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Bolstering Human Resource Management

The training intends to meet the following objectives namely: to bolster the level of self-motivation among the employees. to enhance the level of employee participation in the running of the organization. to key in the employees in the mainstreaming of the organization.

Justification for the training program
Following the dwindling performance of the workers in the organization, it is resoundingly reasonable to underscore modes of redress to this effect. Following the findings from the carried out training needs analysis, we can confidently, pinpoint on the above-highlighted objectives as cardinal needs of urgent redress in order to revitalize the output of the organization per se (Khurana &amp. Reeves, 2005).

The Training Program
Employee Enthusiasm – Identify the needs of the workers then, process them. Finally, tailor them to how they affect the level of self-drive among the employees. Carrying out an employee-centered training approach. bring out from them the appropriate solutions to the bottlenecks that confront the organization. Encouraging them to love the job that they do can also go down well with the prime objective of bolstering the level of worker enthusiasm. Lastly, identifying mentors in their relevant field will help them be more enthusiastic as well since. these mentors will act as their coach and bolster their drive towards realizing their utmost best in the organization.

Sense of Employee Ownership – Impress upon the employees a sense of belonging to the daily running of the organization. This can be carried out by guarantying them the confidence to work in the firm as if it was their own. With the drive of a personal sense of ownership, their level of self-responsibility to the organization shall be heightened too.
In addition, the training should use probing tendencies to find from the employees the best ways to care for the resources of the organization. Through this, the training will not impose into them ideals of best practices but rather, it shall give the workers hindsight on how to become each other’s brothers’ keeper.

Bolstering Human Resource Management