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Accounting Information Systems

Air New Zealand has also has diversification in aircraft engineering and ground handling services of airlines. Apart from it won services it also provides these two services to other domestic as well as international companies. Subsidiaries of this group also offer online ticket booking services, retailing and travel wholesaling services. Vision of the company is […]

Understanding project contractors and contracting businesses

Understanding project contractors and contracting businessesAnalysis of such parameters will help us with an understanding about how the companies have performed over the seven years and whether they were able to add value to the company. One of the companies chosen above has a high total asset usage and the other one has a low […]

Managing High Technology Programs and Projects

A project is typically a collaborative enterprise (Blum, 1986). It usually involves research that is conducted frequently, involving a carefully planned research design that sets to achieve a given aim. Projects are social systems within organizations that are constituted by teams to accomplish given tasks within a given period of time (Spottydog, 2003). A project […]

The Boeing Company’s Innovations

Boeing. Initially, it was known as the Pacific Aero Products Company in the start and was able to get several Navy contracts during World War I. Later, Boeing changed the name of the company to The Boeing Company, and, in collaboration with his engineers, he was able to design the seaplanes, Bluebill and Mallard in […]

Key Ingredients that Helped to Become a Successful Leader

The fledgling real estate you are struggling to build now has become highly successful. Our firm now constructs space-age structures, green buildings all over the world and there are more than 5000 employees. This letter will explain some important points about my struggle and will speak about the kind of person I have become. It […]

New Practice Field

The primary requirements to be incorporated into the design of the new practice field will include baseball playing field and parking facility that would hold about 50 cars and a small clubhouse.The proposal should be arranged simply and efficiently, specifying the brief description of the bidder’s capacity to conform to the requirements of the RFP. […]

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Value Management

We found from books, journals, articles, and reading materials, concepts, and philosophies of value management, including its rich history and beginnings.A primary figure in value management is a man named Lawrence Miles, whose innovative thinking started new methods of analyzing functions in manufacturing. This process of valuing was copied, and later on, perfected by other […]

The Role Of Information Technology In Organizations

Some of the investment services that the organization undertakes include the programme and project management, project designs. while construction services such as building, civil engineering, and support services such as upgrading and maintenance of water, gas, and electricity. The organization has a strong culture, leadership, and technical. competence it nits operations.The Balfour Beatty customers are […]

Marxist Response to September 11

A significant aspect of this article is when it discussed the Patriot Act. On the surface, this policy is used to protect the population of the United States by preventing future terrorist attacks before they can be carried out. In reality, however, it is a serious invasion of privacy that makes each and every American […]

Impact of DSP in the Economic

The component can be very well related to that of development in the overall context of the technological landscape. With the inclusion of this particular component i.e. DSP in the technological aspect, integration to a whole new level is attained at large [14]. With this concern, this research report will highlight all those significant factors […]

Introduction and Family Background

That is why I am focused on studying abroad to gather the knowledge I need to actualize my long-term dreams. I am a confident believer in technology.Currently, we are undergoing a fast technological revolution, and the success of anyone in the world is dependent on their technical prowess. Despite my love for knowledge and desire […]

Merging IT at DaimlerChrysler

Merging the companies proved to be a challenge, one in which IT was seen to be the solution. In the next nine years after the union, DaimlerChrysler strengthened its supply chain, customer relations, and all other aspects of a profitable business. However, in the end, the company lost money and its place as one of […]

Managing Information Systems Change

Despite their efficiency in tactful problem-solving in the technical perspective of the system, these two critical aspects lack significantly in troubleshooting troublesome eventualities that often characterize the human component. As Loughman Fleck and Snipes, R. (2005) postulate an understanding of this aspect within the entire system is absolutely critical to successful corporate analysis as well […]

Emirates Airlines

It has a workforce of about 40000 employees (Gulf News). It has mixed fleets of Airbus and Boeing and is one of the six airlines to operate a wide-body aircraft fleet. It has 77 aircraft of Boeing 777 and has 58 Airbus A380s (Haines, 2008). The company has won numerous awards and has made a […]

Genetically Engineered Food and Product Preservation in Modern World

Genetic engineering is referring to a special technology that enables scientists to alter the genetic makeup of all living organisms such as plants, animals, and/or bacteria. Other terms used to refer to genetic engineering includes: (1) gene technology. (2)genetic modification. (3) biotechnology. (4) transgenic. (Human Genome Project Information, 2007) This technology includes food modification techniques […]

Reasons Why Outsourcing Has Gained Popularity in Airline Sector

Airlines are increasingly been choosing to outsource their line and base maintenance services rather than using in-house engineering. Engineering and Maintenance (EM) of aircraft is essential to provide the maximum availability of aircraft capable of undertaking flight operations. It also ensures that aircraft are maintained and operated to acceptable levels of safety. The airworthiness of […]

Accounting Information Systems

Air New Zealand has also has diversification in aircraft engineering and ground handling services of airlines. Apart from it won services it also provides these two services to other domestic as well as international companies. Subsidiaries of this group also offer online ticket booking services, retailing and travel wholesaling services. Vision of the company is […]

Understanding project contractors and contracting businesses

Understanding project contractors and contracting businessesAnalysis of such parameters will help us with an understanding about how the companies have performed over the seven years and whether they were able to add value to the company. One of the companies chosen above has a high total asset usage and the other one has a low […]

Managing High Technology Programs and Projects

A project is typically a collaborative enterprise (Blum, 1986). It usually involves research that is conducted frequently, involving a carefully planned research design that sets to achieve a given aim. Projects are social systems within organizations that are constituted by teams to accomplish given tasks within a given period of time (Spottydog, 2003). A project […]

The Boeing Company’s Innovations

Boeing. Initially, it was known as the Pacific Aero Products Company in the start and was able to get several Navy contracts during World War I. Later, Boeing changed the name of the company to The Boeing Company, and, in collaboration with his engineers, he was able to design the seaplanes, Bluebill and Mallard in […]

Key Ingredients that Helped to Become a Successful Leader

The fledgling real estate you are struggling to build now has become highly successful. Our firm now constructs space-age structures, green buildings all over the world and there are more than 5000 employees. This letter will explain some important points about my struggle and will speak about the kind of person I have become. It […]

New Practice Field

The primary requirements to be incorporated into the design of the new practice field will include baseball playing field and parking facility that would hold about 50 cars and a small clubhouse.The proposal should be arranged simply and efficiently, specifying the brief description of the bidder’s capacity to conform to the requirements of the RFP. […]

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Value Management

We found from books, journals, articles, and reading materials, concepts, and philosophies of value management, including its rich history and beginnings.A primary figure in value management is a man named Lawrence Miles, whose innovative thinking started new methods of analyzing functions in manufacturing. This process of valuing was copied, and later on, perfected by other […]

The Role Of Information Technology In Organizations

Some of the investment services that the organization undertakes include the programme and project management, project designs. while construction services such as building, civil engineering, and support services such as upgrading and maintenance of water, gas, and electricity. The organization has a strong culture, leadership, and technical. competence it nits operations.The Balfour Beatty customers are […]

Marxist Response to September 11

A significant aspect of this article is when it discussed the Patriot Act. On the surface, this policy is used to protect the population of the United States by preventing future terrorist attacks before they can be carried out. In reality, however, it is a serious invasion of privacy that makes each and every American […]

Impact of DSP in the Economic

The component can be very well related to that of development in the overall context of the technological landscape. With the inclusion of this particular component i.e. DSP in the technological aspect, integration to a whole new level is attained at large [14]. With this concern, this research report will highlight all those significant factors […]

Introduction and Family Background

That is why I am focused on studying abroad to gather the knowledge I need to actualize my long-term dreams. I am a confident believer in technology.Currently, we are undergoing a fast technological revolution, and the success of anyone in the world is dependent on their technical prowess. Despite my love for knowledge and desire […]

Merging IT at DaimlerChrysler

Merging the companies proved to be a challenge, one in which IT was seen to be the solution. In the next nine years after the union, DaimlerChrysler strengthened its supply chain, customer relations, and all other aspects of a profitable business. However, in the end, the company lost money and its place as one of […]

Managing Information Systems Change

Despite their efficiency in tactful problem-solving in the technical perspective of the system, these two critical aspects lack significantly in troubleshooting troublesome eventualities that often characterize the human component. As Loughman Fleck and Snipes, R. (2005) postulate an understanding of this aspect within the entire system is absolutely critical to successful corporate analysis as well […]

Emirates Airlines

It has a workforce of about 40000 employees (Gulf News). It has mixed fleets of Airbus and Boeing and is one of the six airlines to operate a wide-body aircraft fleet. It has 77 aircraft of Boeing 777 and has 58 Airbus A380s (Haines, 2008). The company has won numerous awards and has made a […]

Genetically Engineered Food and Product Preservation in Modern World

Genetic engineering is referring to a special technology that enables scientists to alter the genetic makeup of all living organisms such as plants, animals, and/or bacteria. Other terms used to refer to genetic engineering includes: (1) gene technology. (2)genetic modification. (3) biotechnology. (4) transgenic. (Human Genome Project Information, 2007) This technology includes food modification techniques […]

Reasons Why Outsourcing Has Gained Popularity in Airline Sector

Airlines are increasingly been choosing to outsource their line and base maintenance services rather than using in-house engineering. Engineering and Maintenance (EM) of aircraft is essential to provide the maximum availability of aircraft capable of undertaking flight operations. It also ensures that aircraft are maintained and operated to acceptable levels of safety. The airworthiness of […]


Applying the Four Principles: Case StudyPart 1: Chart (60 points)Based on the “Healing and Autonomy” case study, fill out all the relevant boxes below. Provide the information by means of bullet points or a well-structured paragraph in the box. Gather as much data as possible. Medical Indications Beneficence and Nonmaleficence Patient Preferences Autonomy Medical indications […]


1. In comparison with a system that uses a single, volume-based cost driver, an activity-based costing system is preferred when a company has:a large proportion of non-unit-level activities.minimal product-line diversity and a small proportion of non-unit-level activities.product-line diversity.product-line diversity and a large proportion of non-unit-level activities.existing variances from budgeted amounts.2.The salaries of a manufacturing plant’s […]


ENGL 3430 SPRING 2019 EXAMExam A3 pagesPlease read carefully and respond to all three cases presented below.  You have two hours to complete the three documents.  All three cases count equally toward your grade on the exam.  You may invent needed information, such as addresses or compensation for lost services, but ensure that it is […]


Project – Fall 2019GUIDELINES FOR MUTUAL FUNDS PROJECTProject topic:Investing in mutual funds: Select one mutual fund from each of three different firms. Acquire information about the funds, their policies, their costs, etc. Track and graph the value(s) of the funds from 9/11/2019 through 11/27/2019. Determine your before-tax rate of return on each of the funds […]


ProjectName:Institutional Affiliation:Course:Date:ProjectPart 1Projects are usually selected by organizations to help in managing some tasks and improving the performance. There are several stages that go hand in and are sequence to follow each other consistently. There is a particular time that is usually set to complete a particular task, and resources as well are set for […]


CIVE 4273 – Construction Engineering &  Project Management – News Article Name:  Click or tap here to enter text. Article # _ Title of Article: Click or tap here to enter text. Type of Industry: ☐Public           ☐Private Industry Sector: ☐Residential    ☐Commercial    ☐Heavy Civil    ☐Industrial Project Participants: Owner: Enter text here. Designer: Enter text here. Contractor: Enter text here. Other: […]


CASE STUDY: EAST CHESTNUT REGIONAL HEALTH SYSTEM      HistoryWithin the last 10 years, East Chestnut Regional Health System (ECRH) was formed from the merger of three organizations: the East River Medical Center, the Northern Mountain Hospital Consortium, and the Archway Hospital. East River Medical Center (ERMC)ERMC is the anchor hospital for the system. The medical center resides […]


Engineering Mathematics-1 (MASC 0009.2) – Spring – 2020– CW (Assignment-1) – All – QP ` IN SEMESTER INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT Module Code: MASC 0009.2 Module Name: Engineering Mathematics-1 Instructions to Student: • Answer all questions. • Deadline of submission: 18/05/2020 (23:59)  • Formative feedback on the complete assignment draft will be provided if the draft is […]


Abstract:(WRITE MORE, EXPLAIN EVERYTHING IN ABSTRACT) DO IT HALF PAGE. Discuss results This experiment was mainly aimed at determining the impacts of stress on photo elasticity The purpose of this experiment is to find introduce photo elasticity and its application to stress as well as to introduce finite element analysis and its application. Using 3 […]


Best Location and Best CandidateKyami ClarkeUniversity of Maryland University CollegeWritten Assignment 5 | Paper C1BMGT 364 6387 Management and Organization Theory  (2188)Professor Rachel ClaySpring 2019IntroductionThe new infant formula manufacturing plant needs to be located in a region that has a high demand for organic products. The location should also have a population that can provide […]


Design Considerations Now and in the FutureRefer to the module readings and this article retrieved from the Hunt Library,Towards Virtual Ergonomics: Aviation and Aerospace(Links to an external site.). You can choose between the text or PDF file.Submit atwo-page paper(not including cover and reference pages) on applying ergonomics and the human factors concepts and considerations in […]

CIS 555 Discusssion Responses

There are three discussions here that need to be responded to thoroughly. Responses must be on APA format 150 words 1-2 legitimate verifiable sources per response.CIS555 discussion 1 post responses.Respond to the colleagues posts regarding:”Obstacle Categories and Prevention” Please respond to the following:• Suppose that you are performing an obstacle analysis of the software that […]

Cis 598 dB 5

“Information Management and Software Development”Please respond to the following: According to your point of view, which of the defined criteria of measurement is considered as most important for evaluation and monitoring of information systems? How does computer-aided software engineering (CASE) aid in analyzing and evaluating characteristics of a project? Discuss howIT is impacting the business […]

VIII assessment

1.Discuss the engineering options available, the mode of action for capturing particle-phase pollutants from air, and the advantages and disadvantages of each as an option in air quality system designs. Your response must be at least 300 words in length.08/05/20205engineering

Software engineering assignment

Question: A problem in testing interactive systems is to anticipate all unexpected behaviour the users may do. Consider the SATM system discussed in our lectures and make a list of at least 10 unexpected user behavior that might be observed in practice. (One example of such behavior is when a customer enters 3 digits for […]

HRD Comprehensive Exam Questions

1. As one of the top HR people at your organization, you are being asked to lead a Reduction In Force (RIF) project which will eliminate 25% of the workforce across multiple company US locations. Describe the steps and project plan in-depth including some of the project challenges and how you might overcome them.2. You […]

Read the lecture and explain

Based on the lecture 5, explain “The purpose of using engineering standards”Follow Apa formatting and style guide for the report ( include table of contents, abstracts, introduction, conclusion, references etc)The main body of the report can be 2-3 pages18/05/202010english

“3 Separate Discussion&#x27

s “Subject: Computer and Network SecurityDiscussion 1Total word count must be 250 to 300 words in your posting.Do not cut and paste, please post original work.Please provide references for your original postings in APA format.1. What or who do you think is the greatest threat to the security of information today? What computer security incidents […]

Math Assignment

Engineering Mathematics-1 Level: 1 Max. Marks: 100Instructions to Student: Answer all questions. Deadline of submission: 18/05/2020 (23:59) The marks received on the assignment will be scaled down to the actual weightage ofthe assignment which is 50 marks Formative feedback on the complete assignment draft will be provided if the draft issubmitted at least 10 days […]

Safety and Accident

OSHA published a comprehensive ergonomics standard that was subsequently rescinded by Congress using the Congressional Review Act (CRA). Since that time, OSHA has been prohibited from passing another ergonomics standard. OSHA’s current approach is to publish ergonomic guidelines, which are not legally enforceable, for industries with high incidence rates of MSDs and CTDs.What is your […]

CIS555 Assignment

Assignment 4: Air Traffic Control SystemConsider the following goal model fragment for an air traffic control system shown below. (See attached) The parent goal roughly states that aircraft routes should be sufficiently separated. The refinement is intended to produce sub-goals for continually separating routes based on different kinds of conflict among routes.Write a four to […]

Productivity And Performance

International journal of productivity and performance management,Why do employees take more initiatives to improve their performance after co-developing performance measures?Overcoming resistance to change in engineering and construction:Journal of Environmental Economics and managementExperimental evidence on the role of management control systems.Decentralised decision-making with information sharing vs. centralised decision-making in supply chains.15/05/20205english

Penetration testing techniques

1. Do a bit of research on penetration testing techniques. Investigate and document the following (i).Five network penetration testing techniques (ii).Advantages and disadvantages of each (iii).One notable social engineering test (iv).Possible negative implications of penetration testing13/05/20203computerscience

Need a scholarly activity written

Instructions:Design a Comprehensive Learning and Development Leadership ProgramAs the executive learning and development director for a midsized global petroleum organization, you have been asked by the chief human resources officer (CHRO) to create a report on how you envision the design of a new leadership program for the organization’s 50 management and executives in leadership […]


Ulga’s research is just about complete. Now, comes the worrying. She is concerned that the multiple studies she conducted over the course of six months might produce inconsistent and less-than-stable results. What is Ulga concerned about?a. the generalizability of her researchb. the reliability of her researchc. the correlation of her researchd. the validity of her […]

Risk Threat and Vulnerability Management 12pages PowerPoint in two days =120

Many companies and agencies conduct IT audits to test and assess the rigor of IT security controls in order to mitigate risks to IT networks. Such audits meet compliance mandates by regulatory organizations. Federal IT systems follow Federal Information System Management Act (FISMA) guidelines and report security compliance to US-CERT, the United States Computer Emergency […]

Unit VII Journal

InstructionsProject management is essential for the operations in various industries such as information technology, hospitality, engineering, and others. Discuss a project you were involved in that was not successful. Explain why the project failed and what you think needed to be done to make it successful. This can be a project from work or a […]


(Your name)Problem I – (50 points)Steve Smith is a restaurant owner who wants to spend his $10,000 to modernize his restaurant by adapting it more closely to the preferences of his repeat customers. Keeping track of his customers’ likes and dislikes. Information such as where they like to sit, what they like to eat, when […]

11 Test 2

Do a bit of research onpenetration testing techniques.Investigate and document the following Five network penetration testing techniques Advantages and disadvantages of each One notable social engineering test Possible negative implications of penetration tesingPlease write between 200 and 300 words03/03/20205computerscience

Civility and mass media 20 question multiple choice quiz

Which of the following is TRUE of magazines?a. They target only mass audiences.b. They target only segmented audiences.c. They target neither segmented nor mass audiences.d. They target either segmented or mass audiences.Any publication that is less than _______ years old has to be checked for its copyright status.a. 100b. 200c. 50d. 125Which of the following […]

Analysis of Perceptual Visual Elements

Choose one of the four following visuals: Image courtesy of: Nike® 2013 advertisement Image courtesy of: Parents magazine June 2011 Image courtesy of: Harley Davidson® advertisement Image courtesy of: Bank of America advertisementIn a 2-page APA formatted paper with an additional reference page (template here), analyze the strategic use of perceptual visual communication: Analyze how […]

Week 10 Exam

This week, you will be assessed on the use of diagnosis, assessment, and intervention in a multiple-choice final exam. This exam is modeled in the National Clinical Mental Health Counseling Exam (NCMHCE) format that is used in many states as their licensure exam and for the Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CCMHC) national certification. As […]

Business Law needs to be done immediately

In the following situations, two parties claim the same goods. Who is most likely to prevail in each circumstance andbe sure to explain why.(a) Charlie steals David’s Ultra HD TV and sells it to Eddie, an innocent purchaser, for value. David learns that Eddie has the tv set and demands its return.(b) Gail takes her […]

Market research part 2

The only question that needs to be answered is…..Examine promotional methods that could be used to market your lemonade globally. see below for details and the attachment!Scenario:Using the same organization and the lemonade drink from the Week 4 Learning Team assignment, develop an analysis for the bank. The bank will be using this information to […]


the HW questions are attached in 2 pictures ( 5 ) questionsEx 7.1Ex 7.2Ex. 7.10Ex 7.12Ex 7.15IFT102lab4.docxHW4.JPGHW42.JPG7.15.jpgPosted: 2 years agoDue: 02/03/2018Budget: $25Answers 1Computer_Science_Expert4.4 (258)4.3 (441)Chat2 years agoPurchase the answer to view itlab.zipexercises.zipBuy answer $25Bids 14Computer_Science_ExpertDr shamille ClaraSteve JobsDr.NickavitaBusiness_ExpertAzmin EdwardsAsma RahimMiss ProfessorSaba AbdullahTutorJuddy-PHDNdiithisrijithpauldukzSmartGeeky KarisOther questions 10Assignment 4: Mobile Devices and Self-Service e-CommerceAssignmentHow did American Foreign policy shift to a more assertive […]

Social Psychology Final Exam A12

Assignment 12Begin Final Exam The final exam is an Essay Exam that covers chapters 11 through 14 in the course text. All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style, and written at graduate level English. Be sure use the course text to support your responses, citing in APA format.Your response to each question should […]

Wgu c489 task 2

Anyone done this one before?instructions.pdfFMEATable.docxQIToolkit_FailureModesandEffectsAnalysis.pdfPosted: 4 months agoDue: 03/07/2019Budget: $50Answers 1Ranchoddas Chanchad PhD4.8 (153)4.8 (988)Chat4 months agoPurchase the answer to view itRCA.docxFm.docxBuy answer $50Bids 80ESSAYS EXPERT PROFESSORGrace GradesMichelle MalkGradesMaestroTutor FaithAllRoundBest TutorElvis the writerAmanda SmithBusiness WriterSynco_SolutionsProf James KelvinJane the tutorDoctor OkumuRanchoddas Chanchad PhDBrainy BrianElprofessoriBESTCONSULTANTKATHERINE BECKSDiscount Assignkite_solProf. NicholasUrgent TutorWIZARD_KIMDr. Ameerahbrilliant answersWendy LewisDr.Qura-tul-ainBill_WilliamsAll Works solverkim woodsCatherine OwensAngelina MayJessica Luiswangang_aRESPECT WRITERwizard kimColossal GeniusTerry RobertsLizluvwriterprof […]

IKEA Case Study

The attached file is the case study for the assignment.Case Study #6—IKEARead the IKEA case study located in the section titled Case Studies in your textbook concerning the following situation:The IKEA case provides an excellent opportunity to apply strategic management concepts to a large privately-held company that is expanding into India. IKEA is a Netherlands-based […]

Cyber Crime Theories

Write a 3–4 page paper in which you: Explain the various forms of social engineering tactics that hackers employ and provide an example of each. Describe the five social norms of hacker subculture and provide an example of each. Search Internet news sources and find a recent article on hacking. Describe the tone in regard […]

Financial Service Security Engagement Analysis

Your Learning Team is a cybersecurity engineering team for a financial services company that sells investments to, and manages investment portfolios for, high net-worth individuals.Your organization just completed the migration of the account managers to a cloud-based, customer relationship management (CRM) software application. Your organization has integrated the cloud-based CRM with on-site investing and account […]


Ethics Case Study PaperEGR 104 Critical Inquiry in Engineering1. List the ethical issues you observed in Henry’s Daughters.• Bribing government officials.• Plagiarism (Copying an idea or concept being implemented by another group.)• Sexual Harassment/Inappropriate workplace interactions• Conflict of Interest• Sharing of Proprietary Information• Favoritism shone towards teams and family members.• Sexist Comments• Confidentiality Breaches• Inappropriate […]


Penetration Testing Plan TemplateInstructions: Replace the information in brackets [ ] with information relevant to your penetration testing project. Fill out each of the sections below with information relevant to your project.A Penetration Tester evaluates the security of an information infrastructure by intentionally, and safely, exploiting vulnerabilities. Take on the role of Penetration Tester for […]


Case Study : Ocean Blue(This is a fictitious company)BackgroundOcean Blue having been developing an electric autonomous pure electric vehicle and entered into the market with high levels of success and interest, due to their reduced battery consumption and long times between charging. The company was a spin off from a Berlin University research project into […]


MARKETING MANAGEMENTSPRING 2018 – MID TERM EXAMInstructions:1. As a reply email list the answers 1-50 and your letter answers.2. Send the email with your answers before Sunday March 18th @ 11:59 pm eastern time.3. This is an open note, open book exam. You may not collaborate with anyone.1. If you ask the average person, “What […]


Apple Inc Project MetricsApple Inc. Project MetricsWhat is next for the technology giant Apple? Apple Inc. has been able to rapidly introduce new and innovative new products before the marked even knew they wanted it. This level of groundbreaking product release has given Apple unbeatable brand equity. By determining its next project, objectives and metrics […]




Management Information System MIS 201Semester 2 (2019-2020)Assignment Details Prepare an in-depth analysis of fourcase studies during the semester. Here are someguidelines:This is an individual assessment, which is a part from your course score. It requires effort and critical thinkingThis assignment will worth 25 mark (Case Studies Questions 15 Marks/ Presentation 10 Marks)Answer all the questions […]

Hungarian Case of General Electric

It is unlikely that the rate and magnitude of change in the global competitive environment will slow in the future and multinational firms are in for increased competition in the next decade. The opening up of the Central European economies had offered a unique opportunity to the multinational giant General Electric for expansion into new […]

Research and Development in the Multinational Enterprise

Through research and development, MNEs keep on meeting the demands of customers and other stakeholders by better products. RD becomes more important for organizations into technical products like vehicles, engineering products, medicines, and others.Various strategic decisions regarding investment, product development, market to serve, and other decisions are important for any organization to go global for […]

Systems for Operations Management

I am John Smith. I have joined M/s Jason Machineries Inc. as an operation manager. Jason Machineries manufactures special Purpose machines and caters to the needs of the local market. The shop floor consists of machining, welding, grinding, assembly of sub-parts, final assembly, and testing. I have investigated the operations of this organization as it […]

The Vale of Glamorgan Council

In most cases, these efforts face the resistance of employees who are used to specific working conditions and any possible differentiation would be negative for their interests (at least from their point of view). Regarding this issue, it has been found by Eoyang et al. (2001, 5) that ‘many organization change initiatives start at the […]

The Pros and Cons of Nutritional genetic engineering

What exactly are genetics and genetic engineering? Genetics is defined as the study of biologically inherited traits (Hartl 1). These would also include traits that are influenced by the environment. The fundamental concept of genetics is that the traits of the offspring are inherited in combination from the parents, and by means of reproduction, such […]

Development of Human Resources

The services provided are project management and civil engineering, full design and construction services, and construction services for public and private clients. At 9,000 employees, the workforce has been reduced over the last three years due to economic reasons. The company is profitable and has a solid financial foundation in place. There are 12 offices […]

Managing Information 1

Information system strategy incorporates the use of information technology and a range of software and hardware products that make the system efficient and fully functional (Carry 1988). According to Lucey (2005, p. 4) states, the processing of data into information and communicating the resulting information to the user are the very essence of an MIS. […]

Products and Services Offered by Oxford Metrics Group

This report highlights the successes of the OMG group of companies and details the strides made by them in recent years. The OMG group is listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange and is quite actively traded in this segment.This report covers the background of the company as well as the […]

Is Thomas Sanders Gay Who is The Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Similarly, he attracted a massive following on social media that has earned him some awards over the years. His fame is not limited to YouTube comedy but also extends across many talents like singing, scriptwriting, and acting. Sanders has featured in fan-favorite hit singles and other music albums like Heathers: Les Miserable, Te Musical, and […]

Sabkha Soils Problems And Solutions

Adding cement to the soil when constructing is another viable method that can be implemented together with cut and filling methods. However, preloading and compression are viewed as practical, economic and easy to apply and research has shown that they are the best alternative solutions when constructing something on sabkha soils.Sabkha soils are often found […]

The technology of cloning

Cloning is the phenomenon whereby an identical copy of a living creature can be created by man. The process of making a clone, a genetically identical copy. Cloning can refer to the technique of producing a genetically identical copy of an organism by replacing the nucleus of an unfertilized ovum with the nucleus of a […]

What can the HRM department contribute to the development of successful leadership within organization

Thus, paper would be broadly discussing the various elements of HR strategies that promote leadership initiatives within organization for improved performance. HRM and leadership development within organization HRM is intrinsically linked to the people and effective HR strategy is aware of the versatility in the work ideology and functioning. In the emerging challenges of the […]

Modern Architecture and Modernity

Modernists in architecture ignored existing material, eliminating them on the basis that they were outdated and impediments to true creativity and progress. The architecture of Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) is acclaimed for its distinctive nature and farsightedness. He is renowned as an American visionary, and an intellecutal of our times. The architect is a key innovator […]

Risk Management Processes

Risk has been known to be unavoidable. as a result, every individual and organisation needs to ensure that they manage risk to a level which is tolerable or acceptable depending on its risk appetite. Resources available for managing risk are finite. Therefore, individuals, entities and organizations should strive to achieve an optimum response to risk, […]

Business Development in Engineering Sector

Sales and marketing are intertwined with financial and personnel management. It also involves defining goals and outcomes before the product development process. This calls for an acute understanding of customer expectations. Research shows that the mastery of technological and scientific disciplines is not enough to deal with the market dynamics of a technologically driven economy. […]

Building Construction Site Constraints

Geotechnical engineering is basically concerned with the behavior of rocks and soil present at any specific area. The fields of study included in geotechnical engineering are rock mechanics, soil mechanics, and design of the foundation. Geotechnical engineering is of extreme importance in site development and plays a great role in designing the foundation of a […]

Products Liability

Company description The Ford Motor Company is one of the leading manufacturers of vehicles and has a strong position in the global automotive market. The company widely engages in the development, manufacturing, distribution and service of vehicles, parts and their accessories. Ford corporate philosophy of stable improvement powerfully contributes to its immense achievement. The company […]

Data Warehousing in Healthcare

The need to store information for both historical and strategic reasons inspired many companies to acquire IT-based infrastructure to maintain the records. The main reason for this was the increased efficiency that IT-based systems brought to the organizations. The idea of pooling a large amount of information to allow for research and reorganization refers to […]

Article Review

Health related issues are under constant research and scrutiny. In order to present a point of view regarding health it is imperative to present it with proper data. Many articles are published in different journals, magazines and newspapers regarding health. It is difficult to keep track of all and it is equally difficult for the […]

The UK Multimedia Industry

Opportunities are also available for the self-employed. Terms and conditions for employees are described and illustrated with an example of a real multimedia designer on the job. The application process is mentioned and both general and technical requirements are detailed. Qualifications are usually a concern with most jobs but as we shall see, there are […]


Shield Volcano c. Dome Volcano d. Ash-Cinder e. Composite f. Caldera 5. Volcanoes in history and culture ii. disasters type 1 1. Impact on environment, 2. Impact economy 3. Impact people iii. disasters type 2 1. Impact on environment, 2. Impact economy 3. Impact people iv. Solutions proposed by the questions: privatization III. Volcano – […]

The impact of increasing environmental concerns on the operation of aircraft and the aircraft maintenance industry

Noise pollution affects the people the most, the major side affect of the problem among a number of other aircraft operations and maintenance problems, compelling governments to reconsider the cost of mobility, economic growth and safety of their people. Airport expansion plans have suffered a set back because of increasing environmental impact on air quality, […]

Case study about The Body Shop &amp

L’occitaneThis is where design comes in as before a manager does any action, he will have to reflect on the intentions and then design an intervention or strategy, including structure and system. This will be useful in getting things done at the right time and at the right price (van Aken, in Huff et al, […]

The US Trade Deficit

The US Trade Deficit OUTLINE Introduction US trade deficits Causes of US trade deficits Importation of petroleum products Protectionism Remedies I. Introduction In January 13, 2012, the United States Bureau of Economic Analysis and the United States Census Bureau, through the department of Commerce, reported the total exports in November as 177.8 billion dollars and […]

Genetically Modified Food/Organisms

It was developed as a better version of the normal regular tomatoes which are harvested when they are green, firm and are not completely flavorful. Thus the concept of genetic engineering and the resultant GM foods resulted in more foods including the soybean, corn, canola, and cotton seed oil. By 2003, countries that grew GM […]

Progressive Period

The researcher states that during the progressive period several people stand steadily to find solutions of the problems, that were faced by America and these people were called as Progressive people. The progressive people worked to create awareness among the general public regarding different problems like alcohol abuse, child labour, food purity and government corruption […]

Managing the Trunk Road Network in North West Scotland

The emphasis of the paper is in discussing the role of the project manager in establishing communication procedures and protocols along with a clear road map for tackling the issues mentioned above. The paper starts off by detailing the project by providing an overview of the project and then lists the scope of the project. […]

Novel Biocatalysts from Uncultivated Microbes

This trait is also utilized in the production of industrial goods. These biocatalysts are becoming more popular and preferred over chemical catalysts in conversion reactions because they are environmentally friendly, more economical, and have cleaner action. In many industries, biocatalysts are replacing chemical catalysts for production and conversion processes. Among the industries that benefit from […]

The Innovation of Prosthetics

That is, the innovation in the development of prosthetics is aimed at giving the amputee more control and feel over the device which makes him feel that it is as good as a natural body part. The whole evolution of prosthetics over the centuries is driven by the desire for improving the artificial devices’ anthropomorphism […]

Hyatt Regency Hotel Engineering Disaster of 1981

In the past several decades, this science of engineering was broken down into many branches of study such as structural engineering, transportation engineering, hydraulic engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, and so forth.Nevertheless, the most important task of civil engineering is the design and planning of various structures. For this reason, it is of great importance […]

Personal Protective Equipment &amp

Control MeasuresControlling a hazard at the source is the best way to protect the employees. Substitution method involves replacing an ingredient/material used in the process or a machine with a less dangerous one. Engineering control involves building a barrier between the employees and the hazard through the enclosure, isolation, and ventilation (ILO, n.d.). Administrative control […]

Effect of Video on Academic and Psychological Achievement

The understudies will be asked to finish an overview (Drummond,2014). The finished study will create a greater part of the essential parts to position every understudy in the right area of the 3 X 3 factorial outlines. The study will contain an assortment of inquiries identified with the theory of this study to focus on […]

Intellectual property in music industry

The book was produced at a local copy shop onto folded sheets of 8.5 x 11 paper, with staples in the ‘fold’ holding the book together. The cookbooks are sold for $5.00 each, and given to anyone who donates more than $100 to the school Radiadata Systems, Inc. has developed lengthy software code for a […]

How engineering has a negative impact on the natural environment

Conferring to Balaban (2012), constructions are huge contributors to ecological deterioration. Moreover, it is quite clear that additional actions are required in order to make the building activities and the built environment ecological. Construction activities are among the major exploiters of both non-renewable and renewable natural resources. It depends profoundly on the natural environment to […]

Software Management Metrics

In this scenario, the majority of software development firms follows well-known industry standards such as ISO/IEC 15504 and CMMI. Additionally, in an attempt to improve the quality of developed products as well as their firm’s development potential and efficiency, a large number of approaches have been suggested in previous researches. Without a doubt, process assessment […]

Describe the unique qualities that attract you to the specific undergraduate College or School (including preferred admission and dual degree programs) to which you are applying at the University of Michigan How would that curriculum support your interes

Unique qualities of Michigan For better part of my childhood, I longed for a career whereby I would use my God-given skills and create something that will not only outlive me but also touch millions of people. I was always fascinated by the vision of the Wright Brothers, the intelligence of Albert Einstein and the […]

Benefits of Various Software Engineering

Describe THOUGHTFULLY how you learned to understand the differences and benefits of various software engineering lifecycle methodologies. Give two (2) examples from your personal experience of each learning process. (At least one paragraph) For example, we have a short time for software development. There is also a need to fulfill the deadline of deployment of […]

Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

A block is a negligible component of Event-Condition-Action system that can state the behaviors represent in a process model. An algorithm is urbanized to detect blocks beginning a process meaning network and transform it into a hierarchical hierarchy model. The behaviors in every block type are modeled by means of ACTA formalism. This provides a […]

Real World Quadratic Functions

Real World Quadratic Functions Introduction Quadratic functions have wide application in not only science and engineering but also in business. They find wide application in forecasting profits and losses in business and assisting in the determination of maximum and minimum values (Harshberger amp. Reynolds, 2013). A quadratic function is one that takes the form of […]

Hot Flat and Crowded 2008 by Thomas L Friedman

Friedman argues that most people are striving to live a middle-class type of life which allows them to afford a car, a house, a cell phone, and an air conditioner (31). With that many people using that much energy, the global supply for energy is not sustainable.The long term effects of these problems is that […]


It will also be very important not to ignore the fact that principled negotiation is thorough in terms of the factors that are considered and the presentation of the various requirements of the software stakeholders.This is a technique that has proved to be effective for a person who intends to separate the problem from the […]

Information Engineering

They can be regarding information theft, hacking, and identity break-in. for the solution of such a problem, we have to apply all aspects of the ethical framework for the solution of these problems. Then we gather the main facts regarding the problem then apply the previous solution for the handling of the problem. This also […]

Resolving Issues Related to Cybercrime

Cybercrimes have brought massive loss of funds and relevant authorities should formulate measures in order to address the situation.Consumers and businessmen have continued to face the problem of cybercrime as the legitimate uses of the internet have become more sophisticated and diversified. The crime that started in the late 1990s as a form of social […]

Uses of Nanotechnology in Medicine and Electronics

The present research has identified that Understanding Nano is a website that talks about nanotechnology and its’ several applications. The website has several applications and one of it’s’ applications is in the medical field. The webpage on medicine talks about the use of nanotechnology in the medical field has revolutionized the methods of detecting the […]

Aspect of Human Genetic Engineering

They say that genetic engineering could be used to find a cure for many incurable human diseases. As already said, genetic engineering is a relatively new science, it is very difficult to say as to what good or harm it could do to mankind (Bethell 38). Intervention in human genetics is something that is still […]

Cultural feasibility

unit Introduction A cultural feasibility study is one that investigates the ethical, behavioral, scientific and social issues in the design and implementation of the project that is under development. The impacts tell project stakeholders to decide on what to do as the project progresses. The social cultural and ethical feasibility will look into the effects […]

VW’s Resources

VW’s Resources VW’s Resources Based on the resources and capabilities in Table 5.4 and Figure 5.7, one would liketo offer some strategy recommendations for VW (Table 5.4 Appraising VWs resources and capabilities, n.d.). Product development is considered an important aspect in the automobile industry. To be a market leader, it is essential that companies in […]

Employment Interviews as a Selction Tool

There are various types of interviews. Some interviews are conducted face to face between the employer and candidate while others may be conducted electronically or on phone. In terms of forms, interviews can be classified into three types, namely structured interviews, semi-structured interviews, and unstructured interviews. In the structured interviews, interviewer analyzes the skills of […]

Market entry strategies the Vianova case study

However the opportunities are abundant and one should proceed cautiously with investment plans.Via Nova Engineering was established in the end of sixties with the objective manufacturing heavy engineering plants mainly concerned with the planning and supply of steel plants, shipyards, pipe mills and other metallurgical industries. Ever since it’s founding it has supplied, erected and […]

Advantages and disadvantges of the genetically modified crops

For instance genetic engineers can extract a gene that causes drought resistance then insert it into another plant. The genetically modified plant now possesses the trait of resisting drought that is a trait of the first plant. This practice can be applied even for genes from non-plant organisms (Bijaya, 2013). A noteworthy point is that […]

Acme Medical Imaging Analysis

Acme Medical Imaging: Analysis of CaseHeading 11. What can be done to achieve cost reduction and lead time goals?The answer to the Acme’s failure to achieve cost minimization and delayed projects lies in their legacy that is being brought to the company by their very product development department. The department works in a haph-hazard manner […]

Write A Python Program In

IDLEthat asks for the radius of a circle and prints theExecuteResultexecuted in 2.713 sec(s)Enter the radius of circle: 4Diameter: 8.0Circumfrence: 25.132741228718345Area: 50. 26548245743669Software engineering

I Need Help With The Assignment Below

Students, please view the Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment Running head: DESIGNING COMPLIANCE WITHIN THE LAN-TO-WAN DOMAIN Assignment 4DESIGNING COMPLIANCE WITHIN THE LAN-TO-WAN DOMAINStudent NameCourse TitleProfessor NameUniversity NameAugust 25th,…Engineering Technology

In …

software engineering for postgraduates what is the answer to below question Apart from the risks of Common Project RisksRiskInsufficient resourcesavailable to perform thework Mitigating Strategy Explore various channels to secure resources, includinghiring new staff or involving…Engineering Technology

I Need Some Help With This Assignment

Assignment 2: Implementing Network and Personnel Running head: ASSIGNMENT 2 1 Assignment 2Implementing Network and Personnel Security MeasuresStudent NameCourse TitleProfessor NameUniversity NameAugust 27th, 2016 ASSIGNMENT 2 2Assignment 2…Engineering Technology

Using Python Programming Language

def choiceTest(s):valid = set(‘0123456789 ‘)return set(s).issubset(valid)def gcdRecursive(num1, num2):if num2 == 0:return num1else:return gcdRecursive(num2, (num1%num2))def gcd(num1,…Engineering Technology

C Programming You Must Create The Code Described In The Picture Below And Given Are Two Example Executions Of

Problem: Allow the user to enter a positive integer value to represent the seed value for the random numbergenerator. Next, generate a random integer that represents a possible number of points that a student may earn in agiven class (0 to a maximum of 1000 possible points). Calculate the corresponding letter grade that the studentwould […]

Please Help My Assignment!!!!Writing A Modular Program In

Question Please help my assignment!!!! Writing a Modular Program in C++ Summary In this lab, you add the input and output statements to a partially completed C++ program. When completed, the user should be able to enter a year, a month, and a day. The program then determines if the date is valid. Valid years […]

At The Beginning Of Several Software Development Projects The Detailed Requirements Are Little Known Or Change

Question At the beginning of several software development projects, the detailed requirements are little known or change drastically during of development. Why would it be necessary to take the trouble to go through the stages of requirements collection, the elaboration of the work breakdown structure, estimation, planning, etc. if we know that the requirements will […]

Ask The

following question and give answers to the questionAnswer 1From definitions, δ ∗ = ∫ δ 0 (1 − u/U) dy, θ = ∫ δ 0 (u/U)(1 − u/U) dy; H = δ ∗/θ. δ ∗ is the (upward)vertical displacement of the streamline that comes from the…Mechanical Engineering

Can You

Question Can You help me to find the relational algebra for these three queries f, g, and h 1. Consider the following relational database:lives(person-name, street, city)works(person-name, company-name, salary)located-in (company-name, city)manages( person-name, manager-name)Give an expression in the relational algebra for each of the queries below:f. Find all people who do not work for First Bank Corporation.g. […]

Biotechnology Select One A

is the use of technology to change the genetic makeup of living things Question Biotechnology: Select one: a. is the use of technology to change the genetic makeup of living things for human purposes. b. has raised many ethical questions. c. can make food more nutritious. d. all of the above e. Both A and […]

Mec 310 _ Homework 4 3 For The Offset Crankslider Linkage In The Following Figure (A) Derive The

3. For the offset crank-slider linkage in the following figure [a] derive the expression for theangular velocity of link 3 and linear velocity of [in]: 4 using analytic VECtDr-hfififld methods {notcomplex number representation of vectors]. [IS points] [b] derive the expression for the angularaccelemtion of hnk 3 and linear acceleration of hnlt 4 using analytic […]

Questtion 2according To Dgi Data Governance Framework Information Management (Im) Is A

Question Questtion 2 According to DGI Data Governance Framework, Information Management (IM) is a principal function of IT that is complex, spans through a number of subdisciplines and it can be defined as the ……………………? A.application of management techniques to collect information, communicate it within and outside the organization, and process it to enable managers […]

It Leaders Often Need To Make Difficult Choices To Save Money Stay Competitive And Retain Or Generate Additional

Question IT leaders often need to make difficult choices to save money, stay competitive, and retain or generate additional profits. The idea of outsourcing and perhaps offshoring has been mentioned as a possible consideration. Discuss the pros and cons of both outsourcing and offshoring. How might a leader introduce this to the organization without creating […]

The Lighting Requirements Of An Industrial Facility Are Being Met By 700 40w Standardfluorescent Lamps

Question The lighting requirements of an industrial facility are being met by 700 40-W standard fluorescent lamps. The lamps are close to completing their service life and are to be replaced by their 34-W high-efficiency counterparts that operate on the existing standard ballasts. The standard and high-efficiency fluorescent lamps can be purchased in quantity at […]

In This Question The First Step Is To Get Fr Value I Don’T Really Understand Why We Need To Get This Value

Exercise 6Water is flowing at a velocity of 3 m/s and a depth of 3 m in a channel of rectangularcross-section. Find the maximum allowable size of upward step for the upstream flowto remain as specified.SolutionFr = –3V9.81 x3= 0.55 – The flow regime is subcritical.The unit discharge is:q=v*y=9m’ IsSpecific Energy in the cross-section is:32E=y+2g=3+2×9.81-= […]

Which Of The Following Could

notbe a constructor for the public class Question Which of the following could not be a constructor for the public class SomeClass? SomeClass() int SomeClass() SomeClass(int a, String s) Statement I only Statement II only Statement III only Statements I and II only Statements I and III only Question 12 Which of the following would […]

Sec 420system Upgrade

Please respond to the following:A batch file is a text for which contains a sequence of commands for a computer’s operatingsystem. This file is mostly delivered as part of an operating system. In any organization, thereare…Engineering Technology

Analysis of Economic Indicators Retail Sales and Personal Income

Analysis of Economic Indicators: Retail Sales and Personal Income Teacher Analysis of Economic Indicators: Retail Sales and Personal Income According to Consumer Flow at, the fundamental drivers of consumer spending, – which generates retail sales – in the near future in the U.S. will include rising interest rates, durable goods spending, and tightening labor […]

A Letter of Intent for Dental School

 PERSONAL STATEMENTI, had hailed from a family wherein my mother had a degree in oriental medicine after working as a nurse for a while, my sister had graduated from a medical school and was working in Korea. I was a biology majors at college, came to the U.S in the year 2000. Medicine had […]

Analysis the Current Economic Crisis

America had been the epicenter of scientific and engineering innovation throughout the 20 century. While the Civil War triggered off the entrepreneurial spirit in America and witnessed technological and scientific advancement in the 20th century, the period of five decades after the Civil War witnessed a virtual explosion of industrial growth. Additionally, the scale of […]

Engineering Design Process

Among the fundamental elements of the design process are the establishment of objectives and criteria, synthesis, analysis, construction, testing, and evaluation. (Engineering Design, 2006)problem, an existing condition in need of change, a challenge to look ahead for problematic conditions of the future, of design and construction. Because it is important for the engineers to be […]

Questions about some uses of genetic engineering

04 April 2008 Questions about Some Uses of Genetic Engineering Do you think there is a morally significant difference between positive and negative gene therapy The unacceptability of genetic engineering the society is often linked to the question of its morality. The article written by Jonathan Glover aimed to take a closer look at the […]

The Future of Privacy

Systemic instruments come from the engineering process from networks to machines to computers to codes to protocols. These are the systems that are built into machines. Collective instruments come from government policy applied to provide protection of goods and services. These are the instruments that are built into processes. The instrument of individual empowerment requires […]

What are your short and longterm career goals

Short and Long-Term Career Goals Throughout my life I have had only one goal in my mind. it was to run my own business and eventually an empire ownedby the family and so it has always been my long term goal. I took an early start in real world when I started working at the […]

LEXMARK International problems

The company was able to send more accurate information for a very short span of time. This new system enables those connected to the business which include the buyers, financial analysts, marketing analyst, merchandisers, regional managers, and field sales representatives, to access or work on available data more instantly and easily.The bottom line of every […]

The Directors and Management of the Limited Company

The disadvantages of the Material Requirements Planning system has been its coherency with the data, therefore the flaws present in the inventory data, the bill of material, or master production schedule will be transparent in the output, to avoid such failure and malpractice the vendors adapted to Material Requirements Planning demand minimum ninety-six per cent […]

Significance of Metrology with Respect to Engineering

If not, then it has to be re-examined so that accurate results are obtained. Among the post-process measurement, different measurement techniques and instruments are used. Usually, block gauge, micrometer, profile projector and coordinate measurement machines are used for post-measurement techniques.A block gauge consists of different sizes of lengths, holes, depressions, diameters, rectangle cross sections of […]

Safety Management Systems In Aviation

The technique is now being implemented in many countries like the United States. Canada is currently the leading country in terms of having safety management systems already in existence. Goglia (2008), in his book, Safety Management Systems in Aviation, provides a clear explanation of the appropriate safety precautions that aviation industries must adapt to reduce […]

Security Locking Devices

This paper attempts to compare the two texts in the structure in which they have been presented with an eye for the way in which they have been presented. As far as possible, I try to minimize the use of technical jargon in describing the texts and instead use simple language to convey the sense […]

Engineering Disasters

Undeniably, engineering knowhow so far has immensely contributed to humanity’s wellbeing in diverse and numerous areas. This has enabled people to execute their tasks with heightened efficiency, speed and even producing varied products meant to support humanity’s survival. Some of these products include drugs, processed foodstuffs, vehicles and aircrafts. The Japanese Fukushima reactor meltdown incidence […]

Artefacts (Idenitifying Materials)

Quality assurance plays an active role in materials testing. Quality assurance carries out calibration test and manufacturing test. Calibration test is carried out to determine the workability of the measuring properties. Manufacturing test is carried out to determine the adherence to standardization. Some of the tests through which engineering materials are subjected to can be […]

ProcessFlow Analysis

The Advanced Products Department (APD), which produces the specialty goods, has reformulated its corporate policy. In the early years, this company has built up and manufactured Echo Weather Satellites, which were launched into space. Three major diversified divisions of this company are: the material division, electrical goods, and advanced goods division. This study consists of […]

Analysis of Business Excellence criteria

This formula for such unflinching success has come through none of what management books could preach. The story behind the rise of Emirates Group lies in being an opportunist and seeking the opportunity at the right time and solving all their problems as and when they came through. This can be highlighted as one of […]


ence we are able to determine total production per unit as follows: Product (Valves) Explanation Cost Manufacturing overhead (4.39% X 4) 17.548 Materials $16 Direct labor based on run labor (16% X 0.25) 4 Total standard cost $38 Pumps Manufacturing overhead (4.39% X 8) 35.096 Materials $20 Direct labor based on run labor (16 X […]

Assignment 3 Program of Study (POS)

OVERALL LEARNING GOAL RELATED TO FIELD OF STUDY I would like to complete a doctorate in Applied Management and Decision science which is all aboutmaking good strategic decisions, both within an organization or while dealing with the clients. An emphasis on development and research in Engineering Management is also to be proposed. To put it […]

Dave Eggers Suggestion

Failure of implementing the right policies and direction, leads to failure in life among the young and future generation. A frustrated Thomas takes into hostage seven individuals that he consider to have played a significant role towards his failure in life and questions then to ascertain the facts. The novel laments what the author considers […]


We are then prompted to ask, what is the connection between science and religion? The key to Prometheus is the spoiler alert. In its proposition, the engineers with their religion of self-sacrifice are said to have seeded life on earth and elsewhere. Inferring from the film, the crucifixion of Jesus about 2000 years ago is […]


Technology has a very wide range ranging from the simple tools such as the wooden spoon to the very complicated gadgets such as a particle accelerator and technological changes involved the evolution from using the simple tools to the application of the very complicated and detailed machines used today.The changes in technology has not only […]

KnowledgeIntensive Firms and Workers in the Southern Company

With business and market environments that are constantly changing with globalization, firms from all sectors are called to embrace the use of technology and information communication systems, particularly to manage their knowledge assets (Poole, 2013). However, most organizations lack strategies that explicitly consider knowledge as a core component of firms and their business strategies. This […]


MODERN ERA AS THE “ANTHROPOCENE” Modern Era as the “Anthropocene” The “Anthropocene” is a term that is always used in reference to the extent to which human activities have been of influence to the Earth’s ecosystem. Everything that the human beings involve themselves in usually have either an indirect or a direct effect to at […]

The Elements of Typographic Style

Graphic Design, which developed in Switzerland in 1950 was aimed at these tasks, and therefore the concept and methodology of the Swiss-style soon spread throughout the world. One of the areas where the emerging international style was the most in-demand, was the pharmaceutical industry. The largest Swiss companies that manufactured chemicals and drugs (Ciba, Geigy, […]

Why Don’t We Have More Practicing Women Engineers

The above-mentioned news clipping revolves around the most current problem that is being faced by women engineers nowadays. The overall ethical structure of the society and more importantly that of a workplace has deteriorated so very much that day by day it is becoming increasingly difficult for the fairer sex to take advantage of it. […]

Why Do We Need Environmental Engineering Topic LOVE CANAL TRAGEDY

This led to protests, intervention by the government and multiple lawsuits in pursuit of the compensation for the affected residents. Most of them moved, the infrastructure brought down and the Love Canal crossed for revitalization processes by the Environmental Protection Agency.William T Love is the impresario behind the famous Love Canal as indicated by his […]

Ethical hacking

One learner might make an impression on the other or port-filter the other understudy and both people might record the effects. The learners reacted with a lot of energy. After a week there were assorted types of strike from outside sources and the scholars started to archive these and to track down the sources. Significant […]

The Most Significant Engineering Achievements

Three hundred years is too long a time duration to choose the feats of engineering from, yet some accomplishments stand quite distinct amongst others…some of them include the International Space Station, C.E.R.N.s Large Hadron Collider, Palm Deira of Dubai, the Bird’s Nest in the Heart of Beijing, the Eurotunnel, Pan STARRS-1 and what not? But […]

The Safety of Building at Oklahoma State University

The building has 4 stories inclusive of a basement, with an “I” shape with the longest part spanning from East to West with 6 doors providing an exit for the people. The building can be accessed by the fire department via Hester Street. Engineering South’s basement is mainly utilized for storage of maintenance equipment. There […]

Lost Foam Casting

5 1250 The pattern is made through the use of polystyrene foam. If the cast is to be made on the basis of a simple geometrical form, then the use of a hot wire foam cutter can be done. In case the volume of casting is large, then a mass production usage pattern is sued […]

Identify the heightened audit risks areas of James Cropper Plc and carry out the audit procedures to reduce audit risk to an acceptable level of one area

The converting segment on the other hand offers picture mat boards printable boards and a selection of of laminated and coated papers. The Technical Fibre Products is in charge of non-woven materials used in different areas such as the engineering of composites thermal insulation, fire protection and other insulations. The areas of operation of the […]

Simon Chance the owner and Chief Executive of Junction Hotel is seeking to increase the effectiveness of the hotel Drawing on theories of rational organisation and at least one of the following topic areas 1) psychological perspectives 2) organisational

mon Chance, the owner and Chief Executive of Junction Hotel is seeking to increase the effectiveness of the hotel and to address the above listed weaknesses. The aim of this paper is to research how the theories of rational organization and psychological perspectives (personality and motivation) can be applied by Simon Chance in order to […]

Application of Porters Five Forces on Construction Sector

The work includes the building of roads, bridges and other major infrastructures. The real estate business is also urban-based. so the constructions companies need to base all their business activity in urban areas in order to complement the real estate industry. The repair and maintenance of existing buildings and other infrastructures also fall under the […]

Comparison of market structures of US retail and housing industry

16 4000 Where there are four types of market structure which are monopoly, oligopoly, pure competition and monopolistic competition. there are number of factors which determine the market structure which are number and size of firms in the particular market, degree of similarity with competitor’s product, firm’s control over its product’s prices, barriers to entry […]

Soil bioremedation

12 3000 For instance, a recent report by Wu and Yu (2011) indicated that the issue of environmental pollution in China has reached an alarming extent. Specifically, the article reported that as of 2011, one-sixth of China’s agricultural land has been contaminated with mercury, cadmium, copper, and other heavy metals (Wu and Yu, 2011). According […]

“Outsourcing Supply Chain Support and its Effectiveness and Implication in R&amp

D Environment in Singapore"and Objectives 1.3 Research Methods 1.4Significance of Research 1.5 Dissertation Outline 1.6 Conclusions Chapter 2: Literature Review 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Information Sharing and Outsourcing 2.3 The importance of Information sharing in Outsourcing 2.4 The risk factors of Information sharing 2.5 How much information can be shared? 2.6 How to ensure effective information-sharing […]

Analysis of Work of Benjamin Spock about Gender Roles

Gender role is an intriguing subject that takes into account of several aspects. One can argue that gender roles emerge from culture due to various reasons. Cultures adhere to gender roles because they assign responsibilities to each gender based on family needs. For example, women in eastern cultures have to follow the cult of domesticity. […]

Building Information Modelling

This development has particularly been important in the engineering field in which some stakeholders develop models and different stakeholders who interpret the developed models simulate their properties undertake the constructions for achieving reality. Ensuring ease and success of such simulations has further prompted the need for standardization in modeling and communication of developed models in […]

Impact of climate change on timber engineering structures

The differing opportunities and threats posed by timber structures and climate change are outline below.1. TIMBER STRUCTURES AND BUSHFIRESClimate change has been related to bushfires directly and increasing temperatures have been taken as a sign that bushfires are only bound to increase in the future. An estimate puts the change in temperature due to global […]

The Rise and Fall of FLAVR SAVR Tomato A Delayed Ripening Tomato

6 1500 They are accountable for the overall predilection of an organism and what the organism is going to be. Humans are utilizing their potentials to explore and reveal the surreptitious lying uncharted. The advent of genetic engineering has revolutionized this investigation procedure. Genetic manipulations are being performed to bring out the best by altering […]

Leonardo DiVinci

The latter was highly impressed with the boy’s talent and Leonardo thus “entered the studio” of an artist and sculptor, where he met several other craftsmen, including Botticelli and Lorenzo Di Credi (Brockwell 4). The interaction he had with many such artists had a profound impact on him and it also bred in him a […]

“Arts &amp

Visual Literacy"As it can be seen from the image above, the sculpture is a giant concave mirror that reflects the sky. It is made of stainless steel materials that reflect the open sky from its concave part. It sits on white granite that is designed with precision to finish its beauty. This image is a […]

Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur

From the economist’s point of view, an entrepreneur is an individual who brings together labor, resources, materials and other valuable assets into a combined form that brings out a value that is greater than before. An entrepreneur can also be defined as a person who introduces innovations, changes, and some form of the order. The […]

Project closing

Delivering business presentations has turned out to be part of many people’s lives. Power Point slides have become common for businesses or sales presentations. Microsoft Power Point software allows creation, management, and display of presentations to the audience. It helps in the description of ideas in a more detailed way to enable those who might […]

Critical summary

The song dynasty The song dynasty was a dynasty that started in the year 960 and continued until the year 1279. The dynasty succeeded over five dynasties and other ten kingdoms. The Yuan dynasty emerged after the song dynasty. The dynasty was the first dynasty in history to experience civilization through the issue of banknotes […]

Fiat Business Case

Additionally, it was also felt that the company was very late in addressing the quality issues related to its products. This delay in improving the quality of its products dissuaded customers from buying Fiat’s cars. This was also a major reason because of which Fiat was not able succeed in the American car market despite […]

SacroOccipital Technique (SOT)

Similarly, he attended the Nebraska College of Chiropractic where he obtained a degree in 1924. He studied the works of leaders in both osteopathic and chiropractic professions incorporating his engineering background because he felt that there were contradictions within the professions. He divided his time to both the practice and researching the principles of chiropractic […]

Hate running the mile in PE

HATE RUNNING THE MILE IN PE Nursing As My Professional Career Nursing career is a profession that is quite challenging to achieve, yet the most demanded in the current world. My goal is to become a Nurse a Practitioner in a recognized institution. In order to accomplish my goal, I intend to enroll in the […]

Information Engineering Analysis and Design

The Delauny’s Medical Centre System project primarily represents an information system that avails booking services on an online friendly platform. The service will enable the prospected patients to make appointments with doctors on the online system. The main features of the services that the online Medical Centre platform entails registration of new users, making appointments, […]

People in History

This paper has selected Herbert Hoover and Frances Perkins as its two discussions who are considered to have played key roles in forming the America we know of today.Herbert Hoover, the 31st United States President, was born to a Quaker home and specialized in mining engineering (Hoover 19). He attained American and global prominence in […]

GMO products

Biotechnology in Genetically modified foods al Affiliation: Genetically modified foods are products that have been manipulated by introducing organisms whose DNA structure has been changed slightly using genetic engineering methods. This allows several alterations in the way the plant grows and also the quality of the yield.(Liang, 20). There have been controversies and debates over […]

Developing a Compensation Strategy

9 2250 As the paper outlines, with the focus on the total compensation strategy of Wilson Bros, the pay philosophy reveals the foundation on which the compensation strategy is placed. The existing pay system for the employees entails financial compensation in the form of wages and salaries, incentives and the indirect forms of compensation. The […]

Organizations digital investigation process

5 1250 The occurrences can be triggered by internal and external factors and can cause considerable damage or loss to an organization directly or indirectly. For instance A contingency plan should be devised to mitigate such incidences. A framework formulated will prepare for both low frequency/high impact as well as high frequency/low impact events in […]

Answering quistions regarding to the personal statment

Reflection on Feedback Question Self-awareness has the prospects of making me strive to gain the sets of skills, understandings,achievements and personal attributes, which give me the likelihood of being employed, and being successful in my selected occupation. Self-awareness therefore makes me be able to know my competence in leadership, problem solving, and effectiveness in communication […]

Position of Industrial Engineer in the Plant

I majored in Industrial Engineering at (name your university), class of 2014. Since high school, engineering had been my passion which explains my major. My forte in Industrial Engineering is Systems Design and Analysis and Project Management. I also took an internship at Acme Company as an Assistant Industrial Engineer and the experience provided me […]

Engineering Materials

The bondage between the molecules is broken. In this region, the material can regain its original shape after the removal of the loading or rather the stress. At this juncture, the material obeys Hooke’s law and the stress and strain relate proportionally, and the constant of proportionality is the modulus of elasticity. The structure of […]

Information System Engineering (Case Study about system requirement)

The purpose of this report is to elaborate the system design features for its better implementation.The Children Support Agency (CSA) has emerged as a national charity based organization for the betterment of the UK’s young people. This organization has aimed to facilitate young people of UK for their career and support them for spending their […]

“Initiating Change in the Manufacturing and Distribution Division of PolyProd on page 241246 in the Cummings &amp

Worley tex"Initiating Change in the Manufacturing and Distribution Division of PolyProd PolyProd is a giant engineering corporation faced with change management concerns at divisional level. Manufacturing and Distribution Division of the company has to handle sophisticated information management system subjected to enormous amount of data, information as well as knowledge. Managing sophisticated information system has […]

Operation Management in Winning

The bibliography also describes the founding of Apple Incorporation by Steve Jobs along with his mate Steve Woznaik. Among the various facts those exhibited the gradual development in the skills possessed by Steve Jobs, the author delivers considerable stress on the tough competition faced by the introduction of Microsoft in the computing technology market, which […]

Report on an engineering hero

Engineering Hero Engineering Heroes Cromwell Fleetwood Varley One of the highly renowned engineering figures of all time is Cromwell Fleetwood who started by operating in the field of spiritualism during the period of 1850 and was even recognized for his attachment with one of the greatest communication companies named Atlantic Telegraph Company and was even […]

The AMA Handbook of Business Letters

This means that I will cut the attendance time down to one day per week against the previous arrangement of five days. For the projects in progress, I will be able to honor and complete my contractual obligation, and thereafter I would advise you to seek another engineering contractor who will continue to provide you […]

Human cloning and stem cell research

Human Cloning and Stem Cell Research Scientific research has in the last few decades have made stunning advancements in a broad array of fields. Some of the most prominent advancements have occurred in terms of human cloning and stem cell research. This technology holds a wide variety of implications both for medicine as well as […]

Collegiate Function Transfer Programs Transfer and the Liberal Arts

The collegiate function encompasses the transfer and curriculum between two or more learning s. The actual transfer discussed in this paper is the initial enrollment at a community college and the subsequent admission at any four year institution. For a student to be eligible for such a transfer, they must renounce their enrollment in the […]

Harvard referencing

10 Examples of Harvard referencing of items as required Al-Madhoun, M. &amp. Analoui, F. (2004) Developing SME managers under fire: negotiating obstaclesand weaknesses in Palestine, Journal of Management Development, 23 (5), pp.479-495, IngentaConnect [Online]. Available from: (Accessed: 9 June 2005).Fedchak, E. &amp. Duvall, L. (1996) An engineering approach to electronic publishing, Proceedings of the […]

Provided in the Doc

etic technology because it has a lot of drawbacks such as. hair loss, nausea, diarrhea, or death and significant number of the operation to replace the cancer cells without using this technology face failure.Chemotherapy is the principal cancer treatment modality which has decreased cancer mortality rate over the years. Chemotherapy causes setbacks such as nausea, […]

Climate Change Issue

It is time we think seriously on the climatic engineering more so on the geo-engineering aspect to curb the global warming through carbon dioxide and solar radiation management. Climate change over the years has been approaching tipping point and from the trends it might soon reach to a new irreversible points due to changes of […]

BIMStorm Presentation at Healthcare BIM Consortium by Onuma

Essay, Engineering and Construction My choice of video is BIMStorm presentation at Healthcare BIM Consortium by Onuma, Balfour Beatty, Broaddus and several other people. . The video is footage on the how the company through its sponsors has transformed the construction industry. Essentially, BIMStorm videos provide good framework in data construction in an innovative way […]

Knowledge management and knowledge engineering

6 1500 I know these topics because I have interacted with them and understand their characteristics or aspects. The topics I have information about are a company’s annual report, the weather of my location, the weather of another location and the content of a television news program. These topics only present data that has been […]

Compare two suspension bridges

It is worth noting that both the Rhone River- Roquemaure Bridge and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge in New York are suspension bridges, with the latter having the distinction of being the longest bridge of its kind in all of the United States (Kable 2013. Denenberg n.d.). The Roquemaure Bridge spanning the Rhone River in France, on […]

Anti discriminatory practice

It can be direct, as when a particular group is adversely targeted, or indirect, when one group is given preferential treatment to the detriment of another group. Discrimination can occur on an individual plane or as institutionalized discrimination, in which the organization itself is structured against particular groups (Webb, 2004).Discrimination can be based on gender, […]

Citrus Electronics

Business Business As a modern enterprise, Citrus Electronics aims at providing exclusive and innovative design solutions to the consumer as well as meet industry-specific requirements in the UK. To accomplish this, it needs to have the capability of managing the customer order process. The customer order process is increasingly becoming complex whereby orders comprise of […]

HIM 330

HIM 330 The main focus of this research paper is on the development of a practice management system for a clinic treating patients who suffer from cancer. The location of this clinic in rural setting has made most of the patients not to have health insurance coverage and instead to depend on Medicare and Medicaid. […]

To Whom It May Concern

To Whom It May Concern I must confess that I had a distinct contentment being an internship supervisor for Jingneng Zhao for a period of 2 months at INTECSEA. I have been Zhao`s direct supervisor in the Floating System Department. His exemplary performance in the organization is something that cannot be detached from him. Throughout […]

Report of Steve Jobs (biography

n society, principally through his charismatic pioneering of the personal computer revolution, further influencing the consumer electronics and computer fields.Steve Jobs is widely known as one of the greatest managers to have ever lived because of his style of leadership and success. As portrayed by Isaacson, during an era when the American nation still seeks […]

Management of Change

Management of change Management of change- Howard and Johnston Pty Ltd Introduction Change management is a critical component of organizational improvement and entails all processes, tools and techniques that are used in entrenching change in the organization (Cohen 2005). Change requires the support of people within the organization such as the culture, environment, processes and […]

1 Organizational Environment

The company, via Google Reach, sends a number of Googlers (Google employees) to a developing region to assist local firms and small enterprises deal with development challenges. For instance in 2013, forty seven Googlers were able to travel to Delhi in India and Ghana in Africa. Googlers as they are known, claim they pride in […]

How to bee agood leader

My research has shown me that task oriented skills as well as communication and interpersonal skills are very much necessary for effective team leadership. Similarly, facilitating the group processes is a significant role of the team leader and timely execution of the task necessitates proper planning, organization, coordination, decision making and problem solving skills, motivation, […]

A Position as an English Teacher

EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND October 2011 to Date: Ph.D. student in Language and Foreign Culture, specializing in English at the University of Lyon (Universitè Lyon2). September 2010: Completed a Masters degree in Humanities and Science, Language and Foreign Culture, Specializing in English at the University of Lyon (Universitè Lyon2), France. June 2007: Studied in English Maitrise, an […]

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

1. Permissible practice – Permissible practices include primary means to control occupational diseases caused by atmospheric contaminants by accepted engineering control measures and when these measures are not feasible, appropriate respirators shall be used. Employers are responsible for establishing and maintaining a respiratory protection program, which will cover all employee using respirators. 2. Respirator program […]

Do Aircraft Engineer of Oman air believe Inadequate training in aircraft Engineering sector of Oman is the main cause of low standards in maintenance of Oman Air aircraft

For example, training and development lead to the development of new skills and expertise of employees. However, in some sectors, training and development are necessary for performing the regular activities.Training and development activities present prime opportunities to expand and enhance the knowledge base of the employees. Even so, some employers find the same to be […]

Working in an Oil Company Using Education in Engineering

Dear recruiting manager, Responding to your request to submit my resume to you for consideration in job opening after my graduation, I would hereby wish to provide my official application for the position of Flow Assurance Assistant in your organization. I have been involved in Flow assurance, business development, project management, and petroleum engineering activities […]

Professional certificates of software engineering

Software Engineering Certification Software engineers should also face a certification ity before they get down to practicing their learnt skills. Certification processes are meant to guard and protect consumers of services, as well as the software engineers themselves from unscrupulous clients and the difficult market. This is crucial for the benefit of any economy that […]

Te Uku

t which is the first of its kind in New Zealand was commissioned in 2010 and successfully built by a joint alliance between a giant electricity generating and retailer company known as Meridian Energy and WEL Networks which is a lines company (WEL Networks, 2010).At its full capacity, the Te Uku – wind farm project […]

Dirt Bikes Management

Dirt Bikes Management a) What are the company’s goals and culture? The company’s goal includes the production of quality bikes with quality components. The company aims at trading these bikes across the world. In other words, the company does not restrict the sales of its products only to the manufacturing country, but globally. The culture […]

Civil Engineering Construction

Full cost of the project will be financed by these two departments and Network Rail, BAA and City of London will also contribute. Transport for London is drawing funding from the European Investment Bank. In 2009 the enabling work phase of the project started, demolition work took place demolishing buildings including Astoria Theatre, Royal Oak […]

Higher Education Task Force Report

The essay needs to dwell mainly on the role of CBI Higher Education Task Force in reporting on the topic of ‘Stronger together: Government policy on this crucial issue is another aspect, which can determine the guidelines to be formulated. The proposed essay structure needs to present an analysis of the view points of different […]

Stem Education

8 2000 STEM education is a very different from education that deals with a different approach to learning and teaching so as to integrate the overall content of technology, mathematics, science, and engineering. The practice standards of this specific type of education are aligned towards a behavioral combination that needs to be present to the […]

Failure of the London Ambulance System

IT projects must be constantly tested at each stage and have a systematic transition. There has to be a balance between formal procedures and social attitude to minimize risk. Innovatively and positively integrated team with shared values can make a major contribution to the success of the project. IT projects in any organization support the […]

Corporate Accounting

In this paper we look at impairment of assets from the view point of Transfield Services. The report starts with an introduction about Transfield Services and the business they are in. then it goes on to analyze the impairments done in 2009 wand 2007 and provides a brief explanation of the differences in the same. […]

Construction op analysis (reading articles) R4

Lecturer: CONSTRUCTION OP. ANALYSIS (READING ARTICLES) R4 Simulation of complex construction processes Question: What entails the simulation model of the construction process in the case study?Answer: Design of the bridge where the performance of the vehicles using the road is modeled (Charnes, 1321 – 1328). Then the last step is verification where animation is incorporated […]

Effectiveness of Cognitivism Pedagogy

Pedagogies relates to teaching methods that are applied by among various levels of education so that they can develop an understanding of the entire concept of their study. One of the pedagogy that will support the development of critical thinking in undergraduate students is cognitivism which is based on Piaget foundation. The learning approach lays […]

MBA Strategic Managment

Introduction After reading John R. Harbison and Peter Pekar’s article “A Practical Guide to Alliances: Leapfrogging the Learning Curve” I have been thinking about successful corporate alliances. and how companies could use this ‘middle-ground’ approach, to focus on their capabilities, retain their competitive edge, and enhance ROI. According to the authors, corporate alliances help to […]

Design and Construction of the Golden Gate Bridge

Many experts believed the 6,700&nbsp.ft (2,042&nbsp.m) strait could not be bridged. Swirling tides and currents, with icy water 500&nbsp.ft (150&nbsp.m) in depth at the center and ferocious winds and blinding fogs were seen as insurmountable obstacles for construction or operation of the bridge. In addition, the design elements were changed several times as engineers tried […]

The Art of Project Management

The management of people in the management of workers. Management of people guides us about the roles and duties that a worker can perform in a project for making a project successful. It also guides management about what type of staff should reserve for a specific project (Kerzner, 2003). In this paper, I will present […]

Employee Empowerment in the Workplace

Empowerment is seen as a process that results in individual employee enjoying autonomy while performing their jobs. This also ensures accountability on their part and thus develops a sense of ownership and increases the sense of fulfillment, while achieving shared organizational goals. Employee Empowerment has grown in importance in public administration. Early concern for employees […]

Journal and summary

This aspect also helped me understand that, as an engineer, I need a mindset that applies fundamentals to produce solutions.Summary: This course aspect has the objective of outlining the steps and requirements involved in the engineering process, such as: (a) systems thinking, which identifies problem elements through attention to their components and boundaries, and an […]

“Research &amp

Analysis Study of Balfour Beatty plc Business and Competitive Environment"The company made good progress in the building sector in 2006. Heery, a leading architectural, engineering and programme management business, represents Balfour Beatty’s business interests in USA.Balfour Beatty’s Civil and Specialist Engineering and Services division, with revenues of 1,920m and 10,455 employees, specializes in engineering, design […]

Karachaganak Petroleum Operating

The agreement was signed for a period of 40 years. The key business area with respect to KPO B.V., Kazakhstan is it Information Technology equipment. The company is strong in its IT equipment which it uses to run its daily operations.The unit holds around 1.2 billion tones of oil and condensate and also 1.35 trillion […]

Guide Lines for Selecting a Career

Career choice is one of the most important decisions in anyone’s life, and yet countless young people enter careers that later prove to be wholly unsuitable. Even today most young people have no way to find out if a particular career would really suit them. Decisions that are central to future happiness and success are […]

Rondell Data Corporation

This report stresses that Rondell Corporation uses a functional structure, a design that entails grouping of people because they possess similar knowledge, skills or use the same resources. The employees in the Rondell are sourced mainly from one particular field, that of engineering, and they are then grouped in specialized departments because they use the […]

Context and Truth

It’s also the interconnected circumstances in which something exists or happens. It has a major role to play in the sense that it can be as powerful as completely changing the meaning of the said or written to something totally opposite of what the original had been. Context can be categorized into several demographic classes. […]

Development of modern educational system

But I decided to help him out. He knows he is smart enough to even beat others. He worked so hard at reading, but it just never gets easier. Astutely observing his tribulations, his problem came out as ‘Dyslexia’. Dyslexia is a brain-based type of learning disability that specifically impairs a person’s ability to read. […]

Comprehensive Theoretical Study Project

Finally, an approach to design and management is recommended with increased client and designer involvement.This theoretical comprehensive study discusses the significant impact of Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations on the construction industry in Birmingham. This shall focus on the work at height incidents and the amended regulations that will affect or lessen accidents.This study […]

Theory of Operation and Performance of Turbine Engines

Theory of Operation and Performance of Turbine EnginesUnderstanding how the turbines engine works forms the main theoretical concept that defines the performance and operation the turbine engines. Turbines work and operate on similar concepts as those followed by the piston aero engines. These engines incorporates the air and spray fuel on it after compressing and […]

Occupational Safety and Health

Also, the submergence may lead to loss of homes, means of subsistence like agricultural, horticultural and even forest lands, where tribal have access to minor produces as well as for humming, and naturally will have a traumatic effect on the affected population. Under such circumstances, it will be proper to take timely steps for planning […]

Economic liberalization in Indonesia

Custom clearance procedures and computerized documentation requirements have facilitated imports and exports although registration of importers has remained a major requirement. The Customs Directorate of the Ministry of Finance has also implemented a post-entry audit system, which relies primarily on verification and auditing rather than inspection to monitor compliance. A paper less electronic data interchange […]

Construction Contract Law

These set of laws preside over the operation of government and safeguards the rights of individuals. As such, it is the very system of a well organised society. This essay will examine the importance of Alternative Dispute Resolution in resolving and expediting cases between and among the parties. In order to shed light to this, […]

Apollo 13

It is the highest level of managerial activity and is usually directed by the company’s Chief Executive Officer and executive team, and provides overall direction to the whole enterprise.Project management is the actual discipline of defining and achieving targets "while optimizing the use of resources (time, money, people, materials, energy, space, etc) over the course […]

The Millennium Bridge Projects

Opposite the City of London, there was huge development in the late 20th century. The new Shakespeare’s Globe theatre, long-planned, was rebuilt on the shores of the South Bank and opened in 1997. This was and is a huge tourist attraction, even to those who only want to stand and stare at its thatched roof, […]

The Measurement of the Amount of Impairment of Many Types of Assets

The International Financial Reporting Standards, which are commonly known as IFRS, are unable to provide any guidance for the purpose of having an authorized and agreed way of judging and assigning the level of fixed assets impairment. After determining and issuing the International Accounting Standards number 36, in short IAS 36, the management of IFRS […]

A Letter to my High School Counselor

As an initial matter, I realize that many people go to college in order to secure a high paying job. My family has reminded me, for instance, that college is expensive and a huge investment in my future. There is no question that I will be forced to find a job in order to pay […]

Marketing Decicion Making

Effective market communication requires an integrated promotional system that reaches from primary producer to ultimate consumer. Communications flow to markets through long, complex channels that include manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, consumers, agencies, and media. Each unit can break the chain or pass on the information as it sees fit. The amount and quality of information, therefore, […]

Dear Mrs Ghosson

Our main concern is the registration of Xella at the Kuwait Stock Exchange. The registration process has not been completed since November although all documents have been provided by us in time. We are very concerned as to when the registration will be completed. You will kindly recall that the registration was a precondition for […]

Crisis Situations In Organization And Its Management

The top executives are the ones that made the news in 2007 for mismanagement and white-collar crime.Workplace violence recorded the biggest increase of any of the 16 crisis types ICM tracks. The types of crises that ICM tracks are the following: catastrophes, casualty accidents, environmental, class action lawsuits consumer activism, defects&amp. recalls, discrimination, executive dismissal, […]

No Man is an Island Personal Development

4 1000 The human resource is one of the factors that cause the current developments that the country is experiencing. The labor force is considered to be one of the country’s most valuable resources, as reflected in the importance that is being given to the educational system. The education that Jordanians receive is very much […]

Human Resource Management (report writing)

It has been in operation for about eight years now and has dominated the sector since its formation until presently new and more competitive companies are coming on the scene. The main business they do is to take over the transport section of large companies on the contract basis. Their main duty is to ensure […]

Modern Parallel Computer Systems

The most common abbreviation used for operating system is either OS or O/S, which means the infrastructure software module or segment of a personal computing system. It is mainly responsible for organizing, managing, sharing and coordination of computer activities that make use of the limited resources available to the computing system. Operating System works as […]

On Designer Babies and the Concept of Children as Property

The relationship between parents and children are very different between the relationship between owner and property. Whereas the owner of a property generally has real right over it, in that he can do anything he wishes to do with it, the same cannot be said in regards to children. We cannot legally dispose of them […]

Development of an Impact Drop Test Machine

Materials are used to construct load bearing structures.&nbsp. An engineer requires knowing if the material will endure the situation that the structure will see working.&nbsp. Important features which have an effect on the toughness of a structure consist of extra loading, low test temperatures, in addition to high strain rates due to wind or impacts […]

Engineering Fundamentals And Problem Solving

The book also contains the analytical solutions for these problems which is a huge assistance.Writers have introduced the students with the most essential subjects of engineering disciplines which guide them through the detailed information about the application of basic engineering concepts. The unique quality of this book is its realistic approach toward the engineering application […]

Derivative Thinking

1 250 In fact, the editorial presents derivatives as one of the most important innovations in the financial markets in the past three decades. "These instruments are little miracles of financial engineering, permitting investors to take a position, or make a bet, without having to actually hold the physical asset. Rather, the value of a […]

Business Engineering With ERP Systems

assignment Business Engineering With ERP Systems A Report On R/3 4/15 Installing SAP’s R/3 will have a positive impact on the business process of the company. R/3′ is a unique enterprise application due to its overall integration element that can link the: headquarters in London, international offices – in China, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, and […]

“Personal Development &amp

Ethics"There is a great deal of growth in the market for consulting services, especially in the current unstable global economy that has many businesses seeking outsourced business support to save on costs. This provides an excellent opportunity to launch a consulting company that offers auditing services and generic management assistance. This service-based business can be […]

The Purpose of the Corporation

The authors assert that although the diverse assumptions of each of the two groups tend to be "logically or intuitively connected to represent it coherent world view, favoring one [group] does not require that we exclude the other." A major purpose of stakeholder theory is to help corporate managers understand their stakeholder environments and manage […]

The City Hall of Los Angeles

The pride of the nation is clearly manifested by the fact that the top of City Hall’s tower was designed to resemble the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.The City Hall of Los Angeles is another building that represents the pride of a powerful nation in the 21st century […]

Individual Portfolio

Running a business, or rather, working as a professional architect needs the application of a variety of skills acquired during the course of education as well as by practice, internship and various sources of continuous learning. Architectural professional practice being very demanding, demands one to have and all encompassing knowledge base of many fields like […]

BHP Billitons Vacation Program

Motivational Essay – BHP Billiton’s Vacation Program Q: "What attracts you to BHP Billiton and its’ Vacation Program BHP Billiton is the world’s largest resources company diversified into areas like Petroleum, Aluminium, Base Metals, Carbon Steel Materials, Diamonds and Specialty Products, Energy Coal and Stainless Steel Materials. With a strength of about 38,000 employees, working […]

Leadership and employee relations

Leadership and Employee Relation Leadership is an interpersonal behavior in an organization. Leadership is the process of encouraging and directingactivities of people of group towards the achievement of goal or objective. This is an interaction between the people, in which one person present the information such a manner that the others will convinced on the […]

The Security Breach at Nelm

The Security Breach at Nelm The security breach at Nelm has resulted in data being acquired by un ized users tapping into the system and gaining access to sensitive files. There is a concern that an insider is gaining the information on the advertising campaign and making it available to the Erm Company. There is […]

MBA Project Management

Cross- utilization of resources would also reduce the cost.Hyten has taken a reasonable approach to implement formal project management. Project management cannot be implemented without taking the employees in confidence. For this purpose, it organized the seminar to enlighten the management with the benefits of project management. Having confidential interviews was a good way to […]

Total Quality Management Survey Paper

3. Effective involvement and utilization of entire staff. 4. Constant and continuous improvement in the business performance. 5. Working through synergy with suppliers. 6. Establishing the performance measures for various areas. In this discussion, we would be analyzing three companies from manufacturing, service and not for profit organizations and would be further analyzing customer driven […]

Technology Implementation Paper

There are numerous examples: travel and holiday agents are all linked by networks directly to the databases maintained by airlines, railways and holiday companies making possible virtually instantaneous booking, computing cash tills and bar-code readers in supermarkets are linked to computers and form part of an integrated stock control, ordering and sales analysis system without […]

Rail Track Design

It is aimed to improve the line speed over this route. Thus it is especially beneficial to identify and elaborate the key track design issues required in the redesign process. These design issues include route surveying, track components identification, curve track requirements and other factors beneficial for the railroad redesign development.Route surveying is done to […]

Strategic Management CEO

Strategic Management Overview: The article reviewed here, ‘Google CEO Offers Management Strategies’ by Mylene Mangalindan, provides a brief look at the structure of Google []. The first portion of the article is a description about how Google got started, who its owners are, and how big Google is. The rest of the article focuses on […]

Central Engineering and Research Group (CERG)

This approach means a move from a traditional ‘control’ type approach which accepts, implicitly, that defects will occur. Joseph M. Juran proposes the tools of control including the Bell system of sampling, the Shewhart control charts and inspection plans. These models could be successfully applied to CERG, but they will be replaced by modern theories […]

Challenging Engineering Position

CLARKE RICKY RES: (000)-000-0000 RES: (000)-000-0000 CELL: (000)-000-0000 E-MAIL: OBJECTIVE To obtain a challenging engineering position. WORK EXPERIENCE 2006 to date xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx (Name of Organization) (City) Sr. Advanced Manufacturing Engineer My job responsibilities are: Support new product team design activities including: Concept development and Product Performance Specification (PPS) inputWork on new product team […]

Manufacturing Systems Theory

Normally, this department employs vendor management system in order to maximize its value to the firm by dealing and controlling with suppliers. Just-in-time management system is also utilized in-order to manage inventory and minimize costs.The transformation process is the process of converting input materials into finish products and services needed by the customers. It has […]

Management Strategies in Action

In most cases, the number of customers may be too many having different expectations, some of which may be contradictory to those of other customers. For example, some customers expect high mileage from an automobile, while others want more power. Another set of customers may want both mileage and power. The designer of the engine […]

Methods for Simply Supported Beams and Columns in Steel

(Lecture 10.6.2: Shear Connection II)To define the total and fractional shear connection, one can simplify as only a simply supported beam by means of ‘constant cross-sections’ that are deemed to consideration of an evenly dispersed loading or of one concentrated load, but cannot be both.By taking the ‘critical length’ of a simply supported beam into […]

Advertising Campaign

INTRODUCTION The of South Australia is a modern and successful with a rich history. It has various divisions like business, education, arts, information technology. and engineering. It is a major source of Australian higher education offshore. International students make up for about 30% of its students as compared to the national average of 21 per […]

Scheins Three Cultures of Management Kouzes and Micos Domain Theory

The learned theories have then been set&nbsp.into practice and have resulted in positive success as well as negatives failures depending on the individual theories and the ways they get implemented. Among the most renowned and well governing theories are the Schein’s Three Cultures of Management and Kouzes and Mico’s Domain-Theory. The two theories exhibit particular […]

Gattaca Film

Human genetic engineering is the change of human beings’ genotype in order to select the best phenotype of a newborn or alter the existing phenotype a newborn or an adult. Human genetic engineering is highly depicted in the film Gattaca. Although many people believe that genetic engineering helps in the curing of genetically transmitted diseases, […]

M_week1 assignment

3 750 Multimedia: Augmented reality Number: Lecturer: Introduction Multimedia is a new technology that is used in multimedia. This isthe field and the technology that the author will deal with in this paper. The definition of Augmented Reality (AR) has been varied. Some define it as the user displays which are mounted on the head. […]


There may be facilities for the parent company to overview the progress going on in the outsourced work. It may be either on-site or off-site. Everything should go in accordance with the conditions of the contract signed between both the parties and each of them can bring to the notice of the other if any […]

Ethics and Sustainability

One of the ethical discussions on sustainability is the promotion of artificial products through the widespread application of genetic engineering in plants and animals, and creation of man-made ecosystem to alter the deteriorating ecological balance.Artificial is defined as formulation of something based on natural phenomenon but is completely lacks the intrinsic value of what is […]

Operations Strategy

In fact, empirical evidence shows us that realized strategy tends to be about 10-30 percent of intended strategy. What really determines strategy is the "patterns of decisions that emerge from individual managers adapting to changing external circumstances and the ways in which the intended strategy was interpreted." What is Apple’s mission and strategy today’ Apple’s […]

Concept Car

This state-of-the-art driving environment has to be studied from all possible angles, so we can clearly see the sound and profitable business outputs arising from the e-commerce integrated solution to be implemented on the future LEXUS TEN, thanks to the expertise of our engineers team, our business strategic alliances, and our expected proactive and synergic […]

Ownership in creationg

Bringing the dream of the dreamer into he mind of the listener requires scores of unsung people that have all made a contribution to our favorite songs. In the medium of modern technology and the minds of the audience, the ownership of the creation belongs to all of us in some small way, but the […]

Computer Peripheral Architecture

In this definition, primary devices refer to the computer’s main storage device, such as an IDE or SCSI hard drive. Secondary devices, under this definition, are any non-primary storage device, such as a tape drive, writeable CD-ROMs or removable flash drives.Each type of storage media has different applications. Hard drives are the best choice for […]

Conducting a Management Project

The technical component is necessary to recognize the critical activities that influence the total length of time a project takes to finish. The human resource elements deal with the issues of headship and worker inspiration within a group or team atmosphere. A project is an organized activity to accomplish an objective. It can be defined […]

Station Nightclub Fire

The video footage reveals that the smoke of the fire acted as the disincentive for the crowd to break through and the exit blockade acted as the catalyst (NIST Engineering Laboratory, 2011).The first flames were thought to be the part of the act. When the flames reached the ceiling and the smoke began to spread […]

The Success of Highly Qualified Engineers

61500 Liverpool John Moores University offers 4 years studying with foundation in order to graduate Civil Engineering as same as Northumbria University also both of them doesn’t have any optional modules to study like learning new language or taking a subject that isn’t relevant to the course, both them offers sandwich year which is taking […]

EMG muscle activity in various rehabilitation exercises

Introduction: This document is a research proposal regarding a research on muscle activities in different rehab exercises on patients suffering from knee pains. The exercises under focus are leg press, squats, leg extensions comprising of different variables such as two foot placement on leg press, narrow foot placement that is widened, low foot placement, high […]

Issues Related to GMOs Consumption

61500 The information regarding the safety of use of GM food is present in abundance. There are various publications, blog posts, journals articles and reports that shed a light on the subject. Naturally, the opinions are split in half with supporters and opponents of genetic engineering presenting their arguments and claiming their superiority. Presented below […]

(DRE) voting systems

With the advancement of technology the voting system is now revolutionized by the adoption of electronic voting systems in the U.S. Despite this fast paced adoption of “direct recording electronic” (DRE) voting systems and the advantages it poses in terms of efficiency and convenience it comprises of several disadvantages such as the possibility of the […]

Corporate protection

In order to achieve these objectives, the company has made an effort of sending its Chief Financial officer and CEO to the Caucasus region, as a fact-finding mission, as well as deploying an expatriate group of 25 employees for 6 months, in order to familiarize with engineering and drilling techniques required in the region. However, […]


The identified components of a robust safety management system plan for the aviation industry include safety policy, safety risk management, safety assurance and safety promotion. The above safety management system components have the potential of providing the necessary frameworks and guidelines for managers in the aviation industry to execute and implement effective system safety program […]

The VDOT Management

The VDOT ManagementManagement theoriesMotivation theory The VDOT management should use motivation theory to raise the employees’ morale. To motivate the workforce, the manager can use rewards to escalate their productivity, Quality, loyalty, and motivation. Moreover, the workforce morale can be augmented by allowing the staff to work hours that are more flexible. For example, this […]

The impact of information technology on supply chain capabilities and firm performance for construction companies

The impact of information technology on supply chain capabilities and firm performance for construction companies Information technology involves application of computers and computer based equipments to store, access, organize, and transfer data among parties. It is one of the contemporary dynamics that continues to evolve as organizations pursue efficiency and effectiveness in their operations and […]

Crime analysis and investigation

Currently, Mr. X is working with ABC construction firm as the head of engineering and procurement department.Mr. X has taken a certain amount of loan from a bank. He has failed to return the money on the deadline settled with the bank. The bank has given the criminal an ultimatum of 48 hours to return […]

Technical Marketing in Engineering

 Feasibility Report of career choiceINTRODUCTIONThe disadvantages are present in the aerospace, defense-related and any other goods producing companies have reduced job opportunities for many individuals in today’s science and technology graduates. With all the exceptions in the technology, the employment in all the technology sectors will rise to new rates ranging from average to […]

Critical Review of General Electric

It is now scrambling to sell some assets and diverting cash away from dividends (Cox &amp. Cyran, NYT). This is symptomatic of what seems wrong with G.E. today which is beginning to look like a poor shadow of its former self. It had been often compared to one of its rivals that can approximate G.E.’s […]

Aircraft Maintenance Training Needs in Both The Commercial and Light Aviation Sectors of the UK

The aerospace industries which is at the forefront of wealth production worldwide, and continue to be of crucial importance to the economic strength of the UK rely on skills in a sound understanding of engineering and science areas relating to aircraft design and manufacture. Avionics institutions productions and outputs in terms of graduates in the […]

Tau Beta Pi Honor Society Membership

Me being innovative has also lead to growth in my career whereby I have been able to acquire a supervisory role within a period of six months an idea supported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (92). I am also a critical thinker and therefore I have managed to lead my team into making new […]

Costing Systems and Techniques in Engineering

It is essential for a company to have a cost accounting system to be capable to exercise control over the real costs incurred compared with estimated expenditure. From this point of view of cost control, a costing system must not just be able to recognize any costs that are going out of control but must […]


ves acquainted with the ever changing role of Information Technology and the like within the business quarters as well as learn for their own betterment the different mechanisms through which they can make use of the business processes and management activities in a steady and quick manner. This means that they must align themselves with […]

Green Innovation within the WWF Living Planet Centre

Through their focus on green innovation and various other endeavors aimed at creating a more sustainable environment for future generations, the Centre has become a model of construction engineering and design that combines functionality with eco-friendly products designed to reduce the carbon footprint left behind. Wilmot Dixon has long realized the necessity of incorporating more […]

A Formal Approach to Making a Career Choice

The environment is a great influential factor. The environment that an individual is familiar with, in comparison with that required by a certain career, plays a significant role in the decision made by the individual. One’s personality determines the choice of career one decides to pursue. It shapes their interests and aptitudes, and thus the […]

Making a truss adaptive to specific loading condition to save materials

As the active and passive control methods improved the structures under dynamic loads, its requirement for the performance based design was of concern. The use of these systems helps in achieving these objectives optimally in civil engineering.In a passive structural control, the structures have been built from a thermal stable composite material. This system can […]

Role of Portfolio in Civil Engineering Management

Some of the critical determinants essential for full-fledged functionality of Civil Engineering the cross-functional processes adding value to the civil engineering system through effective concept and value designs. Some of the important areas of focus to enumerate the aspects of civil engineering areEach of the categories plays a pivotal role to understand the aspects of […]

Software engineering paper

expressed portable because the original c compilers lacked the ability to represent the relative sizes of floating-point data and integers in a machine-independent way.The structure of a mobile c compiler design was in such a way that it could be adaptable to other different machines and not only UNIX machines. The architectural structure of the […]

Farming in the United States

An American farmer today feeds about 155 people worldwide through agricultural exports, an incredible increase in efficiency from his ability to feed only about 26 people back in 1960 (Center for Food Integrity 1) on the same land.However, there are obvious limits to what farming in the United States of America can do. As the […]

The beauty of customer service

In some cases, they will carry out related functions during a sale. The nature of success is determined by the aspect of interaction facilitated by the employee, which is based on modifying their behavior and response in accordance to the various customers that they must deal with.In the case of sales engineering, customer service is […]

MKT501 Strategic Marketing

Marketing Module 4 SLP of the of the Marketing Module 4 SLP Introduction The practice of marketing in the real world does not only involve the creation of a product or service that satisfies certain wants or desires, but also takes into account other activities like branding, advertising, packaging and ultimately selling or distribution that […]

Digital Divide in UK

It is right for countries like UK to consider their efforts to tackle the digital divide. More than ten years on from the trendy emergence of the opinion, the digital divide remains an imperative issue that requires renewed attention2. Today, we would argue strappingly against abandoning the digital divide as a feasible area for social […]

Recent Engineering Ethical Issues

Recent engineering ethical issuesTo understand about engineering ethics, it is important to analyze a recent case which involved the breach of these ethics. For instance, the latest engineering ethical issue that occurred on the 17th of October 2011 involved the Cardino Entrix Review Contract which raised sticky engineering issues. Despite meeting the relevant ethical engineering […]

Modern Approach Towards Controlling the Response of Structures Towards Winds and Earthquakes

Mega-structures and skyscrapers have become a fundamental need of the modern world because of the unique advantages they offer in terms of minimized space consumption on the earth and increased vertical accommodation. However, these structures have been known to exhibit unexpectedly large sways, especially in the higher stories because of the wind forces and the […]

Business Strategy of Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade is listed as one of the top market performers and they still strive to maintain their position through laying various business strategies. Limited barriers to entry inform of patents and rights. Most of the foods and beverages offered by Crystal Jade are not strictly regulated through patents and legal rights making it easier […]

Final project

ective, this statement entails the improvement of social and cultural aspects of Terra Haute County by launching projects that preserve the environmental and by implementing apprenticeship programs that help prepare the young citizens in their future job applications.Looking at THDC’s organizational structure, its top management is comprised of senior planners and partner investors. Its middle […]

Project size and effectiveness

Project Size and Effectiveness Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, methods, and experience to achieve the set goals of a given project (Kerzner, 2013). The level of skills required to succeed depends on the scope, availability of resources and goals of the projects. It is a fact that sometimes projects fail and sometimes […]

Graduate Opportunities in the University of Nottingham

48 Cranbrook House, Cranbrook Street, Nottingham, NG1 1ES, United Kingdom April 2008&nbsp. (Company address)&nbsp. Dear Sir/Madam,&nbsp. Re: Graduate Employment&nbsp.I was interested to find the graduate opportunities offered by your company in the University of Nottingham Careers Service Bulletin and I write here to explore the opportunity to work with WS Atkins from September upon the […]

Australia Building codes and Compliance

And outdoor parking designation and outdoor dining area are also included. The center of each floor of the four storey complex is equipped with an elevator system and fire-isolated stairwell.American Institute of Steel Construction. 2012. Engineering FAQs. 11.3.1. What is a fire load? Where do fire loads primarily come from in buildings? Copyright 2012American Institute […]

Low Fell Engineering Ltd

The company has outperformed the industry with respect to return on equity as it might be operating efficiently as compared to other companies. The current ratio measures a company’s ability to pay short term obligations of its creditors when they are due. Low Fell Engineering has a slightly better current ratio than the company thus […]

Tax in general

Tax in General Governments have used tax funds carry out various functions throughout history. From war expenditures,to the enforcement of law and order, economic infrastructure, property protection, social engineering, public works and for the funding of the governments operations tax provides the necessary funds for the efficient running of the government. Most of the governments […]

Impact of Computer on Society and the Individual

It could be easy to reconstruct the genome, and if it is released a weapon of destruction, it can have far more devastating effects than an atomic bomb. They argue for urgent international agreements on limiting such publications and making the requirement of such verifiable data in publications restricted to the higher authorities. The arguments […]

Chair of the Environmental Committee

Therefore, the Environmental Committee believes that, though we have already passed the deadlines for certain construction works due to unexpected circumstances, we should move forward with engineering and customization of the equipment to be installed in the new facility, as well as with the development of sales and marketing strategies for the new drug. This […]

Degradation of glass fibre

307500 Much of the research that has been conducted lacks longevity data. It is therefore difficult to determine the utmost life of the GFRP rebars in use currently in marine structures. Alkalinity and acidity effects have been analysed as having minimal influence on the GFRP composites with the control conditions being fresh water. Chemical properties […]

Energy and society

Q1: a) Approximately 40 percent of all energy consumption is dedicated to electri generation. Power Grid Management is responsible for distributing this electricity generated from Oil, Coal, Gas, Solar, Wind, and Nuclear energy sources to meet demand. This system was originally composed of individual utility companies which were responsible for training their own operators. Eventually, […]

The Story Of Philo Farnsworth

The Story Of Philo Farnsworth People in the modern world enjoy the positive elements of diverse innovations. One of these innovations that modern people seem to take pleasure in is the television. Philo Farnsworth plays a significant role in several innovations that involve televisions.Philo Farnsworth, who died in 1971, began his exemplary innovations when he […]

Advance Aircraft Material

&nbsp.Aircraft structures designed with aluminum-based composite materials have given improved results. These materials have helped in developing airframes which are much lesser in weight and at the same time have shown improved strengths. Lighter aircraft has its own advantages and making a one of this type provides corresponding advantages in terms of maintenance and fuel […]

Molding a Career in International Law

When I started the application process, I began to reflect on my high school academic achievements. To my dismay, I learnt that I had not been enthusiastically inclined towards my academics. However, one achievement rose above all others. I continually sought this achievement with great ardor and rapture. It revolved around having an exhilarating experience […]

The Number of Natural Disasters

This point is made against the backdrop that in most cases of natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, almost all types of buildings collapse including short buildings and skyscrapers alike. What this teaches us that natural disasters perhaps have a worse effect or impact on building collapse. Having said this, it would also be […]

Science Communication

It is pointed out by Trench that such communication styles often resembled marketing tactics through its effective persuasion of the public.Admittedly, the modern days are witnessing an increase in the number of civil society groups and non-government organizations which are regularly monitoring the science world. A perfect example, as provided by Trench, is the rise […]

Positive and Negative Issues Surrounding Team Dynamics

For any team to be successful there are various factors that are supposed to be input place (Levi, 2007). They include full participation, an individual must be committed to attaining a mutual goal, share a similar belief and the team must have more similarities than differences. There are various reasons that cause conflicts among team […]

Group Decisions

Group decisions Work group decision making entails individual s collectively making a choice from given alternatives. The groupdecisions are not attributable to a single group member. but to the group as a whole. This is because the desired outcome is made possible through. every group member and social group processes like social influence (Janis, 2002). […]

Interview with a Manager/Leader Course

133250 He has also attained a Masters of Science degree from the University of Aston, at Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Mr. Ravi was later conferred with an Honorary D.Sc degree by the Aston University in U.K in July 2008. He also holds the status of an Honorary Industrial Professor – from the University of […]

Problems with the Channel Tunnel Project

123000 This paper discusses that the Channel Tunnel project represents one of the greatest engineering feats executed in the twentieth century. The tunnel project connects England and France through a railway link that exists in the ground layer under water. This project effectively reduced the dependency on the English Channel as a means of transportation […]

I don’t care anything along the lines of engineering I am doing Industrial engineering if you can find any articles around that

I am amazed to see the application of supply chain management in medical and emergency missions, rescue and relief efforts in times of disasters and other societal settings improving the living standards. Thus, I see a great prospect for the supply chain management in the near future.Supply chain management is an important aspect for efficient […]

World view paper

The work groups may have a local set of values that significantly differ from the dominant culture. Many organizations related to health care, engineering, artists, and researchers have adopted the heterogeneity assumptions. The distinctive work paradigms and the demands of the occupations can easily marginalize the employees from the central organization. As a result, the […]

Hurricane Katrina Infrastructure Impacts

For those who watched the media news about the New Orleans landfall made by Hurricane Katrina in the year 2005, highly remember how water flooded over the numerous levees, which were built to prevent an occurrence of such accidents as well as protecting the city. Several factors contributed to the failure of New Orleans levees […]

Ecological Engineering

The school has used a material that was supposed to be old fashioned and only destined for the poor to come up with a modern structure. This is a representative model of doing things that would be able to make the community as a whole rethink of how they relate.The use of the local materials […]

The Importance of Ethics to Sustainable Growth in Engineering Enterprise

So, predefined policies that direct employees are represented through the organizational culture which gives them proper sense of direction to accomplish their targets. Ethical standards are also greatly appreciated by the consumers. It has been observed that customers are biased towards those companies who follow ethical code of conduct. Ethical standards also include implementing Corporate […]

Debriefing Report for VoIP2 biz Inc

The voice communication often remained on the plain Old Telephone Service (POTS).In business market, voice communication is still important to the business and remained 10 to 20 times the size of internet communication. Most business spends money every month on the legacy telephony technology. The company should therefore have some POTS for these businesses. They […]

Education in the UAE

Education in the UAE Introduction Education is among the fastest growing sectors in UAE over the recent past. Many learning institution have been established, and more teaching staff employed to boost the quality of education all over the country. Essentially, the UAE government has established abundant institutions of higher learning to promote educational advancement and […]

Pacific Asian Art The Interactions of Dynastic Cultures

This incident not merely made it possible for a large number of Western travelers to witness the majestic country of China than ever before. It was the source also of a dramatic contributory consequence, because of the proliferation of railways in China itself, specifically in the Northern provinces, which were the hub of the Empire […]

Information Systems Design and sociotechnical systems

INFORMATION SYSTEMS DESIGN AND SOCIOTECHNICAL SYSTEMS s Volha, B., Paolo, G., &amp. Mylopoulos, J. January 7). Designing Socio-Technical Systems: From Stakeholder Goals to Social Networks. Retrieved Feb 12, 2014, from Requirements Engineering manuscript: this White Paper, the authors acknowledge that software systems have become an integral part of today’s society and affects social and […]

Technological and community

“We are now living in a globalised world” seems to be a favorite catchphrase among authors and writers, and applicable to businesses and organisations because transactions can be conducted at an instance, and people can communicate from one side of the globe to the other end with just a personal computer and an internet connection. […]

Definition of design thinking and about good design

Definition of design thinking Design thinking is a concept that deals with a structured form of thinking, where creativity, rationality and empathy are important factors in shaping the direction of thinking (Meinel &amp. Leifer, 2011:12). Thus, simply defined, design thinking is a process that seeks to match the needs of the people with what the […]

“Business Plan for T &amp

F Global Corporation" &nbsp.This proposal is to provide an overall view to highlight the following issues: This plan is submitted to the Steering Committee to understand the present position of the company and to decide on the future course of action. The important question before the steering committee is to decide on the course of […]

Entry Level Electrical Engineer

Electrical Engineers in an entry-level position are expected to assist in the design, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of electrical instruments, facilities, products and equipment for various purposes, including commercial, domestic, and industrial purposes. They are also expected to be knowledgeable about the operations of computer-assisted engineering and design software to perform tasks needed to complete […]

Genetic Engineering

Despite the success of genetic engineering, this technology is considered a very controversial subject matter because of the ethical issues attached to it. To enable us to understand the controversy behind genetic engineering, the researcher will first define the meaning of genetic engineering followed by discussing the goal and benefits of genetic engineering versus the […]

Tata Motors’ EnvironmentFriendliness

Tata Motors ranks fourth in the world’s largest truck maker and is the world’s second-largest bus manufacturer. Tata Motors acquired Jaguar Land Rover business from Ford Motor Company in 2008. It is the first company from the Indian engineering sector which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. It has a workforce of 22,000 […]

Investigation into the use of science by an environmental advocacy body

12). The report sought to provide a comprehensive and entirely practical ten year plan to exchange all the stationary energy requirements with one hundred percent renewable energy sources using proven technologies along with engineering. This deals with the common notion that the renewable energy cannot be used the replacement of fossil fuels, either as a […]

Hydraulic Structures

The increase in the population of the world has reached a dangerous mark at which quantity of water needed for the human beings, irrigation, and electric power production and the actual quantity of water present in the rivers has become unbalanced. Therefore, various hydraulic structures are developed in order to manage the natural flow of […]

Organizational Failure and Renewal

The cosmetic company XX was highly successful and had shown steep growth in the previous 5 years. But in recent times, the new products of the company repeatedly failed to garner customer support and struggled in the market. The various products not only were of low quality but their defective packaging became a critical element […]

Exercis 5

February 13, “Safety-Knowledge Management in American Construction Organizations” The of the chosen article is “Safety-Knowledge Management in American Construction Organizations” from the Journal of Management in Engineering. Its author is Matthew R. Hallowell, Director of the Colorado Construction Safety Laboratory and Professor of Construction Engineering and Management and Environmental and Occupational Safety at the University […]


General Electric: Major Appliance Business Group (MABG) Affiliation Introduction GE’s MABG was the leading United s major manufacturer of home laundry appliances, kitchen appliances as well as dish disposal and washers units. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, MABG had its primary manufacturing plants for every appliance located on one site. The organization comprised three major line […]

Engineering in an economically challenged society

As a forensic engineer, with my roots from an economically challenged community, I would do everything to ensure that a community gets quality infrastructure. It is quite often to get such communities receiving poor products from contactors assigned to carry out various projects. Taking an example of bridges, an economically challenged community would receive funds […]

Project Planning

Poor audience visualization is also evident from the fact that the audience lacked interest in the presentation and this led to conflict at the initial stages of the presentation. Terry could have better prepared for the presentation through audience profiling and through adequate response to the profiling (Guffey and Loewy, 2010). He could have identified […]

EMBA 560 Executive Position week 2 exercise 2

Selection of a new VP of Engineering In deciding among alternatives, one must be clear in one’s head what one’s objective is in deciding on the problem. At this stage, I shall first assess the requirements of the position with respect to the organization, and leave out for a moment the people who are being […]

Law and Contract Strategy

However, for a valid contract to be valid, the elements must be: a) capacity, b) mutual assent (which includes offer, acceptance, and meeting of minds), c) consideration, d) lawful purpose, e) certainty of terms, and f) form provided by law (Essential 2006). On the other hand, Wikipedia (2007) cited the three key elements of a […]

When I change my major

When I Changed My Major When I Changed My Major often make wrong choices in their majors for one reason or another. Most students usually change their majors at least once after making their first choices. Shifting from one major to another might be easy or prove to be very difficult depending on the on […]

Water and Wastewater Engineering

The treatment plants make use of various methods in order to recycle and purify the wastewater. Some common treatment methods include filters and chemical treatments. Governments of all countries should give proper attention to the wastewater management and purification system’s implementation in order to make effective use of wastewater. Waster water is the water that […]

My personal Future plan

Personal plan affiliations Personal plan My utmost strength is my commitment to solving challenging situations and issues presented before me. My educational background and life skills have also equipped me with the relevant skills to handle stressful situations. It is essential for a successful career in engineering. The ability to make informed decisions and to […]

Fundamental Properties of Pervasive Systems

The pervasive systems simultaneous use more than one computational and communication devices with networked enabled services, and the user may not be aware of it. These features totally support and advance desktop paradigm. Classification of ubiquitous computing has been done and various definitions have emerged. In our daily life, we use many gadgets and computer […]

Buddhism Book Report on the Freedom in Exile

Book Report on "Freedom in Exile: An Autobiography of the Dalai Lama by His Holiness the Dalai Lama XIV" The book d Freedom in Exile is the autobiographical account of the life of the fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibets erstwhile theocracy. Born as Tenzin Gyatso, the life of this popular religious leader is intertwined with […]

“Management of process &amp

people in engineering industary" PFP in engineering industry is directed by collective bargaining power of engineers working in particular organization (Antoni and Baeten, 2007, p. 123).Performance related pay is designed in order to measure performance of individual or group in monetary terms. Organizations using performance related pay believe increased pay can motivate employees to perform […]

Engineering science

Include references for all source information employed. The self-weight of the beam itself may be neglected when calculating the maximum moment.Q2: A column is made from a universal I-section 203 x 203 x 60. A load of 96 kN is applied on the y-axis offset 50mm from the centroid. Calculate the stress at the outer […]

Request for proposal

The faculty of engineering for time now in Cleveland University is a tool that has for seen many students come out to emerge as challenging and experts in these fields. Computer and electrical engineering has imposed more technological heighten and with it several of the fields of study are improving in machine orientation. Fields of […]

Marine PollutionProtection System Installed on First Vessels

Summary: “Marine pollution-protection system installed on first vessels” Oil &amp. Gas Journal October 18, 2004: 58. In the October 18, 2004 issue of the Oil &amp. Gas Journal the “christening of the first oil tanker equipped with a preinstalled fast oil-recovery system for use in a shipwreck” was announced. The ship, the Valtamed, owned by […]

Contribution of the American Women during the Second World War

Short Essay Answer U.S women during the Second World War played a very vital role at both their homes and the defense production plants while their men were abroad fighting the war. In order to help in building the armaments that were necessary to win the war, women were employed as welders, riveters, and electricians […]

Interpretation of Interest Profiler Results

Managers, education programs or rather career-related programs must never use the results as a screening process for training or jobs. Generally, from the Interest Profiler results I obtained, I can comment that most of the jobs I have an interest in having the code EC. This code often implies personalities who in most instances have […]

Project Execution Case Study (Blue Spider Case)

uliar race for grabbing the power/ business and in this melee, at times, the interests of human resources/ employees, ethics are not accorded the priority that should ordinarily be associated with such decisions. As is quite apparent, from the case study, in order to have a pie of the Army’s Spartan program, Parks Corporation wanted […]

Engineering Ethical Issues of the Katrina Hurricane Response and the TVAs Kingston Ash Spill

Deontological and theological ethics focus on the person’s decision-making process as the member of a profession and within the modern organization. In the public domain, deontological ethics are intended to safeguard the organization’s integrity by assisting individuals to the professional norms, avoid misdeeds and mistakes (such as nepotism and corruption) that go against the […]


Impact of knowledge management systems on innovativeness in ITRC Interview Questions The following are the interview questions that are created for three different types of respondents in the ITRC.1. What does knowledge creation in an organization require?2. What type of managerial decisions helps knowledge creation in your firm/department?3. What are the successful factors in knowledge […]

EGR ETHICS Challenger disaster

Impediments to Responsible Decision Making Concisely, the Challenger Disaster ensued on January 28, 1986 when the Space Shuttle Challenger burst into flames soon after takeoff killing all its seven-crew members. The cause of the accident was attributed to the failure of the O-ring seals which sad to mention, had been identified as a potential hazard […]

IT Journal entry

Information Technology: Flash Drives What Technology Hardware are you discussing? Flash Drive Technology Definition This is a cased semiconductor based memory commonly used in preserving and retrieval of data (Callister amp. Rethwisch, 2012). Its mode of storage does not entail any electrical power or moving of devices as with the case of magnetic drives. The […]

Rotork Fluid Systems as a Global Company That Is Designed To Serve Customers for All Needs That Are Associated With Fluid Powered Actuators

2000 It is evidently clear from the discussion that Rotork Fluid Systems have their manufacturing plants in the United States, Germany, and Sweden which is supported through the application of a strategic network of Centres of Excellence, control system packing, serving application engineering, and commissioning and support sales support for local industries installation. Rotork Fluid […]

Ethical case study to student in HRM class

Mr. Hady shall obey to boss. Since the decision has to be taken on time therefore, obeying this will benefit the company, Mr. Phill and himself. This decision will be harmful in two areas. first, Mr. Hady would not be able to satisfy himself for doing this wrong thing and in case this act causes […]


247) learned to struggle against financial difficulties possibly at a young age. He joined military just at the age of 17. Moreover, he rose quickly through the ranks of his department. Starting as an entry-level technician, he soon developed deep understanding of airplanes. He successfully served at the level of officer rank. Ultimately, when he […]

Acer Analysis

d ACER INC: TAIWAN’S RAMPAGING DRAGON In your opinion, which played a greater role in Multitech’s growth strategy: Traditional Motivations or Emerging Motivations? Why?Multitech’s growth, according to the case study, is greatly attributed to venturing globally because of the far-sighted approach of its able SEO. The emerging motivations strategy was the key motivator for its […]

Practical User Interface Design Making GUIs Work by Carl Zetie

By dividing the book into five (5) chapters, the author is able to clearly examine Graphic User Interface’s (GUIs). All the chapters of the book are coherent and not isolated or independent in topic content. He proposes incorporating fundamental principles for industrial and domestic designs and their concept to the Graphic user interface design. These […]

Engineering science

Hence for the three resistors in parallel, the effective resistance Rf = 1/7+1/12+1/14= 50/1 68. Flipping this upside down gives 168/50Ω For the second set of resistors in parallel, their equivalent resistance Rf = 1/16+1/19= 35/304, and flipping this upside down yield 304/35 Ω. The total circuit resistance is found by summing the 304/35 Ω […]

The United Arab Emirates Burj Khalifa

2500 The UAE is an Arab country which is situated in the southeast part of Arabian Peninsula of the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south and runs beside the sea border of Qatar and Iran. The UAE is considered as an alliance of seven emirates, each of them […]

Chinalco Mining Company

China has experienced some significant amounts of economic growth in recent years, i.e., a growth rate of circa 9% for the last about six years or so. It is in a position to enjoy unprecedented industrial growth. but as Whewell (2008) points out, despite its current huge appetite for raw materials, China has limited natural […]

Genetically Engineered Crops

2500 The essay outlines the genetic engineering for agricultur. The U. S., British, and other governments that envision the biotechnology sector as the wave of the future, and as a means of augmenting their national competitiveness, have strongly supported the industry and its efforts to commercialize (and normalize) these new technologies. They have devoted considerable […]

Robie House University of Chicago Frank Lloyd Wright

Robie House, of Chicago, Frank Lloyd Wright Frank Lloyd Wright was born June 8, 1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. During his early age his family moved frequently when he was 12 years old. He spent his summer vacations with his mother’s family in Spring Green. He was an outdoorsy boy and thus love to explore […]

Hazard Reporting and Control

Hazard controls refer to those procedures that are laid down to protect people from being exposed to substances or systems and the processes required to monitor individuals’ exposure and their health to hazards such as chemicals, materials, noise, vibrations, etc. There are three categories of hazard controls and these include elimination or substitution, administrative controls, […]

A History of Engineering in Classical and Medieval Times

The MET329 Fluid Power is a career course offered by accredited worldwide universities such as Indiana State University. The course was inspired by the long-time application of fluid power dating back from ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia where water was used for irrigation (Hill 143-152). Fluid power course includes various engineering and science modules, which covers […]

Industrial Hygiene in the Chemical Industry

In the present working environment of the chemical industry, workers are highly exposed to the potential risks of chemical hazards. Chemicals are inflammable as well as highly reactive. This is the reason why chemicals are referred to as ‘hazardous’. The chemical hazards can be in the form of solids, aerosols, and liquids. Chemicals constitute of […]

Effective Project Planning and Management

In fact the basic goal of any project management is to develop high quality engineering and technology products. In addition, the high quality project management practice of engineering products and technology can be a realistic activity that involves project management resources for each engineer, professional, experienced architecture and managers moving into management roles. Moreover, in […]

Housing Development Process

However, emphasis on the architectural requirements of the houses has not been significant in the conventional practice of house development, although it is as important as the structural engineering concerns of the development. Importance of an architect is further exaggerated by a social change that has increased peoples’ interest in fashion, looks and aesthetics. An […]

Lean Manufacturing

Running Head: Lean Manufacturing Lean Manufacturing [Institute’s Executive Summary Lean manufacturing aims at detecting and eliminating the waste from the product process. By doing so, companies can reduce their cost, effort and time at high rate. This can be done by making a lean team and training the employees. Some famous production control systems include […]

Paper 2 The Road by Cormac McCarthy

The paradox of the technological developments has become a historical issue. Thus this issue finds place in history texts like inventing America: The History of United States (Pauline Maier, Merrit Roe Smith, Alexander Keyssar, Daniel J. Kevles).This text takes innovation as a theme to analyze the history of the United States. The authors excitingly point […]

Why the Eiffel Tower Should Not Be Torn Down

The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower The Eiffel Tower was built between January 28 1887 and March 31 1889. The original idea to construct the Tower was Eiffel’s although the design came from one of his employees. The Eiffel Tower is located on Champ de Mars in Paris. The Tower was built by Eiffel’s own […]

Second question to complete the project

Number: Lecturer: Activity Design scenarios and claims The activity design scenario has two actors ly Android users and programmers. The two actors have divergent understanding of the Android phone. While the user does not understand the cause of the problem in the Android programs, the developer or programmer can rectify the problem. Both actors have […]

Engineering and Construction of PBS &amp

Most construction firms across the globe are project driven organizations. They do bank in project management solutions such as Foreshadowing project applications to control as well as manage their projects in relation to budgetary and time matters. Project managers do need adequate knowledge and ability to maintain and create their projects. They do acquire the […]

Ethical Issues of Drinking at Work

Due to it, drinking can be defined as contradictory of the ethical conduct at work and especially in the field of engineering as far as it is directly linked to the well-being and quality of life of the public. Prior to narrowing the following discussion to the topic of the issue of drinking in the […]

Summary for case study ( an engineering logistic (software) solution )

Redesigning a physical distribution and logistics system: The Bebal Cucine case study’ by Nonino and Panizzolo examines logistics planning of Fabel Group, an important brand name in the area of high quality modular kitchen, involving transport carriers. The company has three production plants that supply kitchen furnishings and designs under three different brand names to […]

The Colorado River Runs Dry

Insert Colorado River and Water Crisis Global warming is on the surge and is almost at a break-even point. The effects are evident everywhere from low running rivers, empty reservoirs and half-filled dams. A case in point is the Colorado River. The river is the seventh longest covering a total length of 1,500 miles (Zielinski […]

Main Rules of Energy Governance

Energy GovernanceQuestion 1Public governance and policy influences the type of energy resources a country uses. In countries where representation in the government is evenly distributed, implementation of energy policies that are environment sensitive is easier compared to countries where specific parties are favored by electoral rules. To ensure that energy consumption does not lead to […]

Employment Problems in India

Summary and recommendations: India graduates millions, but too few are fit to hireSummeryAnand Geeta authored the article that was published by The Wall Street Journal on April 5, 2011. The author explores education system in India and its impacts on students and notes that the country’s education produces graduates that are not fit for the […]

Public administration

bicycling coalition, has moved to formulate the policy that can be implemented to reduce the number of accidents due to bike riders not following bike lane rules in NYC. Whereas there has been a significant level of focus put on the pedestrians’ involvement in the motor vehicle accidents, there has been little attention accorded to […]

Evaluation of Innovation T Mobile Nike Considered and Swatch

There are three basic techniques in which enterprises can compete they include production, development, and distribution. This is where T mobile, Nike and Swatch enterprises have developed their competitive advantage. This paper will compare and contrast the process of creativity and innovation involved, in the development of a product, a service and a process in […]

Sports marketing

Sports Marketing: defines marketing as the act of buying or selling in a market. Accordingly, the term sports marketing fundamentally means a bargain or sale of sports. Sports make a diverse industry that covers different aspects pertinent to sports that include but are not limited to sports media, sports team administration, sports engineering, and […]


In fact, some of their great architectural works still stand strong in major towns and cities across the globe. However, one is left wondering whether the modern architectural works would withstand the test of time and last long as the structures build in the ancient Rome. The great work of the Romans can still be […]

Maria Full of Grace

In the scene when Maria is traveling to Bogota, the movie captures infrastructure development in the countryside as average. The road on which Maria is traveling on a motorbike is depicted as having only two lanes. The roads are narrow at various points where sharp turns occur along the overlooking valleys. There are a number […]


The automotive company tries to build its brand equity through enhancing its strengths in production as well as engineering. The major motive behind its marketing strategies is to facilitate more of interaction with the customers so as to deliver exceptional service. The strategy of developing brand power gives the firm strength of being competitive in […]


Consider your lifetime goals and discuss how your current and future academic and extra-curricular activities might help you achieve your goals. Being an engineer in the near future must entail not only passion for technical work on my part but even knowledge on industrial economy that is often coupled with socio-cultural awareness to figure how […]

Engineering Strategy

Having won National Bed Federations Bed Manufacturer of the Year – 2011/2012 award and the prestigious Manufacturing Guild Mark (MGM) accreditation, this entity is engaged in producing customized and handcrafted comfortable beds, using sustainable materials of high quality. It is a British company originated within UK and operating in various territories outside it (, 2013). […]