection. Therefore, people have to get the facts concerning HIV and change their […]

Italy profolio

Newspaper Articles that Discuss Aspects of European Politics in Italy They include. Italy EconomistThe Guardian TelegraphBBC News World NewspaperThe Local Italian Newspaper (Giornali Italian)Defense Government News Article Italian News in English European Crisis This continuous crisis had been a problem to most countries in Europe from as early as 2009 a delegation of 10 eastern […]

The Childrens Understanding of SVO Word Order

102500 The first group is composed of French children who are 2 years of age and heard either high or low-frequency verb modeled in either SOV (subject-object-verb) or VSO (verb-subject-object) order. While the second group is likewise composed of French children who are 1 year older than the first group (3 years old) heard also […]

Strict Censorship Policies of Google

China has consistently maintained its strict censorship policies which it imposes indiscriminately upon its citizens and unto anyone who wants to setup business in the country. The implementation of the “Great Firewall” or its more encompassing source known as the “Golden Shield Project” ensures that the government has full control to what Internet users are […]

Improving Speaking Skills of NonNative Learners

Teaching speaking skills can be very challenging as well as very difficult. Learning to speak with proper grammar usage and pronunciation generally has a long learning curve. The ability to speak proper English is essential for being successful and in one’s career. This essay would be discussing how to improve the speaking skills of non-native […]

U S Workplace Language Discrimination

In the introduction part of the article, Thorpe-Lopez introduces the content of her article in which, she informs about the current status of America as a melting pot and a multicultural state. She also informs about the legislation that is attached to the usage of language in workplaces. She also informs about how she will […]

Unit 3 Assignments and Discussions

Our staff documents numerous instances of neglect and emotional abuse, which we reported to a local childcare protective services agency (Feeney &amp. Freeman 2012). Amazingly, investigation was conducted and the child allowed remaining in the uncles home. However, the situation seems not to improve.The NAEYC code requires rights of the children to be respected. The […]

Leave Your Name At The Border by Manuel Munoz

Your full February 21, Response Essay Munoz begins and ends his essay on the same regarding the Fresno, California Airport, since he wants to convey to the reader in an interesting way what he wants to say in the rest of the essay. The beginning makes the reader familiar with the main content of the […]

US Post Cold War Interventionism Foreign Policy

There is a strong and credible argument that the United States foreign policy has encouraged widespread destabilization across the world, the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. The use of the United States military should be restricted to situations where the country’s regional integrity, liberty, or sovereignty is under threat. President George Washington, […]

Human Resources Employment Law for Business

Carlos Alverez, a Mexican American, applied for a job as a mechanic with Quick Lube. He was not hired because he did not meet the minimum height requirements for the position. specifically, he was not at least 5 feet 8 inches. D) Carlos does not have a claim for national origin discrimination because Quick Lube […]

Harmonisation of International Commercial Law

The modern perception of the law of international trade has been defined by Schmitthoff, who stated: “It is a remarkable fact – as remarkable as the world-wide acceptance of the rule of law and the universal acceptance of corporateness – that the law of international trade shows a striking similarity in all national legal systems.” […]

The Effects of Police and Criminal Evidence Act in English Policing

There were public claims that the operation oppressed some races, by carrying out unwarranted searches. It became evident that the police were exercising abuse of the powers vested on them. The police search operations failed to meet their objectives. However, the police could only carry out stop and search missions in London and a few […]

Summary of The Shakespearean Tragic Hero

Assignment, English Literature ic and Modern) Topic: Summary of “The Shakespearean Tragic Hero,” pp. 687-691 The Shakespearean Tragic Hero as articulated by A.C Bradley needs to be of “high degree”(687) meaning a king, prince, commander or the like as such the welfare of others, most probably a whole nation, is impacted by his actions and […]

Early Virginia

Slave Trade in the American Continent The American continent is incomparable to the world with reference to economic and technological advancements. Every other continent envies America although their rapid early growth is subject to criticism. While some people believe that the economic prosperity is based on continuous efforts of the Americans, others believe that it […]

Public Health and Social Justice in the Age of Chadwick

Most minor cases of illnesses are treated and can be managed at home. The traditional approach of health has become common in the day to day world (Helman, 1978). In the past, illnesses were believed to be a result of satanic possessions or witches. Good health was brought about by balance in people, which included […]

Student perceptions of student interaction in a British EFL setting

It is qualitative research which sheds light on the feedback of participants and concludes based on the results of the analysis.The fundamental objective of this research is to determine the perceptions as according to the definition adopted by Barkhuizen (1998). His definition connotes perception as an interaction of three actions. expressing one’s feelings, forming a […]

The Criticism of English Criminal Law

The introduction of the Criminal Justice Act 2003 has had the effect of rewording the legislation so that now the prosecution only has to prove that the intention of the defendant was to cause serious bodily harm. Schedule 21 of the CJA does go on to suggest that where the prosecution can only prove an […]

Core Beliefs of the Church of England

Archbishop George Carey, in his otherwise very conservative Canterbury Letters, candidly denies that neither God nor the devil received any payback and describes any such thing as immoral, and out of character with what we know of God.24. Anglican modernism is identified with the “Modern Churchmen’s Union” founded in 1898 to stimulate and defend liberal […]

UK Heritage Protection System

The national treasures are ‘finite assets’ that connect the ages, protect our ancestor’s memories and preserve our heritage. All of the structures that identify Britain are our inheritance. “English Heritage has the task of identifying and protecting this inheritance in England. The main means of doing this is by listing recommending buildings for inclusion on […]

The letter for the ESL program in Ashland University

The letter for the ESL program in Ashland Introduction Ashland has a strong program, but can be improvedin some areas. As the program is mostly focused on speaking and lessoning, it is very hard for students who come from different countries and speak different languages to catch up in those areas. They give the two […]

Advice to Future Students

Advice to future The in English has significant importance in the future academic and social life of a person. The language is globally used thus making it an important acquisition in one’s learning experience. Similar to any learning experience the course require participation in equal efforts from the tutor and the student. This increases the […]

Reminders About the Acceptable Use of Email and Text Messaging

Reminders about the acceptable use of email and text messagingAbstractThe paper is a procedural email to employees reminding the key components of a company policy on acceptable use of email and text messaging. The paper consists of the subject line. The first paragraph talks about the main idea which talks about the acceptable use of […]

The CrossCultural Global Economy

It is important that the values of communicating with people of other nations that people working internationally together in the business world recognize the privacy, cultural sensitivity, teamwork, legality, and privacy (Voss and Flammia, 73) and American interpretations of those are respectful of other countries in order work together in a global economy. As Americans, […]

Marketers Invading Privacy

of the of the Concerned English 27 February Marketers Invading Privacy The article How Companies Learn Your Secrets, published in The New York Times is revealing and positively shocking in the sense that it indicates the dawn of an era where the privacy of the customers is open to the invasiveness of the marketers interested […]

Developing an argument

English and Culture Culture is the richest treasure of any civilization whether it still exists or has ceased existence. According to T. S. Eliot, though poetry by itself is already filled with the most priceless treasure it is being further enriched by the English language. With the statement expressed by the author, there is that […]

Comparison between Bahraini and Swiss Civil Law

Bahrain has sufficient exposure to the British legal system, and its legal system is mixed drawing from both codified systems. Islamic law and English common law (Bahrain Civil Code, art. 1). Bahrain became a British protectorate in 1880 after the Ottoman Empire lost control over it in 1861. In August 1971, Bahrain gained full independence […]

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for the management of tennis elbow a pragmatic randomized controlled trial the TATE trial

Journal Article Review al Affiliation Methods This was a randomized controlled trial in primary care to examine the effectiveness of information and advice given by a medical practitioner on exercise and analgesia through employing transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation as a non-drug method of analgesia to minimize the intensity of pain in patients with tennis elbow. […]

Web or Mobile System Paper

Interface and ease of use Google Docs is considered to be most widely used online tool for text editing, as it is a collaborative writing platform that utilize web 2.0 technologies (Using Google docs to facilitate collaborative writing in an English language classroom practice.2010). Google docs’ layouts are design for the easy usage. The interface […]

Discuss methods for mitigating challenges encountered in the classroom given that some students are learning English as a second and third language

speaking backgrounds at English schools (Candlin &amp. Mercer, 2001). For recent arrivals, the educational experiences they have had in their country can play an important role in determining their success at school in England. The extent of formal schooling and the level reached previous to their migration will determine their familiarity with learning in an […]

Children education

Your Full Your 26 February Reading is Learning Education has become an important component of our lives, at least those of us who live in the developed world. It is not only useful in helping us gain advancement in various professions and attain personal enlightenment, but is also good for increasing our awareness of everything […]

Ms Aragon and her young son recently moved to the United States from Mexico She is considering whether to enroll him in a bilingual education program or immerse him in an Englishonly school How would you advise her Why

Discussion It is my honest opinion that the son of Ms. Aragon would receive far more benefits from his education if he attends an English-onlyschool. The reason for this, as far as I am concerned, is a very simple one. The boy already speaks the language of his country of origin at home. He is […]

“Professional development &amp

critical reflection" •&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Demonstrate a critically reflective understanding of a range of social and individual factors which can affect children’s and young people’s well-being and development inside and outside of the school/setting. •&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Show understanding of how to identify these factors in relation to particular children/pupils. 2. Ensure that you demonstrate detailed knowledge &amp. understanding […]

International InvestingDB3

2500 Content Cow Dairy is currently only considering exporting as its only market entry strategy into international locations. Exporting is a very effective and practical way to achieve expansion into the foreign market, but is not the only option. The current strategy used by the firm of exporting has the advantages of being fast to […]

Chinua Achebe the Father of African Novels in English

2500 Chinua Achebe Chinua Achebe is known as “the father of African novels in English”. His novels describe traditional African society and the effects of the Western culture on it (Liukkonen , par 1). The “African English” literary style of Achebe has made him famous not only in Africa but all over the world. In […]

Literature Review Law topic Is the UK Parliament still legally sovereign today

61500 British officials claim that the dominant characteristic of the political institutions in the United Kingdom is the sovereignty of the Parliament. The English Constitution has granted the Parliament with the right to formulate laws and ensure their enforcement. The legal sovereignty of the British Parliament is vested in the legislation which contrasts with the […]

Growing and Changing through Life

I think it would be very beneficial for me to meet a fellow classmate or student who is experiencing this shift for the first time in their life, perhaps someone who has come to the United States from somewhere in Central or South America with a language other than English. The reason I feel this […]

Managing for Results

The officer in command was Captain William Bligh and Fletcher Christian was second in command. Some countrymen are pressed into serving the English navy for this voyage of about 2 years. After having faced various hardships put forth by the sea and the Captain in command, alike, they reached Tahiti and obtained the breadfruit plants […]

An Orientation Tour along with Fall Prevention Education

Step 3:Create your research question. State your full question. For example: For new students entering an online program would a mandatory orientation course improve retention by increasing computer literacy and professional writing proficiency? Step 4:Select the key PICOT terms for searching the evidence.Is the potential solution something for which you (as nurse or student) can […]

Do the Right Thing Collection

The cause of disagreement arises when Sal who owns the pizzeria dismisses Buggin a black American young man who protests about the wall of fane at the restaurant. Racial discrimination is evident in Sal’s restaurant when he speaks rudely at Buggin. The wall of fame in this restaurant contains only Italians and no black celebrity […]

Catering for a variety of learners

Activity Read both Cummins (1979) and the Clarkson references (at least) and comment on them. It would be interesting if some of the group could reflect, and if possible find some more research reference material, on what this theory might or does mean for teaching in other subject areas.&nbsp. Linguistics form an important part of […]

A Classical Argument on Language

For instance, the definition of vernacular is, “the native language or native dialect of a particular population. The latter is critical when distinguishing it from lingua franca of the famous group that occupies a region, or it could be a literary work. Further extensions may even cover the entire nation. Slang is in the record […]

Global Issues in United Kingdom Germany and Japan

The United Kingdom is a highly successful food industry in the world. It majors in agricultural products. however, major factors affect the production, for example, the raw materials are imported from other countries with lower labor costs. The countries that supply the United Kingdom with raw materials and cheap labor are mainly the third world […]

Language and Social Identity

Language is comprised of gestural, visual, sound, spoken and written, expressions that shape our response towards others. The previous research and the current research on language and discourse help me in understanding how language shapes our identity in either gender, social, occupational or cultural aspects (Pavlenko &amp. Norton, 2007). In the light of the research […]

Questions on Syntax

Meanwhile, [15Max remains in a critical condition], and [16Tanya has been incarcerated]. [17The audience must have been sitting on the edge of their seats]! (a) Group together instances of each clause type, and identify the grammatical features that characterise each type. (b) Next, consider the verb strings in clauses 8, 13, 16 and 17 and […]

An event that involving an ASL experience

The Green Festival experience Last Saturday was a great day where I got to attend an event dubbed the Green Festivalin New York City with two of my classmates from my American Sign Language (ASL) class. ASL is a language used by the deaf for communication using signs primarily made by hands (Sternberg 54). Before […]

Division in the nineteenthcentury

This is the prompt. I only need help with the beginning page I’m going to provide. I’ll highlight for you in red what he wants me to add to what I’vewritten. The blue is what I’ve written. The black is the prompt. A postcolonial literature is hybrid by nature because it’s created by a clash […]

The Police in America

The tradition policing of the United States was both communal (watch system) and informal. Dempsey and Forst assert that the law and criminal justice system of the United States originated from the English. Therefore, much work of this book concentrates on the experience of the English police. According to the content of this part, one […]

Principles for Outlining

Principles for Outlining This paper tries to make some sort of comparison, as well as a proper analysis on how to write a multi-paragraph outline, as well as how to effectively structure a college paper outline. First and foremost, the two presentations above clearly denote that there is a distinct difference between a multi-paragraph and […]

Adult Learners with English as an Additional Language

Aside from the influences of beliefs, values, and practices, differences in the language used by people make the task of exchanging information on things extra difficult. As instructors are tasked to teach their students and facilitate the learning process, they become subject to several theories laws and principles which they can utilize in assisting optimal […]

MSc Management and Entrepreneurship

In 2003 my parents sent to a boarding school, Sadiq public school. This facility was a military boarding school, so plenty of rumble and tumble was to be expected. The focus was on early morning exercise, active sporting participation, and extra curricular activities. Swimming was the one activity that I took to. I was the […]

Why Teaching Appeals as a Career

PERSONAL MENT Teaching appeals to me as a career because I have found that it is the only profession which makes a person deeply engrossed in his task. It is also an amusing and entertaining job as you are always engaged with your students. Over and above that, no one can learn as quickly from […]

Analysis of A Journey into the DeafWorld by Harlan Lane Robert Hoffmeister and Ben Bahan

Following a brief introduction of the authors Harlan Lane, Robert Hoffmeister and Ben Bahan inappropriately polite Deaf etiquette, which includes the naming of affiliations (schools attended) and experience/entry into this world, the book describes the physical entrance to a representative Silent Club, using language that reminds us of the speakeasies and other secret or semi-legal […]

Traditional and Modern Theories of TAM proof reading

Tense, aspect and mood are all features of verbs, which are words used to describe actions or states of being. Plato defined verbs as denoting action whereas Aristotle described them as having “a composite sound with a meaning, indicative of time” (Binnick, 1991: 3). Thus, tense is the foremost feature of verbs. There are also […]

2 How did global trade patterns and relations

As years passed by, there are major expectations as well as perceived changes that occurred. For instance, changes in trade and relations. Fifteenth century was characterized few traders and minimal relations between nations. There was widespread fear among people. People viewed each other with much suspicion. There was a language barrier that kept people from […]

Its an ArgumentSource Paper on American Social Problems My topic is Alcoholism

ALCOHOLISM Stephan Shannon Mrs. Lubick English 101 05/03 ALCOHOLISM Alcoholism, also known as alcohol dependence, is a destructive pattern resulting from excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcoholism does not only affect the individual, but also their families and the entire society in adverse ways. The past and the present generations have suffered tremendously from the effects […]

Oprah Winfrey A Great Leader

Oprah Winfrey: A Great LeaderOprah Winfrey is not a politician but I adore her as a great leader. In most cases, politicians are often treated with great esteem by virtue of being great orators but in this case, I think Oprah is just a unique leader. Though I have never met this icon, I am […]

Miscommunication in Aviaition Safety

Consequently, miscommunication among these individuals may result in grave consequences such as a fatal crash or accident. Of all aviation accidents that have been reported, over 70% points to miscommunication as a significant contributor to the fatal aviation crashes. Hence, miscommunication in the form of improper English, language errors, as well as inefficient cockpit communication […]

Stoat company

Segment 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 Granulamuesli bars 115.2 128.0 140.8 153.6 163.2 172.8 Sports and eegy bars 140.3 167.5 194.6 218.4 242.2 266.0Other bars114.2152.7187.7214.4248.8283.5overall369.7448.1523.1586.4654.2722.3Cosumer attitudeThe table below shows the customer attitude in Stoat Company. these products include all the types of breakfast cereals and porridge, these products are represented in the market share […]

Principles of Teaching Grammar

Without considering the target language as one’s mother tongue or as a second language, mastery in grammar helps to have mastery in the target language. Different types of definitions on grammar attempt to define it in diverse ways and it helps one to realize that grammar consists of a set of rules which is capable […]

In what ways is it evident that paine and publius were influenced by montesquieu and locke

Thomas Paine was an English-American political writer who lived between (1737–1809).among his most remarkable publications, Common Sense (1776). Paine argued that the British colonies in America should revolt against the Crown. Paine’s work had great influence on the public during the American Revolution.Thomas Paine and Publius contributed greatly to the revolution of Americans and the […]

Aspect Hypothesis in Relation to Languages

In addition to this, the types and sub types of aspect hypothesis will be established and for each, several examples of inherent, as well as, grammatical aspects in English and Arabic will be provided. A further explanation will be offered to clarify on why the chosen examples, in addition to, how these examples relate to […]


His argument must be analyzed for its causes and implications to further understand the positive and negative cultural outcomes of imperialism for the colonizer and the colonized. By connecting imperialism’s tyranny to freedom, the story argues that the protagonist sacrifices his moral autonomy, in order to reinforce the white man’s leadership through violent-centered superiority.Before the […]

How B G Tilak thought taking action was the only way to create and Independent India

He later graduated with a bachelor’s in mathematics and Sanskrit. Tilik completed his studies with a degree in law in 1879.After graduating from school, Tilak emerged as a great political leader, writer, philosopher and a Sanskrit scholar. The philosophical views of Tilak were highly influenced by the western metaphysics and political views. This is attributed […]

Good Practices in Teaching and Learning English for Specific Purposes in Chinese Universities

“Language learning activities are representative of the diverse social and cultural background knowledge and experience of learners. Language learning activities provide learners the opportunities to assess and negotiate knowledge, concepts and ideas in the light of their own socio-cultural backgrounds” (Ajayi, p.8) The above facts forced non-native English speaking nations to encourage the learning of […]

Describe and analyze the nature of indian/white reations on the frontier from 16071763

However, not everything in the Native American/White relations was entirely gruesome. Oppression and conflicts with white people turned Native Americans into a nation with remarkable adaptation potential. As a result, while European colonialism was pushing Native American populations westwards, the latter were developing the degree of flexibility, adaptability and cohesion that had been unknown to […]

Website and URLs Supporting and Promoting British Airways

82000 URL is for English customers. Along with English customers, it also provides opportunities for booking and information gaining to the people of other countries. It also facilitates with detailed information about the services provided by the organization such as travelling, residing, holidays, restaurants and others. It is also relevant as it is a […]

Rights of the Unborn in the UK and EU

is that continuing with the pregnancy involves a greater risk to the physical or mental health of the woman, or her existing children, than having a termination. Abortion of up to 24 weeks is allowed if there is a substantial risk that the child when born would suffer "such physical or mental abnormalities as to […]

About Translation

Therefore, I have no difficulties in translating from Arabic to English because I enjoy when doing so. Moreover, a translating major would land me into a great career.A major in translating Arabic to English will be great for me. This is because the English language is the most recognized international language. It has surpassed languages […]

Afrita Hanem by Henry Barakat

One of the genres to understand from the film is American English. The usage of this is seen in the movie and this is important for it shows the fact that the cast of the movie is actually diversified. Another genre noticed in the movie is the use of British English. This is used several […]

Field Diary

The visitation on October 23 was aimed at promoting the tenant participation in the housing program and the afterschool program with their children. The first accomplishment of the IHDC was to renovate two buildings with a capacity of 177 units. It is committed to building communities within its buildings and in the Tenderloin through community-driven […]

English 102 the family

Rosaldo and Sylvia Yanagisako, who quite persuasively argue that the family is not “a universal human institution” (p. 1). As controversial as this argument sounds, one finds support from it in Diane Ackerman’s A Natural History of Love and Sara Ruddick’s “Thinking About the Father.” Both scientific and anthropological perspectives on the concept of the […]

Twoway Exchange in Cultures

The United States is influencing the rest of the world through its culture and products, but the United States is also influenced by the culture of other countries.&nbsp. The United States is composed of different ethnicities and religions – the Jews, the Christians, the Muslims, the Hindus, and the Buddhists, and these ethnicities and religions […]

Benjamin Franklin 2

Most of the colonial population in America during the time of Franklin was English speaking and of British origin. They were spread over four regionsnamely, the Plantation South, the Middle Colonies, New England and Frontier. Most came from similar economic and social backgrounds and they were predominantly Protestants. Franklin earned fame as a statesman in […]

Wireless security

Wireless Security: An Overview As we move ahead into the 21st century , the wireless medium of communication and connection is becoming the preferredchoice for everyone who use technology. Along with many users moving to the wireless medium , the development and growth of the technology being employed is exponential. It has reached a point […]

Effect of Film on Political Sensibilities

Effect of Film on Political Sensibilities People gain their sense of political awareness from different aspects of life. Some do it from their experiences while others attain them from the experiences of other individuals. The source of the political sensibility is not as important as is the application of the knowledge to make an individual […]

Accommodating English Language Learners in the elementary classroom

Accommodating English Language Learners Accommodating English Language Learners As an elementary teacher, I would accommo English Language Learners in my class by giving them a chance to answer my questions, ask questions and make other contributions. This would comply with the Federal legal requirement that directs that English Language Learners are entitled to equal educational […]

Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town by Edward Estlin Cummings

The poem ‘Anyone lived in a pretty how town’ of Edward Estlin Cummings draws my special attention and is inspiring than the poet’s other poetry and stands singular in matters of typography, punctuation, syntax, diction, imagery, rhythm, and the grammar is often pushed to their extreme ends. I feel that the common way of using […]

An Annual Report of Marks and Spencer

Two of the major communication tools used in businesses includes annual reports and corporate sales brochures in which they help to communicate to the various targeted parties important information. Essentially, a corporate sales brochure is a marketing device that can also serve as a communication strategy in which it helps an organization to sell itself […]

English reaserch paper

et of rules, norms or processes by which individuals live since childhood and tolerating or understanding those having differing views of it is a challenging task.B. The advent of technology and the simultaneous evolution of globalization have blurred national and international boundaries thereby further stressing on the significance and need for encouraging cultural acceptance. As […]

Language Programs in NYC

1. What is the most spoken transitional/bilingual program in NYC? Why is it an important program for students?The teaching of foreign languages is one of the outstanding educational programs found in New York City. It is estimated that approximately 800 different languages are spoken in the city. This is an important program for the students. […]

More Beer Inc

More Beer Inc. has to take extreme care while issuing termination notice to any of the employees included in the list supplied to me by you. I am trying to analyze the cases of each employee one by one in order to get more insights into the moral, legal and business aspects involved in the […]

The history and development of freehold property title in english system

There were three aspects of feudalism such as personal, property, monarchial control. Under this system, the kings had rights but also had to perform responsibilities under feudalistic societal normsOver time, it was seen that the monarch was responsible for giving fiefs to knights for military services rendered to him. The king was also responsible for […]

A Brief Overview of Hamlets Characterization through His Soliloquies

To be or not to be – that is the defining proclamation of merging or demarcating the thin boundary between all actions and inactions of human life. This dilemma, as well as the demarcation, is well portrayed by the acclaimed playwright William Shakespeare through the character of Hamlet, the protagonist of Hamlet. An appropriate way […]

A Crime in Violation

Our English law so provides that even a needle prick that produces a break in the skin and draws blood is considered as serious harm on the part of the victim [Elliot, C. and Quinn, 2000). In the case of Boris, he used his car to inflict harm on PC Ali. Here, we have a […]

Irish Folk Costume

The revival of Irish dancing caused viewing of the Irish national dress as a colorful and flashy. However in ancient Ireland people traditionally wore leine (Irish for shirt), trews (Irish for trousers) and long brats (Irish for cloaks) fastened with a brooch. These pieces of clothes (leine and brat) were the basic elements of ancient […]

Aesthetic Analysis of English Metaphors

The image of “penetrating the mist” is a very strong one for people in her environment and their emotional reaction would be a small adrenaline rush. Eric Witchey (30-55) writes, “If done well and grounded in character, all three literary tools (metaphor, simile and symbol) deliver a reader experience greater than the sum of their […]

How Well Was the Partition of India Managed

&nbsp.No one could imagine, even the British, who initially came to India as traders, that they would be able to occupy India making its inhabitants subjects under their rule and domination. India had prior to the arrival of the British and other Europeans been one of the most prosperous regions in the world, with many […]

The Revolutionary Context of the Constitutional Convention

Question The Constitutions of 1776 were characterized by a variety of factors, based on the revolutionary need for a “fundamental transformation of political institutions” (Banning, PAGE #). Wishing to create a government body that did not emulate the problematic and tyrannical English aristocratic system, most of the individual States had established government bodies whose representatives […]

The Desire to Waive the TOEFL Requirements

During my freshmen and sophomore years, I took three US college-level English and scored straight A for those classes. The classes covered composition &amp. reading EWRT1A, critical reading and writing EWRT 2, and reading, writing and research EWRT 1B. Furthermore, I have also voluntarily taken five intensive English classes during my junior and senior years […]

Articles summary

achers at Meadow Park Middle School practice involvement into a closer cooperation of such kind by means of complete embracing the Common Core Standards in mathematics and English. They have tried to pick up the standards, reduce them to the basic concepts, simplify the language and support their learners both in English and content classes. […]

Raoul Wallenberg

He hated witnessing hunting and killing of animals just for entertainment and sport (Handler, 1996).As an adolescent Wallenberg travelled far and wide and gained proficiency in English, German, Russian and French plus his native Swedish. He attended the University of Michigan for four years where he took up architecture. After finishing his degree he apprenticed […]

What is Success

What is Success? FIRST PAPER Success is an accomplishment of a deed within a stipulated time or within a stipulated limitation. Success can define the completion of a goal or mission. One can expand the meaning of success in their lives to include a whole plan or also limit it to just one element of […]

The English Law on Defences

The relevance of causation has been focused after the Act of 1945 which is reflected in the case Jones v Livox Quarries Ltd [1952] 2 Q.B. 608 CA (McQuater, J 2009, pp. C34-39). The said case focused on the causal link between “fault” and “damage”, wherein a car passenger, even though not accountable for the […]

Teaching Chinese College English Reading with Taskbased Approach

This paper critically evaluates the problem in the traditional approach of teaching English in Chinese colleges. An intervention would be proposed at the end of the paper to solve the problem. Moreover, the impacts of the intervention in making English competence high within Chinese colleges shall also be mentioned in the paper. English is a […]

Language as a Seventh Sense

Teachers make use of these senses to deliver knowledge to their students, who also gain it utilizing their senses. Of the six senses, watching and hearing are the two which play the most important role in developing the right kind of interaction between a teacher and a student. The students’ learning is aided by two […]

The Mix of a Successful Bumper Sticker

Effective rhetoric does not exist in a vacuum but heavily depends on the context of the rhetoric, including its medium. What will be rhetorically effective in a speech, such as repetition, visual imagery, cadence and so on, will not necessarily be as effective in a book, or academic article.&nbsp. Firstly, this bumper sticker is not […]

Objective Way of Thinking Using Mathematical Principles

My research concludes to achieve an objective way of viewing the world, the mind needs to be trained to view one’s own life as a SET of different classes of experience which includes the Visual Experience. Then one should seek to establish for each class of experience, what classes of knowledge are required for that […]

I can read reviews dealing with the content and criticism of cultural topics (films theatre books concerts) and summarise the main points

English Essay: Museums at Night: Bank s and Bullion of affiliation English Essay Personally, I love reading reviews dealing with content and criticism of cultural topics. For this paper, the event to attend to is that of “Museums at Night: Banknotes and Bullion” on Friday May 16, 20141. The uniqueness of visiting this museum is […]

Need for Bilingual Education Benefits of Bilingual Education

61500 This paper, however, uses a more specific definition, which pertains primarily to the United States setting.&nbsp. Bilingual education, as referred to here, adopts the meaning provided by the paper ‘What Works for the Children? What We Know and Don’t Know About Bilingual Education’ by Harvard University, September 2002, which is “(1) Transitional bilingual education […]

APA citation Activity

APA citation Activity APA citation Activity Item 4 Proper in-text citation is missing from the following paragraph.“An over reliance on technology, specifically smartphones, may be contributing to weakened writing skills in the United States. Since many professionals now depend on smartphones to quickly and inexpensively accomplish tasks, hastily written documents have become more common. However, […]

Paradigm of Postmodernism

Collins (1987) states that unlike the earlier designs, this new era saw drawings and paintings on textiles used to relate to a variety of personal response to changing times. This paper will examine Ettore Sottsass’s work in textile designs as a new dawn in textile print. Perceiving design via the lens of an individual in […]

Gender Difference in CALL Programs for English as a Second Language Acquisition

&nbsp.Lai and Kuo conducted this research in order to further evaluate the relationship between Language learning and gender difference. Evidence has been found to affirm that students’ gender affects their learning skills and behaviors. Lai and Kuo have struggled to further prove this claim by evaluating the learning outcomes of both male and female counterparts […]

Procter and Gamble Company Background and History Financial Ratio

Procter who was an English Immigrant started making candles in Cincinnati. Gamble, who was an Irish immigrant became his brother in law. They were encouraged& their father-in-law to do business together which they finally pursued and agreed to a joint venture after some years. Procter brought with him, his candle-making expertise while Gamble who was […]

Masters Level

However, these ideas remained a distant reality given the technological challenges posed by such a project. Nonetheless speculation thrived on the issue especially throughout the sixties and the seventies.It became clear that the only viable method of bridging up Great Britain to mainland Europe was a tunnel under the sea. The idea seemed simple at […]

Games As The Medium Of Stress Relief

Cricket evolved as a game from unknown time in the history, but with the enthusiasm of more and more people to pursue this game, the popularity and the cricketing culture formed part of the world’s English dominance. The influence of literature in popularizing this game was a major contributor to the development of a new […]

Strengths and Weaknesses as a Writer

51250 I learned how to revise my work thoroughly before submission and can meet deadlines since I submitted all my papers on the specified time. Another thing that shows my responsibility is my ability to write without plagiarizing by accrediting all the sources of my writing and summarizing all the sources in my words. I […]

Employability and Consulting Skills

There was an issue with some spelling mistakes that they pointed especially the inability to differentiate British from American English. Though the meaning remained the same, there was a difference in the spellings which was a back step. Moreover, they also pointed out that the need to include just a degree in my education is […]

Discuss the exhibition in relation to the spaces and subjects of modernity

For many people, World Fairs evoke images of crowds, food, entertainment, and fun. For others, fairs were places where new technologies and consumerproducts were unveiled, and for others still, these expositions exposed them to architecture, art, design, and a range of foreign cultures. The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of All Nations in […]

Content Writing

So if you have just finished with your long dissertation paper and don’t have enough energy left to carry out the editing and the proofreading of the document, what you can do is take advantage of our professional proof reading services.To avail of our proofreading services all you have to do is click on this […]

What You learned in this class

What I Learned In This Introduction In contemporary essay writing, brilliant formatting and grammar skills is inevitable. Effectively written academic papers attract readers’ interest, address fundamental information of the author, and follows basic writing regulations. Such effective communication through academic papers demands fundamental referencing, formatting, and grammar skills. A good paper addresses the aforementioned requirements […]

The Topic of Writing the Creativity and Imagination

143500 One of the major difficulties that I face in my Capstone course is time management, as a finalist student, I am experiencing some hard time in trying to manage my time well and find enough time to research extensively on my topic on interest. I can not also write as fast as I am […]

A specific time in your life when you felt extremely stressed by the pressure to succeed in your studies perform on your job and spend time with family and friends

Stress Relief I sat in my car, but I wasn’t moving. I mean, my car wasn’t moving. I mean both. I mean neither. My body wasn’t moving and my car wasn’t moving but my mind was spinning around about a million miles a second. From the outside, I was just sitting there, at the intersection, […]

Applebees International

As Applebee’s functions in the restaurant industry, its theme mainly spots on a type of casual dining of food with conventional American cuisine comprising of salads, seafood such as shrimps, chicken, pasta and its signature dish, ‘riblets’. All Applebee’s restaurants contain a bar division which serves alcoholic drinks but this addition pertains to places only […]

An Export Plan for the Trading Company

The product category, that is chosen, is a range of sunglasses (“Product description”). The product supplier will be China as it produces goods at the cheapest possible price. The suppliers selected for this purpose are ready to manufacture the product and timely deliver them as per the contract. They have a good collection of designs, […]

George Orwell’s Concept of the Ideal Writer

Orwell opens his argument with a bold statement, encouraging his readers to immediately agree with him and “most people” that the English language has been badly abused by the decadent culture of the modern world.&nbsp. “Our civilization is decadent and our language – so the argument runs – must inevitably share in the general collapse” […]

Chinese Cultural Practices and Health Issues

After interviewing the members of the Chinese family, I realized there are numerous misconceptions about Chinese culture, practices, and family organization. The family has been in the United States for two generations, but none of the members has intermarried with other cultures. The family I interviewed comprises both parents and their five children. This paper […]

Critique A Streetcar Named Desire

Despite the critical attention that the names in Streetcar have received, two important personal names have gone unglossed, those of the Laurel connections Kiefaber and Shaw, whose testimonies about Blanche’s misdeeds convince Mitch that she is not the woman for him and provoke his fiery attack on her.Kiefaber is the product of Williams’s inventive imagination. […]

Curriculum Documentation and Origins

133250 The English curriculum focuses on promoting both thinking and language through interactive learning. In addition, the curriculum focuses on ensuring that students develop oral language and literacy skills. An additional focus of the curriculum is to ensure that students engage with literary from different genres, cultures, as well as periods. The American English curriculum […]

Writing is an Art

Most people think it is the most natural and easiest thing to put pen to paper and create a good piece of writing if not masterpieces, but this is easier said than done. Writing is an art that only the chosen few are endowed with. One need not have to be a good writer in […]

Managing Diversity at Workplace

1250 The problems are however that enough of company’s resources are wasted in getting to know one another and the dictum which is spoken as a commonality amongst the people who are from diverse backgrounds. I have been a witness of one such diverse basis within an organization where an Arab had a problem in […]

Myphological Images in English Literature

“This is what it means to say phoenix, Arizona” Answer b)The title of the story is absurd but it has a lot of meaning in it. It is amplified with the story’s symbolism and means a lot of things. Phoenix is not just the name of a city situated in Arizona. According to Egyptian mythology, […]

Doctrine of Precedent

The substance of precedent is known as "common law" and it bonds future determinations. When parties are in disagreement in the future and if the nature of the conflict is similar then the common law court bases its decision with the help of Presidential decisions of applicable courts2. The court is bound to follow the […]

How Educators Can Meet the Challenge

These findings would help the researchers provide useful data for the research related to second language in South Korea because the implications look into the content teachers teach and the way they teach as well as the ways in which students learn. The author of this research is the student of Masters of Education of […]

Assignment III Qualitative Critique of Research

According to Grove, Burns amp. Gray (2013), to generate the experiences of the nurses, the researchers collected data in the form of views and perspectives of the experienced nurses. The researcher entirely used a narrative enquiry as the methodology of the research. According to Munhall (2007), ‘a narrative Inquiry is a qualitative approach in which […]

Paraphrase and Quote

Paraphrase and Quote Paraphrase and Quote Quote … Although learning many s in different languages may be time consuming for teachers, it is a first step in affirming who students are rather than who we may want them to become… (Nieto amp. Bode, 2012, p. 241) I chose this excerpt as it resounds to the […]

Paraphase Summary and Quotation Assinment

PARAGRAPH PARAPHRASE There was an important difference in height and weight between soldiers who fought in the first and second world wars. The latersoldiers usually knew how to drive and had some education. He probably knew how to dance and grew up in an urban environment. Unlike his father he probably only spoke English and […]

Literature Review on Improving Reading Fluency

LITERATURE REVIEW ON IMPROVING READING FLUENCY Due Literature Review Matrix Year The purpose of the study is… (one sentence, your own words) Subjects/ Participants Measurement Instruments Intervention(s) Outcomes/ Results Critique amp. Comments Observation Interview or Survey Academic Performance Measure 1. Krohn, K. R., Skinner, C. H., Fuller, E. J., amp. Greear, C. 2012 Using taped […]

English (rough draft )

The difference then is that I was apprehensive about being away from my parents and spend hours with other kids I hardly know. In San Diego, I did not mind being away from my folks but I also could not settle easily with the idea that I would be away from my close friends at […]

Indigenous Studies/Bachelor of Nursing

However, these policies have not benefited the people as expected and the indigenous population is at a social, political and economic disadvantage when compared to their non indigenous counterparts. These factors have had a direct impact on the overall health and well being of the aborigines. The purpose of this report is to critically analyze […]

Nutrition Science with menu I created

NSC 358 R — Menu Purchasing and Pricing Assignment Assignment is due in the purchasing amp. pricing dropbox by noon on Wednesday, April 10 **Please read the entire document before you begin the assignment. **You are required to do this assignment independently. That means not in groups or with a partner.What’s Included:1. Instructions2. Samples3. Form […]

English 2

Reflection Almost every has some elements of research writing. this task is perceived as a challenge by many students. They are expected to demonstrate their knowledge and solid writing skills alongside with meeting specific writing criteria. Even though it is really difficult sometimes to write effectively, I believe that research writing is beneficial for all […]

Age And Acquisition Of English As A Foreign Language

4000 The ‘age factor’ has at all times been one of the chief issues in terms of research and investigations focused on the acquisition of second/foreign language. Nonetheless, the crucial point has now shifted from investigating the question of whether there exists a crucial phase, as observed during the 1970s and 80s, to the suitable […]

The Importance of Outside Classroom Activities in Promoting Oral Fluency in an EFL Context

Consequently, creating opportunities outside the classroom for students to speak English is an effective strategy in compensating for students’ limited use of the L2. Research studies have shown that external classroom activities have equal significance in enabling students learn English as a second language. In addition, it has been asserted that such activities provide a […]

House in wales

of the English Literature ic and Modern) of the Concerned 25 July House in Wales There is no denying the factthat in Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, the house in Wales is a well rounded character in itself that is well intertwined in the framework of the overall plot. The house […]

Nursing Home Visit and Communicating with Patients

By listening attentively to my patient, I was able to reduce some of her loneliness, anxiety, and frustration regarding her condition (Integrated Medical Publishing, n.d). In order to improve on my verbal communication skills, as I am not a native English speaker, I think I need to improve my English speaking skills through practice and […]

Life and Art of Claude Monet

Claude Monet studied art in one of the local school in Paris. He was also a student of Jacque-Louis David. Then became a mentee of Eugene Boudin who taught him on the outdoor technique of painting. He left school after being his mother dying in the year 1857. Later on, he left France and went […]

The City of Brass

Compare and Contrast Essay – The of Brass When considering the story line on both articles, the articles are explaining a similar issue, which comprise occurrences in the City of Brass. In addition, both use the same title making it easier for the audience to realize the initial similarity between the two stories. It is […]

Oral Contracts

Logistics: Oral contracts Oral contracts usually are contracts whose terms have been established by a word of mouth or rather spokencommunication. Oral contracts are also either partially in writing as well as partially dependent, usually on words that are spoken or totally dependent on words that are spoken. Oral contracts are just as valid as […]

Bilingual Education in the US

The problem faced by those who oppose bilingual education in the US is of a cultural sort. to state that children should only be taught English is to suggest that no respect is attached to their heritage, their native tongue, and in turn their own culture. This is not necessarily so. to prefer the teaching […]

Discrimination and Racism against foreign immigrant people in United States

These data were collected from 2508 randomly selected adolescent immigrant children between 12 to 18 years age. The study could not find statistically significant relationship either between citizenship and discrimination, or between knowledge of English and discrimination, nor could it find any statistically significant relationship between discrimination and education expectation of respondents when controlling for […]

Of Anger and Disempowerment

The paper shows that the anger of Jimmy in the play is both personal and social and the reader can very well experience the mental struggles and hardships that Jimmy undergoes in his day to day life. In fact, Jimmy raises his voice against all sorts of established and conventional social, gender, class and sexual […]

Three Rhetorical Strategies and Effects

English Language Class AssignmentExplain Three Rhetorical Strategies and EffectsRhetorical strategies are author’s attempts to persuade, inform or entertain readers. The main aim of rhetorical strategies is to persuade the reader. The application of rhetorical strategies involves the use of words to convey specific meaning and pass certain information to the reader. There are various types […]

Are We Too Dependent on Computers

Are we too dependent on computers?Not long ago, individuals all over the world were sending telegram and letters to their loved ones and business partners. Gradually, people embraced the use of emails and sending short messages to communicate. The earliest reference on computer dependency was made in the 70’s by two gentlemen who predicted the […]

What changes would you make to the English law of restitution Explain why you think these are desirable but also identify any potential disadvantages that might result from them

fusion of contract and equity based remedies justified under the head of restitution and generally, the courts have been unwilling to recognise restitution as a separate principle of recovery due to alternative common law methods of recovery such a quantum valebat and quantum meruit, the doctrine of waiver in tort and equitable claims3. As such, […]

Combining and using source material

THE DEFINITION OF RESEARCH by Sur 11 March The Definition of Research In our everyday life we face the necessity to do this or that research no matter it is personal or scientific purpose. In this respect it becomes interesting whether our understanding of the word research the same with others or not. Let’s clear […]

American Revolution and Early British Colonies

American Revolution and Early British ColoniesPart-AAmerican Revolution is considered as one of the most important events in the history of world as with it begun a new era of prosperity and opportunity. Much before the physical struggle for revolution begun, it had already started as many intellectuals and leaders of that era started to contribute […]

The Twin Pillars of the Canadian Political System

That is why this paper will establish that Canada’s federal-parliamentary form of government suits its needs and, therefore successful in terms of nation-building.Canada is the country that introduced a combined two pillars in its constitutional order to the world – parliamentary government and federalism. This brand of the political system was established in 1867 and […]

A critical assessment of a marketing execution

Hofstede makes it easy for people studying in the area of global marketing especially executing efficient strategies to understand concepts in the same area. The Hofstede model emerges on top of other models developed over the past fifteen years because of its application in advertising as well as global marketing. Different global institutions continue to […]

The National Curriculum and Bilingualism

These areas were meant to see the relationship between pupils’ developing understanding of language and language learning. In the end it is concluded that given the fragmented and episodic nature of mush AL work, its full potential contribution to pupils’ development as language users is not being realized. Suggestions for improvement are made. The project […]

The Role of the Bilingual Teaching Assistant

The results from the questionnaires and observations were weighted against the expert comments in the literature review and findings revealed that in most instances, theories and practices were sufficiently aligned, which are necessary to yield a high level of achievement among pupils.Of course, there were some areas where the author felt a need for improvement […]

REading Response

Summary, Reflection, and Implications The article by National Association for the Education of Young Children (1995) sheds light upon the problems of linguistically and culturally diverse children. and, how educators can help such children whose first language is not English. National Association for the Education of Young Children is helping these children in accessing high-quality […]

Order in World Politics

Though theoretically, the term international relations are the product of the eighteenth century, when renowned English philosopher and jurist Jeremy Bentham applied it in his works, yet in practice, it is as old as the history of the human state system itself. It is fact beyond doubt that the interaction among individuals belonging to other […]

Allocation of the Legal Burden

The burden of proof is a legal obligation for a party to prove its allegations in a court of law. The person who objects or complains has the burden of proof. For instance, if someone has accused another person or party of being guilty or not guilty then it is up to the first person […]

Cross Cultural Perspectives

1000 The Navajo Indians in particular, have some very specific beliefs and rituals which now pose a problem for their healthcare providers but, thanks to some highly imaginative people and creative execution skills, their religious beliefs and medical science have successfully found a middle ground within which to exist practically side by side. However, in […]

Reality TV Shows

The winner in Portugal has tried to commit suicide several times already. German Scientists say other contestants may be at risk form Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, a condition sometimes developed after leaving the armed forces. The racist controversy around Big Brother contestants Shilpa Shetty and Jade Goody generated, 200 newspaper articles just in Britain, 1,200 English […]


Mrs. Mary Rowlandson’s Changing Opinions of the Native Americans Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson is real story ofhow an English woman was abducted by Native Americans during the time when England was still in the process of colonizing America. The narrative may be considered as one of the earliest first-hand […]

As the prison system is over burdened judges are giving community service sentences instead of imprisonment for minor nonvilent crimes will this be good in the long run

Essay Prison sentencing is generally considered to be a more effective method of punishing and rehabilitating serious and violent offenders of the law (National Probation service, n.d). However, in case of minor crimes where the criminals do not pose a major threat to the society, prison sentencing may seem unwarranted. Additionally, there is overcrowding and […]

Question is in the instruction part

In relation to architecture, it may be useful to define the concept of ‘Gothic’, which first belonged to the medieval period in Europe, from about 12th to 16th centuries. The characteristics included the pointed arch, large ribbed vaults and large, high windows, and later the flying buttress. The style was applied mainly to churches and […]

The Impact of Evolving Technologies

The Impact of Evolving Technologies English Assignment 8 November CGI and Animations The use of computer-generated imagery (CGI) in movies and film has experienced tremendous improvements over the past few decades. The use of computers to simulate the movement of characters in films has been made smoother and much simpler with the advent of this […]

Immigration Reform

On June 15, 2012, with immediate effect, the Obama administration declared that the administration would not deport young illegal immigrants arrived in the US as children. To speak precisely, the illegal immigrants will get work permit if they have arrived in the US before age 16 and the current age of the applicant is less […]

Midterm ONE

However, in 1609 there was some reorganization in the area and the London Company became the Virginia Company. This year also heralded the arrival of Lord De La Warr as the first governor, and the subsequent establishment of strong work ethics (Brinkley, 33). 1612 saw a man named John Rolfe begin to grow tobacco in […]

Analysis of Themes for English B Poem of Langston Hughes

1000 The trend is heightened in the first lines of the poem when the instructor requests that they write a page which will only be true if it comes from their minds. The instructor for that matter is being too subjective when he uses the criteria of truth and originality of the work of the […]

Set of Emotions by Eminem and Rihanna

Peer Reflection Response: Essay #3 The thesis of this essay Set of Emotions could have been worded differently so that the reader could understand it. First of all, the sentence is too long. A thesis needs to be as simple as possible because it sets up the rest of the essay. If a reader does […]

Brief summery about QMedia company

Brief Summary about Q-Media Company Brief Summary about Q-Media Company There are various companied around the world. Such companies enjoy substantial presence in countries of origin. One such company is The company is based in Qatar. It enjoys huge presence in the country. The paper seeks to summarize few details relating to […]

Admission Essy

Admission Essay UOP During my eighteen-years of teaching I have developed an approach that utilizes strong teaching experience and room management skills to create a learning environment which ensures success and promotes lifelong learning. I possess a Master of Arts Degree in English as a Second Language and have endorsements in ESL and Special Education. […]

Mayflower A Story of Courage Community and War by Nathaniel Philbrick

It also explicates Leiden. their Calvinistic religion and politics, their fight to achieve and get through New England via the wintry sea. There was a relationship between Wampanoag and pilgrims since they had lived together in the region. The novel demonstrates how the pilgrims got themselves involved with the natives. The mutuality was that Wampanoag […]

History and Social Sciences

1000 Provide a detailed description of the hunter-gatherer societies while including the development of early tools and the subsequent use of fire.nbsp.Provide a detailed description of the hunter-gatherer societies while including the development of early tools and the subsequent use of fire.nbsp.1.2. Question 2Provide a detailed description of the evolution of language and written forms […]

Critique an article from a published text

n countries and other countries, Claire Cameron wrote an article entitled ‘Social Pedagogy and Care: Danish and German Practice in Young People’s Residential Care’ which conducted an ethnographic study of social pedagogy as well as residential care in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, and the Netherlands in order to examine the actual practice and its relationship […]

Sumary critique on Williams J (2006 Summer2006) Debt Education Dissent

English Summary critique on Williams, J. (2006) Debt Education Higher education has become one of the chiefly privatized ventures in America and calls for loans as the primary way greater part of the American population can pay for it. Over the past few decades, student loan debts have increased tremendously placing strain on the students […]

The topics include the following which are identified according to the texts table of contents What Is Criminal Law What is Crime Crimes Against the Person Murder Crimes Against the Person Violence

The hierarchy of statutes in the United States is as follows – the US Constitution or the Bill of Rights and any amendments made thereof is the supreme law in the country. Next in line come the Federal laws which are for trying acts that affect the nation as a whole. As will be seen […]

The Impact of Shifting Cultural Trends on Public Education

The Impact of Shifting Cultural Trends on Public Education Over the years, the United s has experienced demographicchanges which have led to shifting linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic trends. These changes have led to both positive and negative impacts on public education. Areas that have been much affected by these trends are: rate of completion of […]

Can You Motivate The Unmotivated

Jenkins emphasizes that restricting the use of L1 does not help develop the positive attitude towards L2. In fact, flexibility to use L1 can motivate the students and provide the necessary foundation on which to build. Dörnyei (2001) agrees that facilitation, not control can motivate humans. Jenkins asserts that restricting the use of L1 is […]

Cultural Encounter Paper (Culture/CoCulture)

I discovered that senior and disabled passengers pay less fare for their travel. They are charged only $0.75nbsp.for a two-hour one-way trip. They can also pay $0.35nbsp.during off-peak hours that is from 9 AM to 3 PM and from 7 PM to 3 AM. The offer also applies during public holidays and weekends. I later […]


ved observer, perhaps the spirit of the storm itself, it is possible for the reader to gain an understanding of how the outer world is reflecting the inner conflicts of the characters. Thanks to the emotionally unattached omniscient narration of the story, the plot is able to follow a particular period of time in the […]

The Acquisition of Tense by L1 Arabic Learners of English Language

Dissertation Proposal The Acquisition of Tense by L1 Arabic Learners of English Language This dissertation proposal seeks to study the acquisition oftense of the English language by those whose first language is Arabic.IntroductionThe acquisition of tense morphemes by learners of the English language is a vulnerable domain for English language learners across acquisition contexts… (Paradis, […]

In what ways have changes in the international economy since the 1960s effected the development of London as a world city

One of the major backdrops to London’s economy is urbanization. In the 1960s, planning proliferated sociologists and architects were determined to change the world, town halls and campuses supported by modernization, morphology, networks and central places. It was therefore confidently believed that London provided a good key to creating a future city and an environment […]

The Freedom Issue in English Literature

Eventually, he was freed, and he used his education to enlighten the people on slavery. He joined movements that aimed at bringing change to the society. His experiences helped him in creating excellent imagery in the narratives. The use of symbols connected the readers to his life and vowed to change their lifestyle. In addition, […]

English Pronunciation

By first presenting the language it gives the opportunity to grab and keep the student’s attention before moving to the practice and produce stages. Presenting is perfect for grammar topics. By doing this I can assess students’ prior knowledge of the topic, in this case past regular and irregular forms of verbs. The practice stage […]

How Different Actual Practice of Law is from Law School

My placement experience helped me to realize how different the actual practice of law is from law school. According to McDockery, the study of law is different from the practice of law*3 and he highlights the fact that apart from writing and research skills, not much of what is learned at law school will be […]

English Eassy

Significance of being Conscious Human Creative and critical thinking has become a challenge to most making them to act irrationally driven by stereotypes and superstition hence always fall a prey to irrationally thought. Many people find it very hand to be of conscious mind and develop self-driven thoughts which leads to many people struggling to […]

Shakespeare Women

Shakespeare, critics claim, was a feminist. Some go so far as to claim that Shakespeare was the noblest feminist of them all. It is common throughout Shakespeares plays for a woman to have a leading role. Shakespeare never directly gave women the power or portrayed them as the potent characters, which directed the course of […]

Alternative cinema

The film Stranger Than Paradise can be subdivided into three parts namely. present or ‘new world’, ‘a year later’ and ‘paradise.’ The film is a depiction of America through a foreign perspective see image 1. Willie the main character in the film speaks in English while responding to Aunt Lotte, who speaks in Hungarian (Andrew, […]

On a Modest Proposal

A Modest Proposal by Jonathan Swift Jonathan Swift’s style of satire is praiseworthy and thought provoking. Swift suggests that poor Irish citizens should sell their children to the wealthy in exchange of food. Irish and English economic and political strategies do not favor the vast majority of the population. Using satire, and some metaphors and […]

The World of Regionalism and Globalism

Globalisation is the process by which the various world economies become increasingly interlinked resulting in a worldwide economy characterized by global economic policymaking conducted by mandated international agencies such as the World Trade Organization (WTO). However, Globalization can also be perceived in terms an emerging global culture in which people consume similar goods and services […]

Understanding How People in America Communicate

250 People from other culture may not recognize the ocean as a surface and may refer to its depths while defining it. The audience has been provided with very simple examples that are very easy to understand by any person who has a certain amount of ability to speak and understand the English Language. The […]

Analysis of Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Opinion Essay on Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe Things Fall Apart refers to an English-language novel publishedin 1958 by a Nigerian author, Chinua Achebe (Achebe 3). People view the novel as one the most archetypal contemporary African writings, and one of the first African books written in English to ever receive global critical approval. […]

Gay Marriage in China

This paper examines the positions of those who deny gay rights as well as those who claim that these rights should be recognized with a view to establishing whether these rights should be recognized. Drawing on an international survey of basically English language literature, the paper will conclude that the Chinese government has no reason […]

Regeneration Projects of Europe and Their Implications

The British in particular were more interested in seeing only scenic landscapes through their estates especially in the middle of the eighteenth century. More such actions caused serious imbalance in society. The effects of the British’s landscapes were realized late and the damage was already done with people fleeing to different places in search of […]

Renaissance to Restoration

The seventeenth-century poetry is marked by the opposition of two main forces differing in an array of religious, political and cultural issues1 – cavalier poetry and metaphysical school. The former were predominantly the members of royalty supporting the reign of the king, while the latter were mainly religious people belonging to middle class and advocating […]

What Is Your Field of Interest

What Is Your Field of Interest? My field of interest is to become a teacher of adults learning English as a Second Language (ESL). Community teaching has always been an area of interest that has been gaining my perception over the years. I believe that the increased level of communication that I have gained over […]


Chapter 10- Reflection Journal Chapter 10 is part of a larger discussion on issues such as equity in education and closing the achievement gap in education with particular reference to science education. I think the chapter has made me more aware of the diversity in classrooms and why it matters in terms of achievement and […]

IP 4 English

Smartphones and their Uses for An Expositor Essay of This expository essay discusses the usage of Smartphones by students as they allow them to manage life, stay updated with information and be quick in response. A number of arguments have also been posed in the paper to show differing perspectives regarding the subject matter. Smartphones […]

Anayse how language is used in a couple of texts( opening pages of Gone with the wind and Romeo and Juliet

These elements include phonology, lexis, punctuation, syntax, semantics and pragmatics. By comparing the usage of these elements between two classic texts, such as William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With the Wind, evidence can be found in each element of language that demonstrate how the usage of language changes over time and […]

Self improvement plan

SELF IMPROVEMENT PLAN Good grammar skills are important in life, in relation to education, career, and how we relate with others (Good, E. C. 200). This implies that people want to improve their grammar, but it may be challenging to know how to go about it. My plan of improving my grammar skills is as […]


ASTHMA: SYMPTOMS AND STAGING Asthma: Symptoms and Staging Asthma is a condition that affects both young and older generation. Asthma has been rampant in various societies around the world. Therefore, understanding symptoms at various stages are crucial to knowing how to control the condition. Asthma has been characterized by various stages. These stages include intermittent, […]

Extra Curricular Activities

250 It was a highly engaging and learning activity for me as I not only got to learn how to speak the English language more fluently, but I also learned a lot about the Australian people and their native country. During our last week in Melbourne, we wrapped up our lessons then headed out to […]

Response 3 Fielding

JOSEPH ANDREWS The readers and critics maintain different opinions regarding the theme and of Henry Fielding’s first and the most popular novelJoseph Andrews. Some of the critics view Parson Adams as a stupid and nonsense person, who invites the mocking of others because of his absent mindedness and simplicity. it is therefore, the critics declare […]

Qualitative Method and Cultural Studies

In terms of media-oriented cultural studies, and with the onslaught of various media brought about by post-globalization, ethnography have developed several methods that have departed itself from the traditional concept of qualitative research to a more reflexive approach that is more dependent in terms of interpretations, analysis, and assumptions of the researcher (Barker, p. 32-33). […]

Teaching strategies

Importance of emotions in the learning process al affiliation Importance ofemotions in the learning processEmotions play an imperative role in the shaping of an individual’s manner of reacting to life. According to Anders (2006) emotions play a major role in determining an individual’s success in learning various concepts. In relation to learning, emotions have been […]

Writing researchers frequently hear students say that they dislike writing for school because it seems to be

Question Writing researchers frequently hear students say that they dislike writing for school because it seems to be mostly about following rules and structures, and being judged for failure to observe all the rules correctly. In contrast, students often report preferring self-sponsored writing outside of school (sometimes they call it creative writing, sometimes personal writing) […]

Case Study

Tesla Motors (in 2013): Will Sparks Fly in the Automobile Industry? Frank T. Rothaermel Erin Zimmer CASE STUDY: WILL SPARKS FLY IN THE AUTOMOBILE 1. What is the case about?The case study is about Tesla Motors, which deals in electric vehicles in the US. It isattempting to make strides in the… English

Please help me with this assignment The instructions are provided as well as the rubric and references Please

Question Please help me with this assignment. The instructions are provided as well as the rubric and references. Please have a good grasp of the English language and be free of grammatical errors. Running Header: LEGAL MEMOSTUDENT’S NAMELECTURER’S NAMECOURSE TITLEDATE OF SUBMISSION 1 Running Header: LEGAL MEMOLegal MemoTo: Professor McWeeneyFrom:Re: Acme Box and Container Company… […]

Help me with the EAP essay’s

notes taking and a outline for it The essay question is Violence in the Essay QuestionDoes media violence lead to the real thing?Do video games make kids saints or psychopaths (and why is it so hard to find out)?BackgroundDifferent societies experience negative or… English

Need help on a project

I need help on writing project needs to have an introduction paragraph with a thesis 1. Online and traditional classes are the options one interested in learning can embrace. One requires that they find time to review which program befits them best through ideal andcollegiate… English

Paraphrase 1 Bend meter

– this simple device relies on the water moving at different Question Paraphrase: 1. Bend meter – this simple device relies on the water moving at different velocities on the inside and outside of a bend. From the energy equation we know that this difference in velocity will correspond to a measurable pressure difference. 2. […]

Hello !! I am needing help with my week 4 discussion Explain why social and

Question Hello !! I am needing help with my week 4 discussion. Explain why social and emotional development is especially important in early childhood. Describe, using one of the resources from the Twitter feed as support, your role in providing learning activities/curriculum and experiences that foster each child’s social and emotional growth. Include information related […]

Discussion Ecommerce is a natural byproduct of an Interconnected world

In order to Question Discussion: E-commerce is a natural byproduct of an Interconnected world. In order to claim their share of growth from the highly lucrative and evolving e-commerce landscape, businesses are under a lot of pressure to devise e-commerce strategies that are effective. Question: 1.Discuss at least three pros and cons of E-commerce for […]

This week you

will submit a draft of your GMO Historical Timeline and Predecessor Assessment. This portion of Running Head: GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS HISTORICAL TIMELINE Genetically Modified Organisms Historical TimelineName:Institution:Course:Date: IntroductionGMO foods are an embedded portion… English

Assignment Help needed for annotated bibliography assignment 1) Identify the type of source (Some

Question Assignment: Help needed for annotated bibliography assignment 1) Identify the type of source. (Some possibilities are online newspaper article; online magazine article; scholarly article online; scholarly article from an online database; website, online documentary, radio podcast, etc.) (1 mark for each entry) 2) SUMMARY: Provide an approximately summary of the source. Be specific and […]

The subject is phonology in

Question the subject is phonology in linguistics please help 2 . Mokilese ( adapted from Language Files )Mokilese is an Austronesian language of the Malayo – Polynesian family , spoken in Micronesia .Examine the distribution of the voiced and voiceless vowel pairs : [ U , u] ( the same small ringunder the phonetic vowel […]

Describe and evaluate your own writing process

Your response should be 300-350 words. Think about the five Running head: WRITING PROCESS 1 Writing Process Institutional Affiliation:Author’s Name: WRITING PROCESS 2Writing Process The process of successful writing engages various aspects that include… English

6 …

Which of the following is a key element in Hellison’s model for teaching personal and social Question 6. Which of the following is a key element in Hellison’s model for teaching personal and social responsibility? A. Student behavior modification and discipline strategies B. levels of student goal setting and development of self-control C. rules and […]

Media Analysis Essay minimum 500 words

Detailed instructions are attached. Turn It In is utilized and must Name1 NameTutorCourseDateLightingThe Scene is enhanced by theatrical or entertainment lighting. All the stage’s aspects arepulled together by lighting. It is not just enough to illuminate… English

Please respond to the topic written below in a

4.5 page essay. Your essay must be composed in FREEDOMAuthor’s Name:Course Name:Instructor’s Name:Date: INTRODUCTIONFreedom is characterized from various viewpoints, and as indicated by various cultures,freedom fluctuates from society… English

Please help me with this as oon

as possible, any one who can help me Question please help me with this as oon as possible, any one who can help me Choosing the Right Person for an Important ProjectI will select Pat to be the project manager. This is because she is capable of performing her joband she is well qualified using […]

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Your task is to complete a draft and final copy of an essay of 800 words in Running head: COMPARATIVE ESSAY Comparative EssayStudent NameCourse NameAugust 04, 2016 1 COMPARATIVE ESSAY 2 Comparative EssayThe Bet is a short story by Anton Chekhov around a banker… English

Http //www dabran org/English/Dreje aspx?jimare=4405&amp

paiwandidar=10 According to Patrick Kiger’s essay, Question According to Patrick Kiger’s essay, the Roman view of the afterlife was varied if one studies the writings of the writer Virgil. How did Virgil imagine the afterlife? Religious Studies

Writing researchers frequently hear students say that they dislike writing for school because it seems to be

Question Writing researchers frequently hear students say that they dislike writing for school because it seems to be mostly about following rules and structures, and being judged for failure to observe all the rules correctly. In contrast, students often report preferring self-sponsored writing outside of school (sometimes they call it creative writing, sometimes personal writing) […]

Case Study

Tesla Motors (in 2013): Will Sparks Fly in the Automobile Industry? Frank T. Rothaermel Erin Zimmer CASE STUDY: WILL SPARKS FLY IN THE AUTOMOBILE 1. What is the case about?The case study is about Tesla Motors, which deals in electric vehicles in the US. It isattempting to make strides in the… English

Please help me with this assignment The instructions are provided as well as the rubric and references Please

Question Please help me with this assignment. The instructions are provided as well as the rubric and references. Please have a good grasp of the English language and be free of grammatical errors. Running Header: LEGAL MEMOSTUDENT’S NAMELECTURER’S NAMECOURSE TITLEDATE OF SUBMISSION 1 Running Header: LEGAL MEMOLegal MemoTo: Professor McWeeneyFrom:Re: Acme Box and Container Company… […]

Help me with the EAP essay’s

notes taking and a outline for it The essay question is Violence in the Essay QuestionDoes media violence lead to the real thing?Do video games make kids saints or psychopaths (and why is it so hard to find out)?BackgroundDifferent societies experience negative or… English

Need help on a project

I need help on writing project needs to have an introduction paragraph with a thesis 1. Online and traditional classes are the options one interested in learning can embrace. One requires that they find time to review which program befits them best through ideal andcollegiate… English

Paraphrase 1 Bend meter

– this simple device relies on the water moving at different Question Paraphrase: 1. Bend meter – this simple device relies on the water moving at different velocities on the inside and outside of a bend. From the energy equation we know that this difference in velocity will correspond to a measurable pressure difference. 2. […]

Hello !! I am needing help with my week 4 discussion Explain why social and

Question Hello !! I am needing help with my week 4 discussion. Explain why social and emotional development is especially important in early childhood. Describe, using one of the resources from the Twitter feed as support, your role in providing learning activities/curriculum and experiences that foster each child’s social and emotional growth. Include information related […]

Discussion Ecommerce is a natural byproduct of an Interconnected world

In order to Question Discussion: E-commerce is a natural byproduct of an Interconnected world. In order to claim their share of growth from the highly lucrative and evolving e-commerce landscape, businesses are under a lot of pressure to devise e-commerce strategies that are effective. Question: 1.Discuss at least three pros and cons of E-commerce for […]

This week you

will submit a draft of your GMO Historical Timeline and Predecessor Assessment. This portion of Running Head: GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS HISTORICAL TIMELINE Genetically Modified Organisms Historical TimelineName:Institution:Course:Date: IntroductionGMO foods are an embedded portion… English

Assignment Help needed for annotated bibliography assignment 1) Identify the type of source (Some

Question Assignment: Help needed for annotated bibliography assignment 1) Identify the type of source. (Some possibilities are online newspaper article; online magazine article; scholarly article online; scholarly article from an online database; website, online documentary, radio podcast, etc.) (1 mark for each entry) 2) SUMMARY: Provide an approximately summary of the source. Be specific and […]

The subject is phonology in

Question the subject is phonology in linguistics please help 2 . Mokilese ( adapted from Language Files )Mokilese is an Austronesian language of the Malayo – Polynesian family , spoken in Micronesia .Examine the distribution of the voiced and voiceless vowel pairs : [ U , u] ( the same small ringunder the phonetic vowel […]

Describe and evaluate your own writing process

Your response should be 300-350 words. Think about the five Running head: WRITING PROCESS 1 Writing Process Institutional Affiliation:Author’s Name: WRITING PROCESS 2Writing Process The process of successful writing engages various aspects that include… English

6 …

Which of the following is a key element in Hellison’s model for teaching personal and social Question 6. Which of the following is a key element in Hellison’s model for teaching personal and social responsibility? A. Student behavior modification and discipline strategies B. levels of student goal setting and development of self-control C. rules and […]

Media Analysis Essay minimum 500 words

Detailed instructions are attached. Turn It In is utilized and must Name1 NameTutorCourseDateLightingThe Scene is enhanced by theatrical or entertainment lighting. All the stage’s aspects arepulled together by lighting. It is not just enough to illuminate… English

Please respond to the topic written below in a

4.5 page essay. Your essay must be composed in FREEDOMAuthor’s Name:Course Name:Instructor’s Name:Date: INTRODUCTIONFreedom is characterized from various viewpoints, and as indicated by various cultures,freedom fluctuates from society… English

Please help me with this as oon

as possible, any one who can help me Question please help me with this as oon as possible, any one who can help me Choosing the Right Person for an Important ProjectI will select Pat to be the project manager. This is because she is capable of performing her joband she is well qualified using […]

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Your task is to complete a draft and final copy of an essay of 800 words in Running head: COMPARATIVE ESSAY Comparative EssayStudent NameCourse NameAugust 04, 2016 1 COMPARATIVE ESSAY 2 Comparative EssayThe Bet is a short story by Anton Chekhov around a banker… English

Http //www dabran org/English/Dreje aspx?jimare=4405&amp

paiwandidar=10 According to Patrick Kiger’s essay, Question According to Patrick Kiger’s essay, the Roman view of the afterlife was varied if one studies the writings of the writer Virgil. How did Virgil imagine the afterlife? Religious Studies