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can you pleas explain this to me?

Earlene Gibson, the HR


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can you pleas explain this to me?

Earlene Gibson, the HR

manager of BioMd, is planning to implement a socialization program in the organization. She designs a program in which each stage of socialization is an elimination tournament, and a new hire is out of the organization if he or she fails. Earlene submits the program draft to the CEO for approval. Which of the following, if true, would be the strongest counterargument for the implementation of this plan?

A) BioMd has a strong RD orientation and innovation and risk taking are the major values that the company promotes.

B) The management is intending to develop a homogeneous workforce that is highly cohesive and goal oriented.

C) One of the goals of the socialization program is to exercise more discipline and control in the organization.

D) The company is characterized by a vertical organizational structure and centralized decision making.

Which of the following is a direct cost of turnover?

A) Orientation and Training

B) Decreased productivity of employees

C) Advertising Costs

D) All of the above would be considered a direct cost of turnover.


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